Almond Oil for Hair – Basics, Benefits and Application

Hair care procedures can be done using almond oil for hair. This great hair oil provides a lot of treatment, restoration and hair growth stimulation. Read on to know how it works and how to apply it.

Almonds have a wide variety of uses in the kitchen area. They also are known to have healthy effect on the body when you intake it, and when you use it externally as an oil that is extracted from it. People have been long aware of such curative properties and there is a good history of successful application.

hair contitioningAlmonds have several types. The most well-known, useful, healthy and widely planted are bitter almonds and sweet almonds.

Almond Oil for Your Hair, its Effects

There is a variety of health-stimulating nutritional components, like vitamin groups A, B, E and D, healthy fatty acids. They form up such a combination that proactively works to enhance hair’s strength, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Every hair oil, and almond oil is not an exception, is rich in vitamin E. That makes the oil is exceptionally useful as a hair mask or conditioner because it greatly improves health state of the skin, scalp and hair roots.

hair brushingSweet almonds are perfect for that purpose, oil from which is a mild beauty care aid with absolutely no unwanted side effects.

Great usefulness of almond oil has been recognized by science and beauty manufacturers. Therefore, you can find a lot of commercial natural beauty products with the addition of almond oil in them. Such addition enhances those products by adding soothing and conditioning properties, capability to increase make hair elasticity, softness and strength.

almond oil for hairPeople are well aware of oil’s capability to provide extra shine to human hair.

Being an essential oil, almond oil can be mixed with other essential hair oils (like tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil) and also it can be diluted by some carrier oil or coconut oil to avoid concentrated impact.

Such mixing can ensure better balance and wide composition of useful and healthy nutrients, with additional curative properties, like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and so on, to relieve scalp dryness and dandruff. If you regularly massage your hair and scalp using this oil or mixture, you will increase scalp’s blood circulation and provide more nutrients towards your hair follicles for better and faster hair growth, and also – reduce hair shedding a lot.

What Can Almond Oil Do for You

Scalp Treatment

almond oil hair conditionerYou can gently rub almond oil into your scalp during 15 minutes, to increase the blood circulation. After that you need to leave it all in for around an hour, to let your scalp and hair roots absorb all necessary nutrients. If you want, you can go to bed with this leave-in conditioning treatment, and wash off in the morning. This way you have chances for better penetration and distribution of nutrients in your hair system.

Hair Growth Stimulation

Take almond oil (3 spoons), add some torn hibiscus, and some little amount of castor oil. Then heat this blends up a little, and use as a hair conditioner, rubbing it in for around 15 minutes. Then cover your head with a hot dry towel.

You can leave it all like that for approximately an hour. Use your regular light shampoo to wash it all away. This procedure is ok to be repeated every two weeks. After couple of months you’ll see increased hair growth.

Increasing Hair Shine

gorgeous hairYou can use raw almond oil, or diluted a little with some carrier oil. Take it with your fingers and gently distribute it over your whole hair. Almond oil works very well for enhancing hair shine. This is especially true for curly hair.

Split Hair Ends Prevention

If you are afraid of split ends possible threat, or you actually noticed increased amount of split ends, that makes you some trouble, this oil is for you, too. Start using it as a hair mask or conditioner, make sure that you address hair ends with great caution, making sure that all hair ends get enough of the product. this way you’ll provide nutrition elements to the oldest part of hair strands, and prevent split ends on hair.

Silky Soft Hair Treatment

black hairYou need to make a high-viscosity hair mask. You can use some henna mixed into water. you need to let it infuse for a night. After that you need to enhance it with an egg and little amount of almond oil. Mix it and let it infuse for half an hour. Now it’s ready to be applied. It is for your discretion whether to add some lavender oil there, for better antibacterial effect, vitamin E and some different fatty acids. Of course, that will also provide better scent to the mixture.

Apply the mixture as a hair mask and leave it in for an hour or overnight, as you wish. Don’t forget to wrap your head with a hot dry towel. Then wash off with regular shampoo.

This treatment guarantees hair silk texture and extra shine. It also will alter your hair color a little bit towards red head. The nice part is that coloring is made the natural way, without damaging your hair. Sure to long time the procedure takes, plan it for the weekend, to be not in a hurry.

Aspects of Almond Oil Purchase

almondsFor better effect and to ensure that you get maximum benefit for your money, look for certified natural almond oil. Carefully inspect the product’s label, to make sure that it is produced not long time ago and is fresh. Ensure that there are no additional ingredients that may cause harm.

100% natural true almond oil has a moderate viscosity and is a little bit thick. Cheaper alternatives of same product may be more liquid due to some dilution. A fresh portion can be stored in a cool dark place for around a year without considerable deterioration. Some brands allege that the storage term is up to 3 years. Beware that it is no so, and if they say so – there are some chemical stabilizers that may be harmful to your hair.

Almond Oil Hair Application Methods

Let’s take a look at a couple of completely different ways to apply almond oil onto your hair. Both of them have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Wet Hair Application

almond oilAfter hair shampooing, use your bath towel to soak the excess water, leaving hair moderately dry. Use your fingers to slightly straighten / comb it. Apply the almond oil (or its mixture / diluted solution) to your hair. Wet hair can effectively soak up all the treatment. Use wide comb to detangle, if it’s necessary.

Make sure to gently massage the oil/mixture into your scalp. This way you increase blood circulation in your scalp, and nutrients supply to the hair follicles for faster hair growth. New hair also will grow stronger, due to more building material provided to the hair follicles.

When you distribute oil all over your hair strands and hair ends, make sure that whole surface gets covered. Use your fingertips or a wide comb for that purpose.

Put a bath cap on. Additionally, after that you can wrap your hair into a hot dry bath towel. Leave it all on for around an hour to let all the nutrition ingredients penetrate the treated areas. If you have no problems with sleeping that way – do an overnight for better effect.

In the morning, of after an hour, wash it all off with your light shampoo and rinse with some natural rinse or a mild water.

Ideal period for this procedure is once every week. After a couple of usages, you will notice that your hair became stronger, softer, shinier and started to grow faster, which means that soon they will get longer than you used to see them.

Dry Hair Treatment

First, brush your hair. There is nothing bad about doing that while it is dry. Though, don’t make extra movements because every movement imposes a risk of some hair damage. The best usage of almond oil is on thick hair, damaged ones or curly type.

Take several drops of almond oil into your hands and spread by rubbing movements between your palms. Don’t use more than 3-4 drops. Use your palms and fingers to transfer the taken oil onto your hair all over. Pay special attention to hair roots and hair ends.

After that you can consider that your hair is to some extent protected from heat and UV rays. You can proceed with your usual hair styling procedures.

You can add some little amount (2 drops) using this technique several times during the day when you’re doing a lot of hair styling. This method gives your hair protection from environmental impact, elements, heat, and styling and makes your hair soft and shiny. It will to some extent prevent appearance of split ends on hair.

June 21, 2016  

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