Argan Oil for Hair Growth, All you Need to Know

The Basics of Argan Oil

Argan oil is being obtained from the Moroccan Argan tree. The general method is to carry out a process of extraction of the oil from the tree’s kernels, which then can be applied as a natural moisturizer, hair conditioner and for smooth skin or hair. Sometimes people even call it ‘liquid gold’ because of its remarkable features. The oil has substantial levels of effective vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E for example. One more general component is its fatty acids that have to be used the right way to provide you a lot of benefits. The oil is very popular and there are millions of people that prove its efficiency in terms of enhancing beauty and health effects to your hair, skin and other areas.

What Can Argan Oil Do for Hair?

argan oil for hair

Argan oil is typically applied as a hair care option. It is exceptionally effective for soothing and moisturizing of hair and scalp. The Main way to use it is apply as a hair conditioner.

Vitamin E plays a very important role in hair health and beauty, and as we know, the oil provides it in good amount. This vitamin ensures strong hair growth because it features antioxidants that protect cells and stimulate them to grow a healthy shaft. You can even expect a good hair regrowth from that.

The oil has a variety of positive aspects when applied to your hair. It can serve as a scalp hydration agent, and thus to deal with dandruff and drying head skin. It can also ensure the improvement of healthful, long hair. If you caused some chemical harm by using detrimental commercial hair treatment products, you can use argan oil to reverse such harm, restore your hair and protect it from further damage. You can even expect successful split ends treatment.

short hairSometimes people witness that they notice positive effect right away after first usage of the oil for hair care. They allege that it can treat hair frizz, enhance radiance and shine, and at the same time provide incredible smoothness and easiness of styling.

Argan oil doesn’t lead to any allergic reaction and in fact fixes great deal of harm made by synthetic substances and commercial products. As a completely natural product, it can be applied right as raw material to provide healthier, smooth and glossy hair. Read on to find out a couple of the good recipes of hair care with argan oil.

As a Shampoo

oilArgan oil can be well used as a main active ingredient in hair shampoos because of its potential to recover smooth, long and sleek hair. It can be a good option for hair wash treatment of dry, weak and damaged hair.

The positive aspect of choosing argan oil as main component in your shampoo is that nothing changes in your procedures and you can do it as a regular hair shampooing. The quantities can be widely varied, without any concern about negative effects. Deep nourishing of hair follicles and shaft is achieved this way, thus providing a great look to your treated hair.

Leave-In Conditioner Based On Argan Oil

red hairThis oil can also be used as a superb leave-in hair conditioner, in order to provide stronger and longer positive effects to your hair’s health and beauty. The conditioning process will help you achieve faster and longer lasting beauty and shine of your hair.

Some overnight conditioners are very heavy and oily, which makes hair stringy or clumpy. That is not the thing in argan oil. After AO usage you will notice that your hair is better during styling. If you don’t overuse the excess amounts of the oil, it then will completely penetrate the hair and scalp without any remainders on the outer surface.

Raw argan oil is a very powerful, chemical-free overnight moisturizing hair product. You only have to add a couple of drops of raw argan oil. Warm the oil up carefully in your hands and then run your palms and fingertips slowly through your wet hair. Take your time to rub all the oil into the scalp to enhance the blood circulation and absorption of all the healthy nutrients. Don’t forget to address the hair ends to care for split ends problem.

Styling Your Hair with Argan Oil

long hairWhen you’re out of time and still need to make some hair styling, argan oil is your best choice. Besides general benefits like strengthening and softening your hair, the oil is very good at reducing frizz and providing a better gloss right away.

Argan oil carries a lot of natural nutrients to your hair and follicles, as opposed to many products that are full of harmful substances that do the alleged job but damage you in other ways. This oil can be safely used to straighten your hair, and at the same time ensure better protection from sun rays and heat impact.

The styling never was so easy and simple. You do it as you generally did with your overnight hair conditioner, but this time you can do it without having your hair to be damp. Your hands are your main tool during this process. Put a couple drops of the oil to it, and then transfer it to your hair thoroughly. If you overdo it with the excess amount of oil, then there will be some residues, so take not more than a few drops, to ensure good supply and absorption without excess amounts. The styling effect lasts for considerable amount of time.

Hair Mask Using the Oil

argan oilPrevious recipes were designed preliminary for short-time application. But you can ensure better results by applying the argan oil for longer time. For this you need s special recipe – the hair mask. For this one, you can add more argan oil without concern about residues. All of it will be consumed by your body overnight. The next day you’ll be surprised with great volume and smoothness of your hair.

It is a perfect option for DIY and home usage. Don’t be afraid to use too much oil, take more than you usually do. Rub it all thoroughly into your scalp with your fingertips. Don’t forget hair ends, roots and hair shaft. When you’re done – cover your hair with a bath towel to save your bed from oiling. After that you are ready to sleep with this mask on. The next day the first thing you need to do is wash off this hair mask with a light shampoo. After mask application you will be surprised how soft and pretty your hair is. The best part here is that this treatment is 100% natural, without any side effects of harmful substances.

The Raw Usage of Argan Oil

argan extractYou can use this oil as a raw material or by adding it to your regular hair care products like styling products, shampoo of hair conditioner. Either way you’ll find a lot of benefits and good effects.

Argan oil is a rare product. That determines its price as a raw product, which sometimes can be steep. Due to the massive nature of production of commercial products, comparative price-to-quantity ratio of argan oil in commercial hair care products can be a lot better. Make sure that you choose a product with the least content of artificial chemicals.

If you decide to go the raw path, you pay your extra money for a good purpose. You are 100% safe from any risks of exposing your hair and scalp to probably harmful artificial substances. Raw oil is effective whenever you use it, and always provides better results.

General Healthy Effects of Argan Oil Benefits

Hair Moisturizer

This oil works great to hydrate the scalp, retain the moisture in, revitalize hair follicles and enhance the hair growth rate. Fatty acids that argan oil is rich with are just the nutrients that hair need for better beauty and growth. The oil easily penetrates the pores, doesn’t leave and residues or oily feeling on the surface. This all makes it a great 100% natural moisturizer.

Besides hair care, you can apply it to the whole body where you need softening and moisturizing.

Conditioning Your Hair

arganArgan oil has the ability to provide unusually great gloss, softness and smoothness to your hair. This ability makes it a perfect hair conditioner. As an additional advantage, it cares well for the hair split ends, and tames the frizz. The easiness of application to hair is a very useful feature. You can apply it in several different ways, whether that is a raw oil application, DIY hair mask, or a commercial hair conditioner with addition of argan oil.

Smooth and Glossy Hair Styling

Since the oil is able to effectively address frizz and ensure long-lasting gloss, this oil is very good at application as a styling hair product. With it, hair become super-manageable, and whatever style you make, it will look better after this oil application. It is advisable to do that every time after hair dryer usage, to ensure that there will be no consequences from heat and dry air flow. A couple drops of the oil are enough to have the needed effect.

Dry Scalp Treatment

People experiencing dry scalp and all the resulting unwanted consequences like flakiness, itchiness and thin hair, will find that rubbing of the argan oil into the scalp helps them a lot. The oil will supply a great deal of vitamin E to the scalp’s cells/ The important fatty acids contained in the oil will restore damaged follicles and skin cells, supply all the necessary nutritional substances, restore the scalp’s health and regrow the hair. Skin soothing, softening and moisturizing is made by application of a few drops to the scalp and spreading it evenly all over the head.

Safeguard and Treatment

The anti-oxidants from the oil are just what your scalp needs for initiation of the process of recovery from irritability, dryness, harm or burns. The best effect that can be done with these abilities is a good defense from environmental damage, sun rays and the heat. You have great chances to get rid of any inflammation, reduce painful feelings and make the healing process faster. A few drops are enough for the whole procedure. Ensure that you thoroughly address the affected areas.

What is truly great about argan oil is you can buy and use it as a raw material, thigh makes it fast and ready-to-use hair care product. Of course, you can get it as a component in a commercial hair care product (which will be cheaper, by the way), but beware of possible harm from other chemical compounds. The oil has a lot of possible application purposes and usage alternative recipes.

June 14, 2016  

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