Coconut Oil for Hair Growth, Hair Loss And Hair Care

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Everybody wants a totally rich and good amount of hair. During last couple of eras, coconut oil was widely used as a most well-liked hair conditioners. It’s main function and effect is strengthening cuticle of the hair shaft and scalp condition in general. Also, it is safe to say that coconut oil can literally restore weakened hair. The antifungal qualities also help reduce the necessity of dandruff products. Everything that mentioned does help in your hair growth.

How Come That Coconut Oil Is Good At Hair Growth?

coconut oilHair health directly reflects the state of your generally health, and you can improve your hair growth only when you’r caring for your health the right way. This is where coconut oil comes in – it will protect and hydrate the head skin and at the same time will ensure growth of strong hair.

1. Protection Of Protein In Your Hair

Fatty acids have a tendency to attach to the protein inside the hair shaft and safeguard the hair shaft and the roots from excess damage and harm. For example, lauric acid is contained in coconut oil. It performs far more efficiently in strengthening the hair health than different mineral-based or sunflower oils.

2. Hold The Moisture

hair before afterMoisture plays important role in hair healthiness. You need to ensure that hair has enough of it. Regular application of coconut oil will do a good job here. When this oil enters the hair strands, it shields from ecological pollutants and unwanted temperature impact.

3. Better Blood Flow

A simple scalp rubbing with coconut oil can successfully boost blood circulation in the head skin and therefore increase vitamins, minerals and oxygen supply right to hair follicles and shaft.

4. Supply Nutrients

The organic anti-oxidants and nutritional value contained in this kind of oil can supply essential resources that will help enhance smoothness and shine of your hair. Coconut oil has a very high content of iron and E-, K- vitamins. This fact helps to successfully deal with dandruff and help in growth of hair.

5. Antibacterial and Antifungal Qualities

beauty hairThe human hair and skin are naturally areas of high bacterial activity. But don’t worry. Coconut oil is there to control it. All its antibacterial and antifungal abilities do a good job in minimizing lice and dandruff. In the absence of control of these potential issues your hair growth would be compromised.

The Proper Application of Coconut Oil

For better hair growth it is important to eliminate preservatives and pollutants that impose the risk of further damage to your hair. The ideal approach would be to apply only natural virgin coconut oil. The best alternative is Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil because it is the most pure one out there. It is offered at the majority of health food retailers.

1. Warm It Up

Carefully warm up a container with coconut oil using warm water. It can look lkike something solid when in the bottle, but when you heat it up – it will become quite liquid. Using a microwave is a no-no because your can thus easily damage it and affect the oil’s chemical properties.

2. Dampen Your Hair

Just dampen your hair with comfortably warm water.

3. Add The Coconut Oil

Take a little amount of the melted coconut oil and just put it in your palm. Start to put it onto your hair gently. A general rule is to apply a couple of tablespoons when you have hair that run onto your shoulders. If your hair run below your shoulders – then use 4 tablespoons. Put the oil right to the hair roots with your fingertips.

4. Rub the head Skin

Rub it in for around 3 minutes to ensure the optimal result and at the same time improve the scalp’s blod circulation. Some strands may fall out during this process but that shouldn’t be your problem, because it’s usual for rubbing.

5. Use Shower Cap Then

Use the shower cap to cover your treated hair from drying, while the applied oil will do the work.

6. Hold on

You need to leave it on for around half an hour. Ideally you can wait overnight, if possible – that will ensure even better effect.

7. Rinse

Carefully wash it all off with a natural rinse (like apple cider vinegar rinse), or a zero preservative shampoo. You will not even need any conditioner, your hair will be smooth and shiny right as it is.

Proper Hair Growth With Coconut oil:

coconutSuggestions and Safeties

  • Stay away from hair flat irons. Hair straighteners are very popular with a lot of people. At the same time, that is the hardest test for your hair because this thing damages your hair a lot. The unwanted high temperature dehydrates your hair excessively and totally harms it.
  • Don’t brush a lot. Too much brushing activity destroys the hair and leads to a lot of split ends because of physical damage. there will be no problems in brushing a couple of times each day, but if you overindulge, you are at risk of getting the damage and sick appearance.
  • When you have enough time, alllow your hair dry on its own, without dryers usage. The high temperature air flow directed at your hair for some time will definitely do no good to you. Only do that is you’re short of time, and don’t expose your hair to dryer’s airflow more than it is enough for acceptable drying.

For Fighting Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process. It is absolutely usual to loose some amount of hair each day, and even seemingly a lot of them sometimes. They will regrow naturally within your regular growth/loss process. Usually, that wouldn’t be something to worry about, until the hair loss is much bigger than its growth. If you start seeing small hair strands clusters falling out during single day, you may suspect that something goes wrong.

Possible Reasons Of Increased Hair Loss

coconut flakesHormonal disorders. An over- or under- balanced activity of thyroid gland may cause excess hair loss. Good news is that it can be easily manipulated by stabilizing the level of thyroid hormone. Usual male/female hormone level problems can be a reason for hair loss, too. Women can suffer from hair fall after a rapid decrease of estrogen levels. That can happen after stopping the intake of birth control medicine, soon after childbearing and in the menopause. Insufficient progesterone levels are also noticed to be responsible.

Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), can progress when the testosterone hormone, is transformed to DHT hormone. An extra DHT may result in the reduction of hair follicles, and thus – hair thinning and at some point total hair loss.

Nutritional inadequacies. Any deficiencies in daily obtained nutritional value will definitely impose its negative effect on your hair health.

Alopecia areata/Lupus erythematosus. Autoimmune diseases are problematic the states of health, during which a human body immune system produces antitoxins that do not only fight bacteria/infection/viruses. they also act wrongly by killing or damaging the healthy and important body tissues and organs. This problem can cause a variety of symptoms. For example, when hair follicles become such a victim, the hair loss is just a question of time. Same scenario takes place in lupus, that is related to a variety of symptoms, and hair loss thus happens in around half of the patients, considering that Alopecia areata is classified as an autoimmune disorder where the antibodies do attack hair follicles straight.

Other possible causes are: aging, heredity, Skin fungal infections, dermatological problems.

How Can Coconut Oil Stop Hair Loss Detrimental Process

Coconut oil is not a magic pill that will help in all cases. Yet, there is definitely a rich feedback from a lot of people that indicates it’s possible and potential help in the reduction and reversal of hair loss process in some cases.

Here is how is works in theory.

coconut hair treatmentThe main coconut oil’s primary healing agent, lauric acid, attaches to the protein molecules within hair strands, follicles and roots to protect from physical damage. Coconut oil essentially imitates Sebum, which is the natural oil produced in the human body’s that provides some coating to the scalp and hair shaft and thus shields it all from damage.

Hair loss process can be greatly reduced when hair follicles are kept coated with such an oily layer. Coconut oil, being a 100% organic agent, creates the necessary film, and provides all the necessary protection from damaging factors like environment chemical threat and temperature or airflow dangers.

Nutritional value of the oil with its vitamins E, K, Iron and antioxidants ensures adequate nurturing and therefore – intense hair regrowth.

Coconut oil is a very good agent to protect from bacterial attacks and fungal infections that potentially can cause threat to normal hair growth. Your scalp blood circulation is increased when you rub the oil in with your fingertips. Thus all positive and important nutrients successfully arrive at corresponding cells that need them.

Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil

It is definitely possible to throw away all commercial hair care products, and keep only natural and easily accessible means to treat your hair right. This replacement will not compromise your look, and your hair will still be soft, shiny, strong and bright.

For example, coconut oil is full of medium-chain fatty acids, and is potent in anti-microbial effect. It is good at conditioning of your scalp, strengthening hair shaft and follicles, and will ensure faster hair regrowth. Thus, it can be noted as a multi-purpose hair care product.

Coconut Oil Advantages

Deficiency in hydration of your body can cause your hair to look brittle and be dried out. Consuming enough of water will help your body, skin and hair retail as much moisture as they need. Good and complete nutrition is important as well as the body (and hair as well) need material to build and re-construct itself.

When you use coconut oil to care for your hair, you provide a wide array of treatment types, including antifungal/antiviral effect, essential nutrition with vitamins, iron and antioxidants. That relists in high volume, strong and healthy hair.

You can find coconut oil as one of the components of many hair care commercial products as well. That is for a reason. Unfortunately, most of them also contain unhealthy chemicals and pollutants that will spoil your hair, making it dry, dull, damaged, and flat. Your best choice is to use this oil directly, as a completely natural treatment.

Moe good news are that food-type coconut oil costs not so much, in contrast to commercial beauty products. This is one more reason to use it.

Best Ways Of Coconut Oil Hair Care

1. Conditioner

coconut massCoconut oil is a superb hair conditioner that will suit any hair type. It ensures protection from protein loss (thus save your hair from breakage and moisture loss), and it performs far better than sunflower and mineral oils.

You are going to be protected from detrimental effect of combing, because this oil makes hair very smooth, and comb doesn’t tear the hair shaft a lot. For better effect you can use coconut oil as leave-in conditioner.

2. Hair Growth

Wonder about cheap and effective solution to treat thinning hair? It’s here. All essential nutrients that are present in this oil are helpful to grow your hair thicker, longer amd stronger.

3. Dandruff Treatment

Danduff treatment with the use of coconut oil counts a couple of eras already, world-wide. This unpleasant issue can be a result of dried out skin , strong care products chemicals allergic reaction, and sometimes fungal infections.

Fatty acids that coconut oil contains (like lauric or capric acid), work well to treat such conditions while they are applied to your hair and skin.

4. Styling Options

Coconut oil cna also be used as a styling product, remaining 100% natural one. It’s not often when people think about this oil that way. Different hair styling appliances, like dryers, straighteners, rollers and curlers leave hair dry and damage it every time you use them. The shart’s surface becomes harsh, and prone to breakage upon contact even with regular comb.

Coconut oil on the other hand is very good at protection from such of heat damage. If you know your proper amounts (taking into account hair length, volume and texture), you have high chances to save your hair from any harm that may be caused during such thermal treatment.

If you have strong and curly type of hair, you may have hard times with frizz, especially in high humidity season. Coconut oil will deal with this problem when you let its light solution penetrate the hair shaft. You can leave it in for the day. Don’t over do it. You only need minimal amounts when you leave it in.

5. Detangling

When coconut oil is applied to the hair shaft, it penetrates inside and makes it stronger by reinforcing from inside and outside (by making a healthy film). Thus you have smooth, soft and strong hair that will not be teared much when you use a comb. There will be less possible knots, and reduced risk of split ends when you mechanically treat your hair. As a hint – you can use a wide toothcomb to carry out straightening.

6. Lice Protection And Treatment.

coconut oil productThe most surprising and powerful effects that coconut oil can be applied for is protection from lice and their treatment. A couple of studies witness that this oil is even more effective than presctibed aids like permethrin. Anise spray can be added to achieve maximum effect.

As a matter of fact, during the experiment, treatment with coconut oil was successful in 80% cases, as opposed to 40% successful cases in prescription medicines usage. More dense solution is to be used, of course.

The Treatment:

It is a good idea to find the appropriate amount of the oil to be applied because too little is not enough. Try to find your best amount by starting with a simple teaspoon or tablespoon for short to medium length hair. When applying the oil, try to do it especially thoroughly on the ends and roots.

Using it after hair washing as intensive conditioner, you can rub it into your hair and scalp, then cover with a shower cap and leave for the night. For even better effect you can add a few drops of essential oils (like sandalwood or geranium).

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