Aloe Vera For Hair, Complete Guide

Aloe vera is a miraculous plant. Being able to grow in a wide variety of conditions, it’s ultra-effective in many health conditions treatment. It’s also widely and effectively used in beauty and body care products. Aloe vera is a natural treatment, that can either be used on its own, or as an ingredient in homemade and commercial hair and body treatment solutions. In this article we’re going to thoroughly guide you on aloe vera for hair treatment and everything related to hair and aloe vera.

Aloe vera is not an expensive treatment option, especially taking into account that it can be planted and grewn by yourself. It is witnessed by many people that aloe vera application for hair care makes real wonders in beauty and healthy growth of human hair. It’s also works great in treatment of common hair issues like dandruff and hair loss/shedding.

aloe vera hair conditioning

Why is Aloe Vera Food for Hair?

Commercial products nowadays try to compete each other in terms of prompt healing, treatment, curing and beauty effects happening. They all allege that you will be satisfied after one or two sessions of treatment. They are so eager to achieve the advertised effect that the consequences of that often are neglected. You need to understand that miracles in health and beauty never happen too fast – only if you’re ready to receive a lot of harm from chemicals that treat something but ruin everything else.

Same story with hair care with aloe vera. A lot of people say that it’s super-effective, but you need to remember that some dedication and persistence in treatment should be exercised to see the positive effects. The good news is the in case of aloe juice, the positive effect on hair comes comparatively fast, and you won’t suffer from chemical damage to hair.

aloe vera slicesHair Conditioning

    • You need to obtain 2-3 wide and big aloe leaves. The amount totally depends on the volume and thickness of your hair. If you have planted aloe in your garden or home, it’s even easier and better to cut fresh ones right from there.
    • Then use knife to pile the skin from all of them. You should see fresh inner meat of the leaf with it’s precious juice inside. The thickness of the skin that you’re piling away should be really small. Put the meat with juice into a container.
    • Mash the leaf’s meat, or use your blender to blend the leaves meat. Usage of blender is preferred because you’ll need to receive a homogeneous mass in result. Don’t dilute it with water, as natural concentration of the aloe juice is just fine for human hair.
    • Then you need to squeeze the juice into a glass. The meat residues should be separated from the resulting juice. You definitely don’t want to find those in youe hair, on the scalp and between the hair roots.
    • You need to apply the juice after hair shampooing. Leave your hair wet and remove tangles with your fingers. Then take the aloe vera juice and pour it to your hair a little. Use your fingers to rub it gently into your scalp and hair.
    • You can carry out another hair conditioning routine simultaneoiusly, right after aloe vera juice application.
    • Cover your hair with bath cap, wrap it in towel, and heat the towel from outside with hair dryer. Thise should be done for not more than 4-5 minutes. If you feel that heating will do no good for you, refrain from heating, and just leave the juice in to 5-7 minutes.
    • After 5-7 minutes it’s time to rinse the hair thoroughly. Use cool water for that purpose. You need to make sure that you removed all the presence of aloe vera juice from your hair and scalp.

hair combingOne of the advantages of aloe vera gel in comparison to hair oils is it’s lightness. Your hair aren’t going to get heavy and weighed down like after the oil conditioning. As we know, some hair types become too heavy after such a treatment, and we need to take additional steps to lighten the hair oil conditioning post-effect.

One more benefit of the aloe vera is it’s ability to absorb moisture from the environment, and pass it to your hair. Thus, your hair stay moisturized all the time. It’s effective for prevention of frizz and brittle hair.

Aloe Vera Hair Benefits

Here’s the common list of key benefits that aloe vera provides you when you’re using it in your hair care routines:

        • pH balance regulation. It makes your hair a little more acid. That is just what your hair needs for closed cuticle, moisture preservance and better hair shine.
        • Moisturizing. The aloe gel provides moisture from itself. Moreover, it draws moisture from the air.
        • Protection. Aloe vera creates a shielding coating that will protect your hair from physiocan and chemical damage, to some extent.
        • Detangling. When you apply the gel to your hair, it’s then very easy to run a wide comb through your hair strands. You can use it every time a little when you need to brush your hair. It will make your hair so smooth that comb will run through it without causing much damage.
        • Curling. If your hair is naturally curly, it will enhance that pattern, and your hair will become even more appealing with great curls.
        • Lightness. If your hair is oily in nature, using aloe vera as a hair conditioner will save you from greasy feeling. At the same time, you’re still getting a great hair treatment.
        • Scalp soothing. Scalp moisturizing and soothing is also a key feature of aloe gel. People with dandruff and itchy scalp will find it very useful.
        • Instant use. You can prepare the gel, pour it into a spray bottle, and take it with you. Anytime during your day when you feel that you need one of the above mentioned treatment effects, you’re free to spray a little amount of gel onto your hair and reap all the benefits all at once.

aloe veraCurly Hair with Aloe Vera

If you have curly hair type, most probably you’re very attentive when it comes to choise of hair care products. The beauty of aloe vera is that it’s perfect for treatment and care for curly type of hair. It’s natural, effective, and leaves no side effects. A lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are there in aloe juice. No other natural remedy has this large assortment of nutrients.

Application Types


The primary purpose of pre-shampoo treatment is to break down the greasy build-up and dandruff particles. Dead skin cells are being effectively dissolved and removed. Then, antifungal and soothing properties of aloe vera provide curative effect to the scalp. All the necessary moisturizing is being cared out simultaneously. the pH balance of hair is regulated effectively during aloe vera hair pre-shampooing. After this treatment, you only need to use a light or natural shampoo very quickly to wash your hair.

aloe juiceHow to use: take the aloe vera gel that you’ve prepared taking steps described above in this article. Put moderate amount of the gel to your hair, and massage it into your scalp gently. That may take from 10 to 15 minutes. When you’re done with that, simply wash it off with your light shampoo.

For additional enhancement of effect, you can add in some essential oil or coconut milk. That will easy the concentration of aloe vera but will include additional curative properties and nutrients.

Hair Shampoo Alternative

Great moisturizing capability makes aloe vera a very useful natural hair shampoo alternative. The benefits of such substitution are enhanced nourishment during hair washing process, and absense of harsh chemicals that may threat hair health.

Hair Conditioning

aloe hair maskThe most well-known and effective way of usage is as a hair conditioner. It’s effective because the gel will have somt time to reside in your hair and on scalp to work its effective treatment, making your hair smooth and shiny after the gel removal.

Usage: when you’ve washed your hair, soak the excell water with a dry towel. While your hair is still wet to some extent, apply aloe vera gel to your hair and scalp with your fingers. Massage it in gently. Leave the gel in for 15-30 minutes. After that rinse with cool water of a light shampoo.

Hair Styling Express

Hair styling serums can successfully be replaced by aloe vera gel. The application is simple: take some amount of gel into your palms. Comb your hair with your palms and fingers, to spread the product evenly through the whole hair volume. Your hair will become smooth and manageable as a result. Then you can apply changes to your hair, making it a little curlier or straight. And there you’re ready to go.

Faster Hair Regrowth with Aloe Vera Gel

All women want to have longer and healthier hair, that is not discussed. All the aloe’s components provide a complex of treatment types that efficiently work to make that dream come true. The enzymes in the gel cleanse the scalp, removing dead skin cells and stop/prevent dandruff. The gel soothes the scalp, normalizing healthy state of hair follicles. Nutrients in the gel penetrate scalp’s pores nourishing follicles and supplying hair building materials for better hair growth.

aloe gelThus, new hair that will grow after such treatment will grow faster, thicker, stronger. It will be soft and shiny due to regular aloe vera treatment. Of course, such revitalized hair will be not prone to have a lot of split ends and breakage.

Leave-in Hair Conditioning

This type of hair conditioning with aloe vera gel is advisable when hair is severely damaged, dry, brittle or there are serious problems with scalp health. Over night leave-in treatment is sdvisable because in this case more nutrients will penetrate the hair and scalp. Besides plain absorption, hair follicles and scalp need time to dostribute the nutrients, after which they will require more. Here’s when we need overnight hair treatment. Let’s see how we can do that with aloe vera.

Is your hair extremely dry and damaged? Are you suffering everyday with your unmanageable hair? Here’s an aloe treatment mask for you. It is not that tough to prepare this mask. You will just need a couple of minutes and it will be ready.

        • First, you need to prepare the juice. If you have aloe plant at hand, that is great, as fresh juice is always better. Half of a cup will be anough.
        • Add a couple spoons of castor oil. Additionally, put two powders – fenugreek and basil, a couple spoons of each.
        • Stir it all well, to receive a homogeneous mass. As soon as you got it, you’re ready to apply this hair mask to your hair.
        • Use your fingers to thoroughly spread the product over your hair. Massage it in gently. Take a note that you need to thoroughly attend hair roots, scalp and hair ends.
        • When you’re done with that, cover your hair with plastic cap. You can additionally wrap it into a dry towel. This setup should stay on for the night.
        • Next morning, wash your hair thoroughly with a light shampoo to get rid of the hair mask.

aloeThis is a very powerful technique that ensures effective cleanse of scalp, dandruff removal, hair nourishment, hair follicles revitalizing and faster growth of silky and shiny hair.

Aloe Vera Uses Precaution

1. Proper Preparation

You need to check that your resulting aloe gel is free from any hard-bodied residues that come during mashing and squashing of aloe’s leaf. You need to carefullt separate the gel/juice from other remainders of leaf’s structure. The importance of this comes from the problems of cleansing out those residues from your hair if you don’t do that well.

Joint Usage

If you have an idea of simultaneous application of aloe vera gel together with some other commercial hair care product, read its label first. This is necessary to ensure that the purpose of the procut corresponds the purpose of aloe application. If there are no conflicts – you’re good to go.

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