Grape seed Oil for Hair Care, Is It Effective?

Not quite often you can hear that somebody is using grape seed oil in cooking or in their kitchen area, that’s normal. But what’s more important, many people overlook that it has a lot more usage options for hair care and treatment. It is 100% natural and at is great at conditioning & moisturizing your hair, just like coconut or olive oil.

What makes it different from named above oils is that grape seed oil is better at treatment of dandruff, damaged hair and is hair loss process reversal. Your hair is going to get shinier, stronger and gain more volume if you make a habit to continually use it in your hair care routines.

Conditioning and Hydration

oilGrape seed oil has proved to be perfect for hydrating and conditioning human hair and protect it from dryness since it is less aggressive (in chemical structure meaning) in comparison to other types of oils, like coconut/olive. You will be safe from risk of getting greasy hair. One more definitely good advantage is almost complete absence of smell. No more long lasting scents. This oil does a good job in securing the moisture in the hair shaft, protect against frizz, and other unwanted effects like split ends or fragile hair.

A quick instruction for usage would be to apply some amount of it to your hair let it remain for around quarter-hour. After that it would be safe to wash it away with cold water or some special natural rinse. Easy deep-conditioning treatment.

Minimizing Dermatitis/Dandruff

wavy hairDandruff together with some other skin-related issues that develop as a result of a dry and flaky skin are not such a problem when you know how to address it and do it in due time. Good news is that grape seed oil is helpful here. It is packed with emollients, vitamins and minerals that can ensure healthy regrowth of scalp cells. Try massaging the GS oil into your scalp with slow and gentle fingertips movements. Thus you will improve blood circulation in the outer layer of the scalp and enable better penetration of healthy nutrients.

Minimizing and Reversing Hair Loss

Grape seed oil is obtained by a method of extraction from seeds, which should be preliminary cooled down. It is rich in antioxidants which make it useful in reducing the pace of DHT production (DHT is responsible for hair loss, as we all know).

This great beauty oil additionally carries out a function of transporting of essential oils to the follicles and thus providing their easing and comfort. Hair loss due high cortisol (stress hormone) level is effectively addressed that way. For an ideal proportion make a mix of a couple of tsp. of grape seed oil with a few drops of jojoba oil. The resulting mix is to be gently massaged into the hair roots and scalp.

Hair Reinforcing

red hairGrape seed oil has high content of Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant and is effective at boosting tissue regrowth process. Another useful component is linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid to support hair cells regrowth.

Grape Seed Oil Usage for Hair Growth

For some time in the past, grape seeds have proved themselves to be a useless side product that accumulated in the process of juice or wine production. However, most recently a lot of people have recognized the value of oil the can be derived from such seeds.

Grape seeds are really cheap, because it is not a target product in the whole process. And the inexpensive price makes it a very appealing as a hair treatment alternative to costly chemical-based commercial products.

Due to its light structure, grape seed oil is being used naturally and as a component in recognized beauty products, which claim the oil to help even in hair regrowth and increasing the pace of hair growth. Is that true? Let us see why it is.

How Good is Grape seed Oil?

grape seed oilIt features linoleic acid. This important fatty acid cannot be generated by the body resource, which means that you need to obtain it from external resources. And guess what, this linoleic acid is very important for almost all of human organs proper functionality. Deficiency of that acid can result in scalp drying out, severe hair loss, brittle hair and other unwanted effects.

Further investigation proves that linoleic acid is good at minimizing so called “bad cholesterol” and consequently the threat of cardiovascular diseases.

Shiny Hair with GSO?

When we talk about hair beauty and healthiness, a number of experts say that grape seed oil is able to recover the great shine and beauty of hair. Human scalp generates sebum on its own, which is an oily material. The sebum ensures some shine and protection of your hair. When people get older, their scalp’s sebum generation ability deteriorated, causing scalp and hair drying out and therefore – vulnerable hair.

Scientists claim that different oils (such as palm / argan / nut and grape seed oils) all incorporate organic conditioning substances. Many people apply these to prevent frizz and recover moisture holding ability of the skin. Grape seed oil is the lightest oil from all known natural oils – so after applying it you won’t feel too much heaviness and greasy hair.

What about Dandruff Treatment?

black hairDandruff emerges due to several reasons. If we talk about skin issues like psoriasis, eczema or some infections then grape seed oil is not able to do anything. But if it is caused by dry scalp and environmental impact, then you’re OK to expect positive effects from this oil.

How Can Oil Make Hair Grow Faster?

Japanese scientists treated mice with grape seed oil for some period of time, using it as a toning and conditioning agent (internally and externally). At the end of experiment they noted considerable increase in hair growth, in both groups.

In real life many people are witnessing great results as well. One of the most potent recipes is to blend together grape seed, peppermint, jojoba and eucalyptus oils. Continuous usage of such blend for 6-8 weeks has proven to initiate increased hair growth pace. Like with the most of things when it comes to natural treatment, the key to success is being patient and consistent. Don’t give up when you’re doing this and eventually you’ll see great results, 100% naturally and risk-free.

Grape seed Overall Details

grape seedGrape seed oil is made from grapes, obviously, usually wine-grade grapes. The seeds are subject to waste because it’s a byproduct. This makes them a cheap raw material. In the last century it became a better demand product, and processing got on a bigger scale. The main markets for it are US and EU. Many shops have this oil, which can be used in different areas of everyday life.

Due to the fact that individual seed can provide only a limited (and small) portion of oil, the seeds are processed by chemical method. This method leaves its trace in the end product’s scent and flavor, which can be considered a drawback. On the other hand, this way it is cheap. The physical feature of this oil is its light weight. Another one is almost complete absence of scent. Chemically it is polyunsaturated oil, full of useful substances (such as linoleic acid).

People have found two main purposes of grape seed oil usage: kitchen area and beauty. If you’re buying GSO for kitchen and food preparation, double-check that it is obviously tagged as food-grade. That is for a reason because beauty-grade oil sometimes is balanced with some addition of chemicals that are not safe for intake. Similarly to any oil out there, a good storage option is in dark and cooled down area right until you need it. The only exception is greatly stabilized (chemically) oil. Fridge is ideal place for storage, usually. Don’t worry about possible physical hardening of the product, as simple heat up with the warm water will make it liquid again without any chemical deterioration.

gorgeous hairIn foods preparation area, the oil has wide array of application means. With a greatly high point of smoking, it is often used for frying everything. Another use is to be added to different salads as a usual dressings, sauces or mayonnaise. Its light flavor makes it an ideal ingredient for such things. Food-grade grape seed oil’s flavor can be enriched with natural spices like pepper, herbs and other things.

In beauty are, grape seed oil became quite a popular component and standalone treatment. It is usually mixed with different oils so as to create massage therapy oil. Its skin gliding and moisturizing abilities do the good job here. This oil seemingly can improve the pace of natural skin repair, because it renders some tonic and antibacterial effect. Some beauty products makers use grape seed oil for a short-term organic chemical preserving agent in skin care products. The some other makers include it into hydrating lotions, sun block, and a variety of various beauty products.

Side Effects of Grape seed Oil Usage

grapesIf you use moderate and proper amounts of the oil in your mixtures and blends, you definitely won’t face any unwanted consequences. Common safe rule that was developed taking into account many practical cases is to use the oil continually for not longer than 3-4 months in a row. Then, you need to give your body some rest, after which it is safe to proceed for another 3-4 month period. This way you will minimize possible side effects.

Namely, side effects that can be related to grape seed oil essence are:

  • high blood pressure
  • nausea
  • indigestion
  • dizziness
  • headache

Some people report, but that is not proven to be direct side effect of grape seed extract, abnormal dryness of scalp, and some moderate itchiness. In such case its better not to try to diagnose yourself but just get a professional medical advice and treatment.

Some risk lies in application of the oil by people that have allergic reaction to grapes. If you are on anticoagulant medicines that are meant to lower bad cholesterol or regulate the blood pressure, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor who prescribed such drugs. The oil may enhance the effect of such a strong medicine, which will definitely not good.

June 14, 2016  

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