Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair, The Benefits

Besides usual place in the kitchen, apple cider vinegar may well be kept in your med cabinet or among all the beauty products. It’s original usage is to be added to the food during cooking process. But it can also be great help in caring for your beauty naturally.

You can apply apple cider vinegar everywhere on your body, top-to-toe, and that will be a very cheap health care product. And it’s natural – in contrast to chemical products that leave you dry and vulnerable, vinegar’s acidity will normalize your PH level. Here we’re going to thoroughly look at it’s usefulness for hair care.

long hairDon’t forget to acquire the good product. Go for an organic label of fresh apple cider vinegar that will be applicable for achieving most of your beauty goals. Let us provide some recommendations on ACV usage for hair health and beauty.

ACV for Hair Beauty

vitaminsApple cider vinegar takes out unwanted junk cells and substance in your hair and protects from their accumulation. One of additional features is its ability to act an organic detangler. If you regularly apply ACV vinegar to maintain your hair, it’s easier to rejuvenate your hair, with a fine and smooth effect. Another useful function of the vinegar is securing the hair cuticle, enabling extra shiny effect by reflecting some light.

Recipe for Making Hair Rinse Using Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • 1 cup ACV
  • 1 cup of water

Some other resources also suggest mixing 100 ml of vinegar with approximately 1 liter of water. This rinse can be stored in a simple plastic bottle and you can readily take it with you into the shower.


ciderTo achieve maximum affect of hair revitalizing, you need to mix the two above mentioned components together. When you finish hair washing, apply the rinse to your hair. For better spread of the rinse, you can use a spray bottle. It will allow you to evenly apply the vinegar rinse all off your hair and then rub it into your hair, skin and hair follicles. Let the vinegar rinse mixture remain there for a couple of minutes. After that you’re ready to completely wash it off your head with water. There is no point in conditioner in that case. Your hair will feel very soft after such treatment with apple cider vinegar, you are going to be delighted with their smoothness.

As an alternative to complete washing out, you can leave the mixture in your hair, provided that the rinse contains less ACV (second recipe). 1 or 2 times each week is quite enough for such treatment.

Using this rinse you will ensure the right pH balance of your hair and eliminate all the unnecessary buildup and residues that usually results from this day’s hare care products, especially from cheap ones.

You may be worried by some possible vinegar smell, if you think that it will remain. This is completely risk-free. When ACV dries out, it’s smell completely disappears.

The 10 Good Effects of ACV On Your Hair

Apple Cider VinegarI must admit, there was something strange about using apple cider vinegar on hair, when you read about it for the first time. But on other hand, people frequently use some food components for external beauty improvement, and sometimes they witness good results. You can name it – salads, yoghurt, etc.

A lot of people have tried it, and a simple research show that there are at least 10 powerful healthy effects that ACV can cause to your hair. Herewith we list them:

1. Works as an organic conditioner.

Apple cider vinegar works as a usual conditioner for your hair. The only difference is that it’s 100% natural. You can think of it as of the baking soda replacement of hair shampoo. Simple and easy hair care with cheap ingredients, how do you like that?

2. Porosity enhancement.

curly hairA good porosity means that your hair can easily assimilate and preserve moisture. Vinegar’s natural level of acidity can enhance porosity by closing cuticles in your hair. Therefore, hair’s ability to maintain all necessary moisture increases.

3. Helps to prevent tangles.

Apple cider vinegar is good at smoothing the hair surface. That way it helps your brush or comb to move efficiently through the hair without leaving any tangles.

4. Hair loss prevention.

There is some decent witnessing from a lot of people that ACV rinse does good job at fighting hair loss and does some improvement to hair growth pace.

5. Decent cleanse agent.

You can mix vinegar with baking soda for hair cleansing.

6. Gentle treatment

Apple cider vinegar doesn’t remove your natural oils that are important for hair healthiness while it does it’s good effects on your hair.

apples7. Preserves your pH

To be healthy, the hair should be maintained on the slightly acidic pH scale side, with recommended interval of pH = 4.5 – 5.5. Apple cider vinegar rinse has similar pH = 2.9. For that reason, ACV is great at improving pH balance of your hair, if you do it after shampooing.

Additionally, a lot of contemporary products that are designed for hair care are alkaline. For example, bleaches, soap-based shampoos, hair dyes, and some permanents.

8. ACV minimizes frizz.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just as mentioned.

9. Apple cider vinegar deals with dryness of scalp. Reduced itchiness.

ACV can east itchiness and dryness of your scalp due to it’s has anti-fungal/antibacterial quality.

10. Split ends protection.

The above mentioned rinse is able to greatly smooth all the cuticle in your hair, thus helping to protect against split ends or deterioration.

Hair Follicle Growth Stimulation

hairEffective blood flow is important for rich and vibrant hair. ACV triggers superior blood circulation to the follicles. When blood runs through the arteries, vital nutritional value reaches cells of hair follicles. The better blood circulation you have, the better is the nourishment of your follicles, and thus – reinforcing your roots and ensuring strong hair.

How Does It Actually Work On Your Hair

For better confidence in Apple Cider Vinegar’s safety for your hair health, let us explain what is hair, and how ACV works.

A “hair” is essentially a 2-part system containing a follicle, a kind of a tunnel section situated inside the skin, connected to a shaft. The hair shaft is the visible part that grows outside the scalp (skin).

Inside the skin, very close to it’s surface there are sebaceous glands. They produce sebum and provide it via the follicle. The sebum lubes your skin and hair. It is also a part of the acid layer – a rather fine, a little acidic film meant for general protection.

The state of acid mantle directly affects the look of your hair. Thus it is your aim, to protect it to ensure the beauty. There is a term “cuticle”, that is used to name outer hair shaft layer. It is made of securely crowded overlapping scales. One of important functions of acid mantle is to make cuticle scales be flat to the shaft’s surface. Thus it ensures a shiny and smooth hair, additionally protecting from moisture lack.

However, this structure is vulnerable for environment effects and can be screwed up. You saw it many times, it is called “bad hair day”. The acid mantle usually is somewhat acidic with pH = 5. A lot of contemporary hair care means are alkaline with pH = 7 and more. They have high chances of harming or even eliminating the acid mantle.

When the acidity of the mantle increases, that hair’s cuticle open up, causing some hair shaft swelling. In such state hair is susceptible to physical damage. In such case you can expect all the unwanted effects like frizzy, weak hair, with dull visual aspect because in such state your hair won’t reflect the light (no chance for shiny effect).

There are some other dangers that your acid mantle can suffer from. They are sweat, stress and bad diet. Proper acid mantle maintenance is very important in proactive hair care and restoration.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. How Can It Help

vinegarThe ACV is actually the apples fermentation sub-product. Unfiltered ACV is preferable, because it retains a lot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and acids.

The acidity (pH is around 3) helps to improve the pH balance of your hair, leading to acid mantle maintenance and thus – healthful shiny hair. Of course, ACV should be properly mixed with water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Your Hair

There are no official studies ensuring such benefits. However, extensive usage in general public provides a lot of positive feedback about the apple cider vinegar usage effects.

The vinegar is full of nutritious elements that are very good for hair maintenance, such has B and C group vitamins, and potassium. Due to it’s little acidic nature, it also works well to recover and improve the acid mantle’s pH. Such restoration strengthens the surface hair layer and makes the cuticle lie very flat, leading to shiny hair look, and easy comb sliding.

With the help of organic alpha-hydroxy acid, the ACV softly exfoliates the hair and head skin, helping in extraction of unwanted residues of hair care products usage and dead skin cells. Thus the hair appearance is being cared for, itchiness is being reduced, and more effective styling is possible.

People that suffer from scalp-related problems like dandruff, can expect the vinegar to render some alleviation as a result of its anti-viral/fungal/bacterial qualities. Besides providing microbial defence – apple cider vinegar can relieve the skin soreness that usually accompanies dry scalp and dandruff.

The cheap price of ACV cannot be neglected when you’re deciding on what treatment to use on a regular basis.

What Are The Main Positive Effects of ACV

Apple cider vinegar has a long history of usage because women used it mixed with rain water long before any hair products started to appear. Making hear shine and strong is what you can usually hear about it’s effects. Actually, there are several ways, in which ACV is beneficial to your hair, listed below. In any case, it’s better to use natural vinegar, not a filtered one.

Solution And Prevention

Eliminate the dead cells with an ACV rinse. It has slightly exfoliating features. In essence, dandruff just a dead sticky skin cells. A number of people think that dandruff results from a fungus infection. Even though it typically is present on the human body, people having dandruff suffer from it because it got uncontrolled. In such case, anti-fungal feature in vinegar deals with it. You can make a simple rinse of 25% of ACV and 75% of water. Let the ACV to be assimilated by the scalp. After that you can wash it out as you usually do.


ACV normalizes the pH of the hair and skin. As it was already said, mild acidity of ACV lets you easily adjust and balance the pH of your hair by just rinsing your hair with it. The acid mantle is being restored and/or preserved this way. Moderate mixture from a tablespoon of vinegar and a couple of water cups will do the job. Just pour it onto your hair. Wash away after quarter-hour.


Get rid of the unwanted residues of chemical hair products. Use the ACV rinse to split and wash out the old buildup that accumulates on your hair during regular hair care with contemporary chemical means. Such buildup makes the hair dull and fragile, so you need to get rid of it regularly. 50/50% rinse solution is slightly more aggressive with stronger acidity – it will work well. Don’t forget to wash out after 15 minutes.


Secure the hair shaft cuticle with the usual ACV rinse. The outside coating of the hair shaft, called cuticle is necessary for protects the hair shaft, inner hair pigment and reflect the sunlight. You can easily enhance the hair shine by rinsing off all the old residues from the hair shaft. You can use the simple rinse made from 20% of vinegar and 80% of water as a final wash, to ensure that all unnecessary chemicals are off. Usual vinegar smell will fade away within 30 minutes.


Get rid of candida. That is a fungus infection which impacts whole human body. ACV does good job in regulating it thanks to its anti-fungal features. It leaves the scalp protected against bacteria, due to anti-bacterial features. 50/50% strong mixture is necessary in this case. Leave it for a couple of minutes, and then thoroughly wash off.

Other Things To Consider

Blend other organic beauty solutions with apple cider vinegar for additional healthy effects. Try olive oil – 1 oz., lemon juice – 1 tbsp, ACV – 1 tsp, add 1 egg. This is going to be a fine 100% natural shampoo. You can use another natural mixture of ACV with some herbs as a rinse for this shampoo. You can use herbs like quarter-sup of lavender or a similar herb. Don’t forget to add some boiled water to such rinse, to lower it’s acidity. Cool down such rinse, remove herb residues and there your final rinse is ready. You can store it in your fridge and warm up when it’s needed.

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