Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

A wide variety of hair health issues can be well addressed with the help of tea tree oil. It also can be used not only for solving problems but also to enhance the positive phases of hair life-cycle: to help hair growth. The production of tea tree oil includes the process of its extraction from the leaves of the Australian tree named Melaleuca Alternifolia. The main ability of this oil is to moisturize skin, reduce scalp’s itchiness and therefore treat health problems like: hair loss, skin psoriasis, head lice, dandruff, and itchy scalp. It can be a viable replacement option to synthetic and commercial products aimed to treat above stated conditions.

How Is Hair Growth Stimulated by Tea Tree Oil

tree oilTea tree oil comes handy with all its essential abilities, like anti-viral, anti-infection, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, antifungal – all of those proactively help in addressing common hair health complications.

This oil eliminates dead cells of skin, unclogs your follicles, and enhances the body’s defense mechanisms to let it better withstand infections and harmful environment influence that cause loss of hair. This is how head lice and dandruff are addressed.

The oil hydrates hair shaft and roots, protects the scalp from unwanted fungal and microbial dangers, avoiding dried-up and itchy feelings and clogged hair follicles. Additionally, TTO can properly deal with cradle cap in kids.

The oil features anti-androgenic benefits to suppress the production of male hormonal agents triggering hair loss. Most of skin doctors and beauty professionals don’t object to active usage of this great natural oil for air growth.

The Usage Guide For Fast Hair Growth

tea tree oilTea tree oil can be applied differently. First, you need to get it, and you can do that in almost all of holistic or vitamin shops, or right in beauty-related shops. This oil can be added to different shampoo or conditioners, cleansing soaps, and some rinses. You can also buy raw tea tree oil and add a couple of drops here and there when you want to, during your regular hair care routine.

1. Raw Tea Tree Oil

Just rub the oil gently into your hair roots and scalp on a regular basis to avoid a lot of scalp problems and help your healthy, glossy and strong hair grow. It will increase blood circulation and minimize inflammatory reaction in the hair follicles, and consequently improve hair growth pace, lower dry skin, itching, dandruff, greasy hair, and dull hair.

    • Put a couple of drops of the oil to your hair and carefully rub it in for a couple of minutes.
    • Let it work for around quarter-hour and then wash off with a light shampoo.
    • Repeat continually in the course of few months for ideal effect.

2. Carrier Oil

tea tree leafThis method is applied for a wide variety of hair care purposes, most of which are named above. Healthy hair regrowth is main objective here. Carrier oils are generally: olive, almond oil, vegetable, baby, and jojoba oils. Tea tree oil combined with one of these oils does its job to get rid of dandruff and protect from fungal infections. The purpose of mixing is for better hair hydration and healthy nutrients supply. A strong outer coating develops on the hair’s shaft to withstand environmental impact and stimulate hair growth.

      • Take 1 tsp of one of the above named carrier oils, warm up the tea tree oil and add around 10 drops
      • Put it onto your hair and carefully rub in with your fingertips for around quarter-hour
      • Cover your head with a hot soft towel, that will save the heat and let the oils to work proactively, with the additional effect of opened pores
      • Let it rest in your hair for around quarter-hour, to do all the work. Then wash it off with light and preferably natural shampoo
      • Do it often and consistently for better effect
      • Note: If you are feeling some tingling during the procedure, don’t worry – that is ok

3. Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil

tea treeThis method is applied for treating and protecting form dandruff, hair loss, greasiness, lice, itching, dry skin. You will definitely find a lot of shampoos and conditioners with the addition of tea tree oil, and sometimes it is hard to make a good choice, taking into account the high variety of the offer.

      • Use shampoo with the addition of tea tree oil (commercial or DIY), or oil-enriched hair conditioner to your hair and head skin and carefully rub it in until you feel that it is evenly spread
      • Let it rest for quarter to half an hour, and then wash it off For safe result, do it consistently for several months
      • Note: If you’re trying to relieve head lice, use a fine toothcomb to straighten your hair immediately after rinsing the oil-based shampoo. This will let you eliminate any live species and their potential eggs. If you’re aimed at hair loss prevention, combine tea tree and almond oils before adding it to your shampoo.

4. the Spray

As it was already said, tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-microbial effects that properly cure lice, dandruff, dry skin, and scrappy scalp, working its way to strong and beautiful hair.

      • Load a spray container with small amount of tea tree oil and then – twice the amount of water
      • Softly spray your hair with it
      • Let it remain on for approximately quarter an hour
      • Wrap your hair with a hot bath towel to ensure the liquid state of oil for better penetration into the follicles and hair shaft
      • When you feel that it’s enough, just wash it all off with a light natural shampoo
      • Best results will arrive after consistent repeating
      • Note: You can do the procedure in the evening and leave the spray in for the night. It is ok to rinse in the morning

5. Mask and Spray

straight hairYou can even make a hair mask with addition of this good oil. The initial purpose here is to remove dead cells of scalp and thoroughly cleanse it. The added benefit is hair hydration.

      • Load a spray container with a couple of drops of TTO together with same amount of water and apple cider vinegar
      • Mildly spray your whole hair
      • Let it remain for quarter an hour
      • Use light shampoo to wash the mixture off. You can let the shampoo to remain on your hair for a couple of minutes before complete water rinsing
      • Blend a mashed avocado with coconut oil (a few tbsp)Spread it all over the hair and carefully rub it in until you feel that the job is done
      • Let it remain on for half an hour or slightly more. After that wash it off with light shampoo
      • For the best result you need to do that consistently
      • Note: Overnight application is ok, too

6. Caring for Wavy Curls

      • Wash your hair with shampoo and apply your usual hair conditioner
      • Don’t let the hair dry and put a couple drops of tea tree oil and massage it in, prior to going to bed
      • Split the hair into 2 parts and put apart. If your hair is short, use more splits
      • In the morning, take the hair out and use your fingers to straighten them
      • Do that consistently, if the process is pleasant
      • Note: To protect from frizz, mix the oil with any carrier oil and apply to whole hair shaft

7. Rosemary Oil Blend

Both these oils feature anti-microbial, disinfectant, and autooxidising qualities which boost the growth of hair and cure a lot of scalp issues like dry skin or flakiness.

      • Blend a few drops of rosemary and tea tree oil together with any known carrier oil Put the blend onto your hair, rub it in carefully
      • Let it rest for a couple of hours, then use warn water for washing off
      • Do that every 3-4 days for better effect

8. Using Together With Coconut Oil

oilBoth of these oils do help with caring for healthy hair with their antimicrobial features, and are good at moisturizing.

      • Blend a tbsp of coconut oil and tea tree oil (10 drops). Whisk it until they completely blend together
      • Apply the mixture to your hair and carefully rub it in for around 10 minutes
      • Let it rest on your hair for a couple of hours
      • Wash the treatment away using light shampoo with natural hair conditioner
      • Safe result is achieved by continual usage
      • Note: For extra results it is a good idea to leave the blend on your hair overnight

9. Lavender Oil Blend

Both oils have antifungal qualities that easily cure scalp itchiness, dry skin, and skin psoriasis by moisturizing the hair and providing important nutrients to the scalp deep inside.

      • Wash the hair first with a natural shampoo
      • Blend the two oils together, in even proportion
      • Use the blend as a regular hair conditioner, after application rub it in carefully
      • Don’t keep it on for too long, quarter-hour is enough
      • Regular application is advisable

10. Curing Scalp Problems With TTO Mask

The mask’s purpose is a thorough hair and scalp moisturizing, with deep usage of nutrients that are stored in polyunsaturated fats and enzymes.

      • Use your regular shampoo to pre-wash the hair
      • Blend in and avocado, argan oil (10 drops), one yogurt cup, honey (2 tbsp), lastly add a couple drops of tea tree oil. Mix it until the blend is creamy.
      • The resulting mask is to be applied to your hair and thoroughly spread with rubbing fingertips movements
      • After successful spreading, use your comb for better distribution of the mask all over the hair and skin
      • Let it rest for quarter-hour
      • If you want stable result – repeat that often

11. Nutritional Mask

      • Make a good blend of a couple tablespoons of olive oil, milk, same amount of castor oil, a single whole egg. Add tea tree oil (around 10 drops)
      • Put it on your hair, massage it, and cover with hot towel
      • Let it rest inside for a couple of hours
      • During that period, maintain medium warm temperature of the towel with your hair dryer
      • Then use natural hair shampoo to wash the blend off
      • Constant usage of recipe is advisable for better results

better hairTips:

    • A good and safe idea would be to weaken tea tree oil by blending it with one more carrier oil before using it, because raw usage with excess amount of oil can result in soreness, itching, and dry skin.
    • Some types of hair can high tolerance to this kind of treatment, and thus – treatment can have little to no effect
    • Internal taking is a bog no-no
    • There can be an allergic reaction in some people. Resulting symptoms are skin redness and hypersensitivity. Try only 1 drop on a small area first, to see if you’re ok with this substance. If you see that you’re fine – proceed with full treatment.
    • Make sure that at all times you follow the advised recipe, without too much alleviations, in terms of quantities and percentage. IF you mess up with the recipe, you risk to get quite opposite effect, like brittle, weak, dull hair, and reduced hair growth
    • If you want an effect to happen on your facial hair, don’t expect much; your beard growth can’t be increased with it
    • Besides good effect on your hair, tea tree oil can and will also treat various skin issues, such as razor burns healing, acne minimization, and elimination of ringworm/warts
    • Some breathing complications, can also be dealt with, like irritated throat, coughing, bronchial asthma, and bronchitis. Body’s defensive mechanisms also gain benefits from this oil’s usage.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Hair

For centuries this great oil has proved to be useful to people’s hair and skin healthiness. Its active components can enhance the pace of hair growth, and deal with skin issues (for example acne problems or pigmentation defects).

Check below how beneficial can tea tree oil be for your hair:

      • Tea tree oil penetrates the follicles and hair shaft to hydrate them from inside
      • It addresses scalp itchiness and therefore – prevents dandruff development
      • It even protects against the accumulation of dead cells on your scalp, making your hair stronger and healthier as an end result
      • Periodic massage with the oil enhances the blood flow in the outer surface of head skin, and improves the supply of nutrients to the hair roots

Since you are aware now about all the advantages of using the TTO, you can start receiving all the good effects by adding this oil to your hair care methods.

Hair Rinse With Addition of Apple Cider Vinegar

beauty hairThis recipe provides you with a quick hair care and treatment solution, which is super-easy to apply and wash off, since it is a rinse itself. The main purpose of this recipe is dandruff treatment. It provides deep nourishment of scalp cells, hair roots and will protect from scalp’s itchiness. Anti-microbial and anti-fungal abilities of both ACV and TTO work together to save you from detrimental impact of environmental substances.

The Recipe:

  • 5 drops of tea tree oil
  • 1 cup of ACV
  • Empty container
  • 1 cup of distilled water

What to do:

  • First mix well the ACV with the oil in an empty container
  • Shake it for some time to ensure that two components blend well
  • Add the water to the resulting mixture, shake or whisk
  • There you go, it is ready. Now you can apply it to your hair
  • Massage it in with your fingertips to make sure that it’s evenly spread. Leave it in your hair for approximately an hour, after that you can wash it off
  • You can safely repeat the process every 2-3 days
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