How to Get Long Hair, the Complete Guide

A lot of men and women desire to know how to get long hair, however not all of them are aware of the right way to do that properly. The majority of people don’t think that there is any correlation between their diet and the resulting hair state. One more important aspect for good hair is maintaining a solid hair care plan that will ensure that your hair are strong enough to withstand physical damage and that hair falling is minimal. Below there is everything you need to know to do all that in proper manner to let your hair be healthy and beautiful.

Taking Good Care of Your Hair

straight hairYou need to critically look at how you carry out hair washing. You need to consider everything: how many times per week you do that, how warm (or hot) is your water, which shampoo you use, how long you let the shampoo work with your hair prior to washing it off.

For example, too frequent washing (like, 5-7 times per week), or doing that with high temperature water will cause your hair to easily and quickly lose its moisture, and consequently – be constantly dry and prone to receive much of the damage. The less your hair resists such damage, the harder it is to regrow it. It is advisable to perform hair washing every 2 or 3 days. When doing that, don’t use hot water – your best choice is room-temperature water.

long hair before afterTake into account that initially upon the change of washing frequency, you may feel like your hair is too oily or not very clean. That is because your scalp got used to frequent pace of hair washing and therefore it produces a lot of sebum. As a hint, you can wear a light hat to faster get used to new hair washing frequency.

If you love hot shower for whole body, use a shower cap to prevent contact of hair with hot water. When you’re done with the overall shower – proceed to hair washing in room-temperature water.

Don’t rub hair with a towel to dry them. Such motions damage your hair and cause subsequent hair falling. Remember, when your hair is wet – it’s more susceptible to damage. Just touch gently – this will let more than half of water to soak into the towel. Then you can wrap your hair in another dry towel and leave it there for an hour. After that you’re ready to take the towel off and let your hair finally dry naturally.

Same rule applies for hair brushing. Don’t think about doing that on wet hair, because it will cause a lot of physical damage – you easily stretch and get them torn. Use your hands to straighten and detangle your hair if you need it too much. Do it as gently as you can.

long hairUnless you don’t have any time to dry your hair fast – put your hair dryer away. Excessive air flow and heat cause damage to your hair, making it brittle and leaves cuticles open – this environmental harmful substances easily get inside and cause maximum damage. Another unwanted thing that you will encounter this way is split ends.


Avoid any commercial hair care product that may contain harmful chemicals. Such products will do you more harm than positive effect. For example, many products out there include sulfates that are good at getting rid of sebum and leaving hair without nutrients and protection. Artificial conditioners often include silicone that covers the surface of your hair with chemical film. Those have to be removed with the help of strong shampoo, which also will cause your hair to lose its natural oil. Do for natural treatment solutions instead.

If you have to use commercial products, make another hair wash with light shampoo after you applied hair conditioner. This way you will remove silicone from your hair. After that don’t apply any conditioner at all, just let your hair to naturally dry. You can straighten them gently with your fingers while they’re still wet, if you need to.

Let your hair rest. There should be some days regularly, when you aren’t doing anything. You don’t wash condition, blow-dry, and straighten during such days.

hairTry to use as many natural products as you can. The key hair treatment here is your shampoo. Choose the light one to use regularly. Check the info tag of the bottle carefully – you should find only natural components there, without any chemical substances.

For conditioning you also can use natural means. Good news is there are a lot of natural products and even raw substances – for example, apple cider vinegar. If you need overnight extensive or deep conditioning, go with some natural oils, like coconut oil, argan oil or tea tree oil.

In general, it is always better to use something 100% natural, and hair care area is no exception. Moreover, when you’re carrying our styling methods, try to do it as gentle as you can. Usage of different tools that use thermal effect (like curling irons) and with high airflow (dryers) should be minimized.

Everything, including hair gel, can be made on your own with the use of only 100% natural substances. For example, you can use a very potent natural hair treatment option, argan oil for hair smoothing. Any other oil, like coconut, tea tree oil is ok, too. Any method of hair curling naturally without using heat is a good idea.

brown hairDon’t forget to apply a hair mask, at least every 10 or 14 days. A mask is a great way to repair your hair and stimulate its regrowth by providing nutrients and moistusing your hair. Besides just being silky and shiny, your hair

will stay this way for longer time if you use natural products.

You can try one of very strong natural recipes – warm hair mask with the use of almond and coconut oils. This great mixture combines the features of both oils – on one hand the nutrients will be easily absorbed by hair follicles and shaft. On the other hand, such mask will nourish your hair from deep within. After rubbing the mask carefully into your scalp, cover your hair with a warm towel (or a shower cap). Then you need to warm it all up, applying a blow dryer over the towel/cap, not longer than 10 minutes. This mask can stay for several hours, or you can leave it in for the night.

For additional effects like hair lightening and conditioning you can try to add some small amounts of honey or cinnamon.

Safeguard Your Hair From Environmental Impact.

If you’re going to expose yourself to sun a lot, don’t forget to wear a headdress. If you’re attending a swimming pool, don’t forget that the water there is with addition of chlorine – wear swimming cap. Try to reduce your presence in the areas with polluted air. After visiting such a place, you’d better to wash your hair and condition it.

The Importance of Diet and Hair Growth Supplements

Protein, as a main building element for our body reconstruction, is important for hair regrowth also. So, you need to consume it a lot. Not necessarily you have to overindulge in meat but it’s better to introduce new and versatile protein sources to your diet.

gorgeous hairDon’t forget about different important fatty acids, and Omega-3 to be the key thing. They all do their work towards your better and healthier scalp and hair. Seafood and avocados are your main source of this nutrient.

You need to always stay well-hydrated. For such purpose, carry a bottle of water with you, and drink often. The well-hydrated body ensures that you have the stronger and longer hair. If you don’t like regular water, try to add some flavor to it, like lemon, or some cherries. Drinking coffee, soda and alcohol doesn’t do anything good to the length of your hair.

Use hair growth supplements. Depending of their purpose, they may enhance hair regrowth and ability to withstand environmental harm. That will result in longer hair, after some time. Obviously, this will not happen overnight. Most probably you will see the first positive change after a few weeks the fastest, and after several months on average.

One of examples of the most popular supplement in this group is Biotin. It is always prescribed to pregnant women to ensure the healthy baby growth. But if you’re not pregnant, it is ok to take it, too – for long hair.

Atlantic cedar oil also can work wonders by helping your hair grow long. You can rub it into scalp directly. Similar effect comes from using of argan and tea tree oil.

Beta-sitosterol is natural aid, extracted from seeds and from a plant. It’s also helpful for your hair.

Acquire Clip-in Extensions.

braidingIf you want immediate result with long hair – this is your only option. There are a lot of local beauty supply shops that are ready to help you with that. There is wide assortment in terms of color tones, lengths, textures and hair types. If you clip them in very close to your hair roots – high chances there are that they will blend with your natural hair.

Buy sufficient amount of such extensions in order to evenly spread them over your head and make it appear as strong thick hair.

There are various materials, from which they can be made off. Artificial hair extensions are made of plastic or other substances. There are also natural extensions from real human hair. The latter are more expensive but look a lot better.

Buy qualified weave/extensions in a pro hair salon. You’ll have to shell out more cash for these, but the effect is a lot better and is of better quality and longevity. Real human hair (or artificial ones) is taken and attached to your own hair by means of gluing, weaving to sewing. A lot of celebs go this way for super-fast effect.

The professional level of a specialist that will carry this out is very important. Make sure that you trust the best ones. Remember, saving money by hiring an amateur may cost you doubly by buying new material and finally going to a pro to fix it all, at least.

Lifestyle Way to Longer Hair

black hairCut your hair a little bit as frequent as once in a quarter. There is no need to do that more often since you’re after longer hair. But you need to get rid of split ends and brittle parts, which tend to accumulate near the ends. This is done for better look, also.

Regularly increase blood circulation with simple massaging movements around your head. When you have a healthy blood circulation, your hair follicles receive more nutritional substances for better hair growth. You can use some essential oils (like lavender, for example) to help you with this task.

If you’re doing some physical exercises constantly, that will also help with your blood flow, and therefore – head skin blood supply.

Usual routine of 10minutes every day will do a lot of help to you. Lavender oil (pure essential oil) can be massaged on the scalp on alternate days as it is said to be very helpful for promoting hair growth.

General exercise will also increase blood flow to your head as it increases blood flow in your whole body. As a complimentary method, you can dry brush your skin to give your blood flow another boost.


Try to relive your stress as much as you can. It can cause loss of hair along with a reduction of the hair growth pace. Some of the ways to relieve the stress can be doing physical exercises, yoga, massage, and meditation.

Don’t neglect the importance of rest – sleep more. It’s important to sleep not less than 8 hours a day. Such rest time is the best opportunity for your body to regrow its hair and recover itself. Sleep deficiency will result in inability of your body to carry out those important tasks.

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