Best Hair Growth Tips

Let us share the best hair growth tips with you. Urge to grow hair faster is not an uncommon wish for many people. So far there is no sure and proven universal way to stimulate hair growth in any person as a common measure. There are different issues and problems that may be a cause of reduced hair regrowth, so you’d need to know the reason first, to know what has to be done to recover your hair’s growth pace.

A general rule that always should be taken into account (and that is not only for hair healthiness but for whole your body as well) is eating a well-balanced diet. All diet plans that have anything to do with starvation or water deprivation, should be avoided because they leave your hair without necessary nutrients.

strong hairFor the purpose of healthier hair, be sure to include more proteins as well as hair-related vitamins (B/C/E) into your diet. As an additional (popular but not proven yet) measure, you can include more of A-group, and pre-natal vitamin complex. This is believed to provide better look to hair.

The Reason for Fast Hair Growth Rate

When we unexpectedly spoiled or cut our hair, of course we’d want to grow them back to the same length. Bad haircut experience or a sudden change of preference regarding desired hairdressing can be the reason, too. When a person suffers from a lot of hair loss, he or she may want faster growth pace, but in this case you need to deal with problem cause first – we’ll show how.

The Proper Hair Care Aid is everything

long hairYou can see that there is a wide assortment of hair treatment products out there with quite a different efficiency, and it is super hard to choose the proper care without harmful side effects. If you want to choose a commercial product, try to see some clinical results of testing that one. As a safe alternative, you can choose some 100% natural products, or at least a light one with high concentration of natural ingredients.

If you do both of these measures – diet and using right product, there are higher chances to achieve your goal of faster and healthier hair growth.

The Truths and Myths behind Hair Growth

You don’t actually need to know how hair is structured in details. For growing, having and caring for longer hair it’s enough to know the basics. Let us put aside all the scientific details and talk about what is real and what is not regarding information that you can find about hair growth on the internet.

Can Your Hair Grow After It Is Torn Out By The Roots?

healthy hairDon’t worry, it will. However, you’ll need additional time for building a hair root first. When it is grown and is fully functional – it will produce new hair. So, if you aren’t suffering from a constant issue that inhibits your ability to have healthy hair roots – you’re going to see growing hair very soon. Regular and careful hair treatment will speed up this process.

Will My Hair Growth Rate Change After Hair Cutting/Shaving?

It will not. Your hair shaft comes out from the hair follicle, and then it growth in thickness a little bit. This process protects it from any impact caused by cutting. Hair is thicker near the hair root, which makes shaved hair to grow with the same thickness. People often think that it’s a better and healthier hair – this is not so. Therefore, if you cut or shave it – you are doing zero impact on hair growth speed and its health quality.

Post-childbearing Loss of Hair

Definitely, a lot of women face and suffer from after-birth hair loss. You need to balance out your diet ASAP and apply hair care procedures that suit you the best. Thus you’ll have higher chances to reverse the unwanted process and regrow your hair.

Regrowth after Sickness or Hard Medicine?

hair mask applicationWhen your hair had suffered after a heavy sickness or a harsh chemical or hormonal medication, you still have good chances to regrow your hair. You need to restore the hair follicles health and proper state first. When you do that – new hair will start to grow.

Difference of Hair Development Cycle in Males and Females

There are no actual researches and proof for such a difference for hair growth. However, when we talk about hair loss, there are strictly different patterns in that process. Men face hair loss more often, and due to that it is not a problem for a lot of them. This is often called “male pattern baldness”.

Loss of hair in females is not that common, but still can be a problem, in case of presence of any serious medicinal or health problem that is able to trigger that.

How Does Dry Scalp Correlate With Hair Growth

Hair growth rate is not affected by scalp’s dryness or moisturizing. Though, general hair health, strength and ability to withstand environmental impact do depend on that. It is a good idea to keep your hair and scalp moisturized regularly.

Does Coloring Have Anything to Do with Hair Growth?

It doesn’t. You can clearly differentiate between whole nations or climates, where people in general have different hair growth fastness in on average. But if you take a number of couples of people from same location and nation and compare their hair growth speed to hair color, you will find no correlation.

Hair Growth Speed and Split Ends

hair shampooingThere is no definite correlation between these two things. Split ends have an effect on your overall hair healthiness, but growth of hair shaft takes place near the hair root, and split end has nothing to do with that.

Does Hair Brushing Help in Enhancing Hair Growth?

It does. When you do that, your scalp’s blood circulation increases, and thus you proactively increase nutrients supply to hair follicles. They will produce new hair better and faster due to presence of all necessary materials for building hair cells.

How to Grow Your Hair Faster, Effective Recommendations:

Carry Out Regular Small Hair Trimming

It may look odd, but your hair will be healthier and stronger if you cut off split ends. Ends in general contain a lot of dead cells that do nothing good to your hair shaft. So, this procedure will ensure more strength and protective ability for your hair, thus reducing natural hair loss speed.


Spread Out Your Own Hair Oil over Your Hair. During the day, your scalp produces the natural oil (sebum) that is meant to form an acid film on any surface. Such film provides a natural protection from environmental, airflow and heat impact.

You don’t need to skin an opportunity to spread that natural oil over your hair to use the aid given to you by your nature. Brush your hair before and after night’s sleep, regularly. Additionally, you’ll cause better blood circulation for faster hair growth and hair shaft moisturizing for more protection, softness and shine.

Maintain Your Scalp in Good Shape

hair conditioner applicationScalp serves as a base for hair follicles, which receive all the nutrients from blood flow. Healthy scalp ensures healthy hair roots, from where your hair will grow. Of course, you need that base to be in best possible health state. Do regularly massage your scalp; moisturize it with hair masks and conditioners.

Avoid harsh chemicals, often contained as ingredients in commercial hair care products. Go for natural hair care alternatives whenever you can – shampoos, hair conditioners, rinses, and hair oils/masks. Thus you’ll ensure even thickness of your whole hair shaft, from root the it’s end, which serves as an indication of healthy and strong hair.

Better Diet

Your hair health and fast growth is not only a consequence of your outside treatment actions. Of course, being a part of your body, hair should be built from something by a builder – hair follicle. The “bricks” and “cement” come from your food. They are essentially the nutrients that your body dissimilates from the food you take and transports by the blood to the hair follicles. Therefore, you need to carefully think about your diet, and have diversified diet that is rich in healthy proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Avoid Hair Dryers and Curlers

black hairHeat and hot airflow impact is a bog problem for human hair. You need to restrict those to the lowest possible minimum. Only use them if you don’t have time to dry your hair naturally, or need a super effect that can’t be obtained the other way. When you need to use heat instruments, don’t forget to moisturize your hair, close cuticles and provide it with an acid film for protection against further damage. Make your best to do that using only natural hair care means.

Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Too Often

The truth is that you’re quite fine if you wash your hair twice a week. Or 3 times a week. Your hair should have enough time to accumulate the natural oil produced by your scalp for moisturizing and protection. When you wash off this oil – you expose hair naked to harmful environment.

Not only you need to refrain from daily hair washing. You also need to do that using a natural shampoo and after that – 100% natural hair conditioner. On our site you will find a lot of info on how to do that. This is how you ensure faster hair growth, additional strength to it, and the absence of scalp problems like flaky skin or dandruff.

Enrich Your Hair Care Routines with Vitamins

Besides regular vitamins that you receive within your diet plan, you can ensure enough nourishing of your hair follicles and hair by adding vitamin-rich natural ingredients to your hair care products, whether they are bought or DIY. Biotin and vitamins B, C and E are the first that you need to think about.

Use Cool Rinse to Wash Your Hair

Heat impact is not good for hair that is for sure. Whether it is delivered with how air or water, it is still detrimental. So, you need to cool down the temperature of your shower, if you expose your hair to it. If you love hot shower, there is a hint: protect your hair from contact with water, wear bath cap. When you’re done with your hot shower, now it’s time for warm hair washing.

Cleanses and Crashing Diets Are No-No

They are a popular thing because people popularizing either products or themselves with it. But they are harmful. Time passed, and by now we have enough evidence about detrimental effects of such diets. You’re not going to lose much wet staying healthy by those, and you’re going to leave your hair follicles without enough hair building material – so you’ll get reduced hair growth, and thin brittle hair.

Use Silk Material for Your Pillow and Bedsheets

The less tearing your hair face the healthier they are. Silk is smooth, and tearing is decreased to the lowest minimum with it. Thus, your hair is as safe from that type of physical damage as you can. This is one of easiest stop-hair loss treatments you can find.

Focus on Your Physical Feelings When You Use Commercial Hair Products

beautiful hairBy doing that you give yourself a chance to determine a harmful component that ruins your scalp or hair right after such usage and long before it actually breaks your hair growth and damages hair follicles, shaft or ends. Just trust your intuition and sensations, they always provide you with right information for making decisions.

Castor Oil Treatment

This is a natural and effective aid to enhance that growth rate of your hair. This is due to a good concentration of beneficial fatty acids together with vitamin E. It is just what your hair need for better growth.

Castor is heavy oil, and if you use it in a raw form, it will leave unwanted residue on your hair, and make it easier tangling. It’s better to dilute it with some lighter carrier oil, like olive/almond oil or coconut oil. Just blend equal quantities of both, and then gently massage the resulting mixture into your scalp. Leave it in for around an hour. After wash it off with a natural rinse of a very light shampoo.

For additional healthy effect you can add a little amount of honey, milk or some essential oils.

Stay Upside Down

Besides general beneficial effect for your health, it greatly increases blood flow towards the head and scalp. There is a strong belief that it works. So far there are no researches for the proof, so use at your own discretion.

Avoid Stress

Human body reacts to stress by producing increased amounts of a “stress hormone”, Cortisol. This hormone, when present in higher amounts in your blood, breaks the healthy process of hair growth-loss-regrowth.

You need to give it zero chances. Therefore, keep calm and avoid stress for faster hair growth. There are a lot of natural methods to relieve your stress, including relaxation music, meditation, friends meeting, hobbies, movie watching, going in to sports, romantic relationships and so on.

Things That You Need to Avoid For Better Hair

During our regular lifestyle pace, we can do some things that will cause damage to our hair, make it grow slower, or trigger hair loss. Knowing those and avoiding them is a win strategy to healthier hair with faster growth pace.


Silicone is a frequent ingredient in commercial shampoos that promise you a super cleanse. The side effect of such shampoo usage is brittle hair, hair loss and split ends.

Heat Instruments

Blow dryers and curling irons directly apply a lot of heat to your hair. But hair doesn’t like the heat – they break, become brittle and weak. Don’t attack your hair unless you have to.

UV rays

UV is one more detrimental thing that causes damage to your hair. You need to wear a bat cap during artificial suntan acquiring. When you’re going to spend a lot of time under direct sunlight, it’s a good idea to protect your hair with a hat, to avoid UV.

Salty Water and Chlorine

Swimming pools always use chlorine to disinfect the water. Sea water is disinfected by salt, but salt is harmful for your hair. In both cases it is a good idea to protect your hair by wearing a protection headdress made specifically for swimming.

Tight Ponytail

This is cute but it pulls hair from the follicles, making some of them to artificially fall out every time you do it, and during whole time you wear a ponytail. Don’t do it unless you can bear increased hair loss without problems.

Use Herds to Nourish Your Hair

There are a lot of herbs that you can use to make healing and beauty infusions from. They are cantip, horsetail, rosemary and other ones; they will stimulate your hair growth.

Herbs should be added to hot water. After half an hour you need to strip the water, and use it as a hair rinse to wash off shampoo and hair conditioner.

Deal With Health Issues

It is a lot harder to achieve better hair growth if there is any serious health condition. Not only health issues can be a hindering problem but also heave medications. Itchy scalp and sick follicles will just prevent you from having healthy strong hair.

Therefore, it’s better to get rid of any serious conditions before taking steps in hair care.

June 15, 2016  

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