DIY Hair Mask for Most Effective Hair Treatment

Everyday our hair is exposed to different harmful and risky environment elements, physical or chemical damage, diet deficiencies and many other types of dangerous factors that are able to make our hair dry, damage, dull and brittle. To avoid that, you can apply DIY hair mask regularly, that will moisturize and nourish your hair and hair follicles, protect it from external dangerous factors, and will ensure faster hair growth.

There are many different recipes of DIY masks for hair. Most of the times, you will be using readily available ingredients that you can find right in your kitchen. For some of them you may need to visit natural beauty stores or other types of stores (for example, essential oils, etc). With the use of those ingredients, you can combine their curative and nutritional properties in order to finally figure out which formula works best for your unique hair.

DIY hair maskHair mask application should be a regular hair care routine for you. With it, you are maintaining protective barrier that shields your hair from UV rays, chemical substances, heat and physical impact. By regular we mean every week or so. You can do that after each second or third hair shampooing. Additionally, if you’re a frequent sea water swimmer, or suspect increased damage to your hair due to residing in harmful environment, you should think about applying your hair mask after each hair wash.

Easiness of Homemade Hair Masks

The importance of hair masks comes from their ability to greatly nourish your scalp and hair roots from deep within. It’s important to have healthy scalp because hosts hair follicles, the organs that produce new hair growth. The scalp should have good blood circulation to deliver all necessary building materials for your hair to grow faster and stronger. It also should provide nutrients for repairing and revitalizing hair roots that are responsible for strong holding of grown hair.

wet hairHair masks provide an abundance of moisture right to the scalp’s pores. With the moisture, all vitamins and minerals arrive right to the areas and organs where they are needed. If you’re not fine with the scent that comes from a specific recipe hair mask, you can add a few drop of essential oil of your choice there. This way you’ll deal with scent issue and enhance your personal homemade hair mask with additional curative properties. Do it yourself hair mask is a cheap and safe alternative to commercial products of that type, because you control the ingredients and won’t let in any potentially harmful substances.

The art of hair care may resemble plants care. You need to think about ground wetness, nutrients supply and moisturizing in order to grow a good vegetable or flowers. Same applies to hair. Hair mask is a powerful treatment that will greatly help you along that process. It is a very good opportunity to grow soft, shiny, long and strong hair.

Most Popular Hair Mask Recipes

Coconut Oil Mask

red hairThis fruit provides very light and liquid oil with a lot of moisture ready to penetrate your hair cuticle and scalp pores. Additionally, coconut oil soothes the scalp and provides important fatty acids.

To make a mask, you need to take 2 spoons of coconut oil and mix it with 1 spoon of olive oil for a good dilution. The mixture should be transferred to your hair, spread evenly and massaged into your hair and scalp for around 5 minutes. When you’re done, leave it in for half an hour, wrapping your hair in a towel. After that, wash it off with cool water.


This ingredient is available in every kitchen, so you can do this moisturizing mask even today.

You need to take half a cup of honey, and mix it well with 2 spoons of olive or coconut oil.

Prepare the mixture. When you’re done with hair washing, soak the excess water with a bath towel, leaving your hair slightly damp. Apply the mask with your palms to your hair. Evenly spread the treatment over your hair and scalp. Cover your hair with bath cap. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse well with cool water.

Avocado Mask

ingredientsAvocado mask is a very popular one, because of its great nutritional and curative properties. Additional nutrients come3 from egg yolk that is usually added into the mask.

You will need to take half of avocado and 1 egg yolk. Blend those in, to receive a homogeneous mass. After a shower, while your hair is still wet, apply the blend to your hair and evenly spread. Massage it in, and leave for half an hour. Then wash your hair with cool water.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

This plant has shown to be ultra-curative in many aspects of human conditions treatment. The hair mask with aloe vera will be extra useful after salty water, a day under the sun, in the wind, after a backpacking, or during a long vacation. You will easily restore hair’s beauty and shine, and will moisturize your hair to necessary maximum.

Take quarter-cup of aloe gel. Mix it with same amount of lemon juice. Add several drops of essential oil, for example peppermint oil, jojoba oil, or just argan oil. Blend it all well. Apply to your damp hair. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes. After that wash it away with cool water.

Hair Mask from Honey and Banana

homogeneous massThis mask will provide a lot of protein for hair structure restoration. Other additional nutrients ensure more elasticity and strength to your hair. Protection from UV rays and heat is also provided in this treatment.

Take the following: a banana, 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon of carrier oil (or coconut / olive oil) and a couple drops of essential oil (lavender will suit best). This all should be added to a container and mixed very well.

Application as always should be done on slightly wet hair, with your fingers. Spread it thoroughly, and leave in for an hour to let proteins successfully penetrate cuticle and scalp pores. Then wash off with cool water or light shampoo.

DIY Hair Masks Ingredients

Coconut oil

hair maskThis is a great for hair conditioning even when applied alone. It is also a light oil, so can be used for dilution of high concentration ingredients. Great for nutrients (vitamins, minerals and fatty acids), and curative properties that will sooth itching scalp.

Let us decompose them main natural ingredients that can you can use to design your own homemade hair mask. All of them have their unique capabilities. It’s up to you how you combine those to achieve your desirable health effect.


Honey provides moisturizing effect. It can be added without hesitation in any home hair mask. It will enhance the strength and shine of your hair. Honey stimulates hair restoration, and provides necessary nutrients for that process.

Olive Oil

This ingredient can be used as a hair conditioner on its own. Its great moisturizing capability makes it a welcomed addition in mane natural hair care recipes. People are aware of curative properties of olive oil for ages. Healthy shine and softness comes as an additional bonus.


hair massagingMilk is used as a great protein source. Additionally, it softens your hair. Can be used for dilution of high concentration ingredients.


This is a strong anti-oxidant. Astringent properties allow us to use it for cuticle and pores closing. This is to retain more moisture and provide better shine. You need to note that lemon juice usage leads to changing hair color slightly towards blonde color. The more you dilute it the less de-colorizing effect will you see.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a great cleansing ingredient. It can remove unwanted oily build-up from the scalp and hair. Its acid nature allows to normalize pH balance of hair, leading to cuticle closing and thus – retaining of the moisture inside.

Most Important Hair Nutrients

Here we will list all the nutrients that you need to include in your handmade hair masks. Different ingredients provide those in different amounts. It’s always a good idea to combine them to achieve balanced assortment of vitamins and minerals for better hair nourishment.


Your hair consists mainly from keratin, which made from protein. Protein is necessary as a restoration material that your hair uses to fix its broken structure. Also, your hair follicles should have constant supply of protein in order to be able to grow thick and healthy hair faster.

Vitamin A

This vitamin interacts with proteins in hair follicles, ensuring healthier hair growth. Also, it helps in grown hair restoration.

Fatty Acids

avocado maskThese create an acid coating on the hair surface. This coating is necessary for protection from heat, UV rays, chemical and physical damage. Moreover, fatty acids take part in hair growth as a building material. They also soften the scalp and hair follicles, making blood circulation in them easier and more effective.


This mineral plays an important role in hair growth. It’s necessary for maintenance of good state of already grown hair, preventing split ends and hair damage.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin should be supplied in abundance to the hair follicle. It stimulated hair growth and is one of many important hair building materials.

Vitamin C

This is a powerful antioxidant. It regulated acidity level and pH balance. Also, it controls the production of natural hair oil.

Vitamin D

This vitamin can be applied externally, taken internally, or produced by the body. It’s important in preventing hair loss and shedding.

Vitamin E

This vitamin has many effects, key of which is providing elasticity and softness to your scalp and hair roots.


This mineral is important for assimilation and proper usage of vitamins C and D. Also, it’s an important building material for new hair growth.

Extra Hair Nourishment Mask

This hair mask is designed for abundant supply of vitamins, minerals and proteins. This is the aim of all hair masks, and this one greatly works. If for some reasons you feel that it’s not ok for you, you can edit it by removing and adding natural ingredients that are described in our article. You’re free to use any additional natural ingredients that you feel will work and that have nutritional value and curative effect of human hair.

After 3-4 applications of this mask you will notice a noticeable improvement in hair health, softness, strength, shine and beauty.

The recipe

You need to take an egg or two, lemon juice from one lemon, one cup of milk, and couple of spoons of olive oil. All of these ingredients should be poured into same container and mixed very well, until you see a homogeneous mass.

When you’re done with hair washing (preferably with a light shampoo), soak most of the water with a towel. Leave your hair slightly wet. The water that you use for hair washing should be warm or slightly cool.

Apply the blend treatment to your hair, and massage it with your fingers into your scalp and hair. Make sure that you treat your hair ends well also. Remember that massaging motions and pressing should be slight. Take your time to achieve even spreading of the product, and good penetration into the hair shaft and scalp. Such a thorough massaging will ensure stimulation of blood circulation in your scalp and therefore – better nutrients delivery to all areas, follicles and so on.

When you’re done with massaging, cover your hair with bath cap. You can additionally wrap your hair into a dry bath towel then. Leave the setup in for an hour. Alternatively, you can leave it overnight, if you have enough time and patience to sleep with it. When you feel that you’re done with the mask, wash your hair with a light or natural shampoo, and rinse well with apple cider vinegar – water solution.

This treatment can be done one time every week. Such frequent is enough to maintain a good balance of nourishment and moisturizing to your hair.

Not you’re pretty much aware of DIY hair masks, and can make them yourself at any convenient time. It’s cheap, effective and is free from side effects.

July 1, 2016  

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