Castor Oil for Hair Treatment and Benefits

People do apply Castor oil for hair a lot, experiment with it, invent and elect best application techniques. The reason for such a good popularity is that castor oil provides a lot of benefits as hair care remedy, being completely natural at the same time.

Areas of application range from skin to eyelashes, including hair, of course. Some people don’t believe that it can be useful for hair treatment due to this oil’s thickness and viscosity. However, there is a lot of evidence about successful hair care and treatment using this great oil.

Hair Treatment with Castor Oil

oil and hairCastor oil had been used for thousands of years for beauty purposes. With the progress of humankind, other trendy natural and artificial aids were invented, and castor oil started being ignored by many though, despite the proven efficiency and low price.

This oil comes with a bunch of healing properties that your hair really needs – antibacterial, antiseptic. In addition, there are many vital nutrients like vitamin E, proteins, fatty acids, important minerals. It has a very high content of ricinoleic acid, which makes it super useful for scalp and skin treatment.

Castor oil has a long history of being natural acne remedy, and that is besides many other skin-related issues. In hair treatment it has been used mainly for treatment of dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss.

Hair Regrowth Stimulation with Castor Oil

oilYou can apply castor oil to your scalp and expect excessive hair loss reduction and reversal of the process of hair thinning. Its properties that help to control bactrerias and irritation help to reduce scalp problems that act as obstruction to healthy hair growth. Ricinoleic acid ingredient improves blood flow in the scalp, thus helping to transport nutrients to hair follicles. It also greatly helps to manage hair pH balance and enrich the scalp and hair with natural hair oily film for better protection from environment. Proteins and keratin in hair are maintained in its structure due to anti-oxidizing properties of this oil. Therefore – more strength, smoothness and shine.

Triple Growth Pace

The hair growth pace increasing ability is documented and witnessed by thousands of people. On average people say that hair growth rate increases by 3 times. Some of them advocate for 5x increase. They notice such increase after successful treatment of hair loss, baldness, and just plain application without previous issues.

The main method for measuring such pace is to write down length of your hair every 2 weeks. Most probably you’ll see a faster length increase after beginning of castor oil hair treatment. Moreover, hair may appear to be thicker, that is also a positive effect of such treatment.

The Different Types of Castor Oil, Comparing

longer hairCastor oil may come in different forms – as a raw product, a DIY recipe, a commercial product with only natural components including that oil, and a commercial chemically stabilized product with that oil. All of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. As a general safe rule, anyone is better to follow natural product (or raw, if possible) because it won’t impose any side effects (like commercial products). The most dangerous form is hexane-containing refined castor oil.

In order to dilute your natural or raw castor oil a little, you may add some lighter grade oils into it, or essential oils, like argan oil or jojoba oil. You might have heard about an extremely effective grade of this oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Many people witness greatest results of its treatment. You need to try yourself to find out whether it works same wonders for you or effects are the same for you as from regular one (in case of which you need just to go for raw product). It depends on particular scalp and hair structure and healthy state.

hair treatmentTake the following tips into account, they will save you time and effort, and will provide better results.

  • Don’t take too much of the oil. Apply it by small quantities, until you feel that it’s enough. This way you will ensure sufficient treatment without leaving too much residues outside.
  • Carry out all procedures not more frequent than twice a week.
  • Perform treatment procedure when you have just unwrapped head of towel, which soaked most of the water.
  • Leave-in method is a great option. It is very useful when we talk about castor oil conditioning.
  • It is not an easy task to rinse or wash off the castor oil. This is especially hard is you use shampoos without chemicals. But you can ease up the task by letting it penetrate your body better. Leave it for the whole night.
  • There is one more natural method for removal of this oil. Whisk an egg and rub it into your scalp. Wait for a minute or two and then wash off with water. Due to high risk of spoiling something, do it when you take a shower. You also can use this oil as a short-term conditioner, and then just go to shower to wash it off. Due to high amount of water running through, there are high chances that you will successfully remove it from your hair.
  • Like any natural treatment, there are risks of allergy. A good rule is when you’re doing it first time – try it on a small area of your body, read: scalp. If there will be no problems – you’re ok to use it fully. Another addition that can be done to castor oil is a hair growth serum. Not a frequent recipe, but still fresh and effective.
  • Now, this tip is not about castor oil itself, but still. Care for your body, in general. A good diet, absence of conditions and a good fitness program will help you to get better results and fix them for long term.
  • If you have any remainders of the oil, massage it gently over your eyelids. This will help your eyelashes to grow better and be more beautiful.

hair oilCastor Oil Recommendations for Mixing With Other Oils

  • Combine chosen components in a container
  • Whisk it thoroughly
  • Apply it to your scalp with your fingertips. Do it gently and with caution – you need to spread it evenly.
  • You only have to rub it in during 2-5 minutes, not longer. This is enough for good penetration and improvement of blood circulation in the scalp.

Features That Castor Oil Has

This oil has been being popular for its therapeutic characteristics. It’s typically chosen as a healthy laxative when taken internally. However it has a number of other types of health curing abilities, involving plenty of those relating to hair care and regrowth, in addition to for facial washing technique, stretch marks, acne and much more.

castor oilCastor oil has a one-of-a-kind chemical structure that presumably adds to its curative power. It mainly is composed of important fatty acids. It provides proteins, vitamin E, omega-6, minerals that are all essential for the faster growth of hair and healthier state of scalp.

The benefits:

  • Deals with excessive hair loss and contributes to better hair regrowth
  • Makes your hair stronger and able to withstand damage
  • Protects against split ends
  • Deals with dandruff and flaky skin
  • Provides moisture and locks it in for better shine
  • Soothes the scalp by providing antibacterial and antifungal effect

Different Uses

One more way to treat your hair with the oil is to make a hair mask. This is a very good option during hair treatment cycle.

Split hair into a couple of parts and put on the oil (or combination) to every section one by one. The aim here is to evenly distribute whole product portion over your hair and scalp.

Cover your hair with a hot dry towel. Then leave it on overnight. A guaranteed effect of moisturizing and good nutrition of your hair is achieved this way.

When you feel it is the time, wash it off with your regular shampoo. Since this oil is high viscosity, check whether you completely washed it from your head.

Usage Frequency

castor oil hair before afterA lot of aspects contribution to the right answer. It is your hair length, strength, color and type. Your purpose of treatment also plays important role.

For example, during hair loss minimization, every 3-4 days minimum is advised. But optimal frequency will be 4-5 times a week, if you can afford it. If the factor causing hair loss is determined and addressed, you’re almost guaranteed on fast positive result.

If you aim to treat hair split ends or want to enhance hair shine, then you need to go after a conditioning recipe, and perform it every 7 days. Don’t do it more often, as that way you’ll have too much oil residues on your hair, with consequent build-up.

In any case, raw castor oil usage is advised, because it has highest content of useful nutrients, and effects are the best. Though, it may cost more.


afro hairThere is a long history of usage of castor oil for hair treatment. People know it for thousands of years, and have been successfully applied it not only as a remedy in taken, but as an externally applied remedy as well. It contains a lot of healing properties and beauty effects.

Among many other effects, it can help to decrease hair loss, moisturize your hair and scalp, and secure your cuticles, dealing with frizz, tangles, dandruff and flaky scalp. The hair grown with the help of this oil are healthier, thicker, and stronger and are shiny. You will need to perform some experiments to determine the best ways for you to apply it, and the frequency.

June 16, 2016  

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