How to Get Wavy Hair Naturally

Preparation Goes First

First of all, shampoo your hair. You need to get rid of dirt, residues and build-up. This is necessary for gorgeous look of your waves and curls. Also, making your hair wet is critical for proper result in hair waving.

  • Try to wash your hair with light or natural shampoo, to avoid unnecessary contact with possibly harmful chemicals.
  • During hair conditioner application try not to put the treatment onto the hair strands itself. Attend only hair roots and ends. This is done to treat the most problematic zones that require attention and at the same time – to leave your hair light and easy to accept wavy styling.

Dry Them

wavy hairWait until your hair naturally dry. You can first soak up the excess water by bath towel. When they’re dry – brush them with wide-tooth brush. It’s a fine idea to leave your hair slightly damp for the purpose of hair waving, but keep in mind that brushing of wet hair is dangerous, so be careful. Wet hair during waving will provide longer lasting result.

  • You can also use blower with minimal possible temperature set for extra-fast hair drying, especially if your hair is strong and thick. Do that until your hair is slightly wet.
  • Make sure that you detangle your hair, because those will spoil all the look of your wavy hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

waves on hairWith this type of hair conditioner, you provide additional nutrients and vitamins to your hair, moisturize it and secure hair cuticles with corresponding rinse afterwards. You need that to make your hair flexible and manageable. Thus, it will be easier for you to wave them.

Don’t use excessive amount of leave-in conditioner. It should be just enough to provide a good treatment without unwanted residues. Start applying with a small amount, adding some if necessary, but don’t overdo it.

If you have voluminous hair, apply your leave-in hair conditioner in section, one by one. This way you will guarantee thorough and complete treatment.

Curl Enhancing Treatment

hair washingSome people have problems with curling and waving, especially with totally straight hair. If that is the case, there are some products out there that can make hair extra-manageable and able to hold the curls that you will style them into.

Such products are divided into different types: sprays, mousses and so on. They also ensure a longer-lasting effect.

Such products can leave some residue or create a greasy effect on the hair surface. To avoid that, you can do such treatment in layers – apply it to under-layer, and leave upper layer intact. This way you will preserve fresh look of your hair.

Weight your hair upside down, and slightly massage the whole volume. You can apply some mousse or gel into it while keeping your hair that way.

How to Get Wavy Hair by Braiding

hair conditioningThis treatment is better to be done in sections. That is especially true if you have long hair and a good volume. As with the previous part, you’d better to do this while dividing your hair part by part, for better addressing all the necessary zones.

Think of how big or small your hair waves should be. This way you determine the size of braiding. The smaller your braid size is the more wavy effect will there be. This also defines sizes and amount of sections that you divide your hair in, making braids on each of those.

Braid all sections one by one. A simple method with 3-parts braiding is just fine. When you’re done – you need to secure the whole setup. Don’t invent anything fancy, use a clip or band. Secure it well, to avoid loose-out of the braid during your daily activities, overnight movements, and so on. Every new braid should be secured this way.

Dry It

damp hairWhen you’re done with braiding of your whole hair, dry it. You need to make sure that your hair dry completely. Only this way you can ensure good and stable waves after braids removal.

You can use a blower to dry your hair faster, but try to do that on a minimal temperature setting. Alternatively, you can leave braid overnight. There will be enough time for hair drying naturally, and in the morning you can safely remove the braid to enjoy your hair waves.

Remove the Braids

Carefully proceed doing that. You don’t want to cause any physical damage to your hair strands. Thoroughly finger through your hair – that is all you need to handle them at this stage. No combing or brushing.


You can secure the waves using a styling hairspray. Spray it slightly over your hair to prevent waves losing. This is the case for straight hair that is prone to return their straight shape.

Hair Waves with Rag Curlers

black wavesIn order to make rug curls, you need to cut some narrow bands from some cloth. You need to make some small parts from those. Aim to make them 4-5 * 1 inches. The amount depends on how many curls you aim to get. Start with 12 pcs. They will split evenly 6/6 to your upper and lower layer of your hair. Cloth should be soft and thin, like a pillowcase.

Split your hair into sections. In case of 12 rags you will have 6 curls that are situated symmetrically around your head crown. Then there will be another 6 below those. 6 are convenient because you’ll receive even amount (2) on each side and the back of your head.

More a tiny amount of your hair volume off your face. That should be not more than 25% of hair.

Rag Rolling

When you’ve done that – you need to put a prepared rag at the end of that hair section, and start rolling it in your hair. You need to exercise the caution because at the beginning the rag will be prone to stick and fall out. You need to keep it tight and carry on. When you’ve done a couple of rolls, it will become easier. Use your mirror to see what you’re doing and remember the movements.

Tie it Up

When you’re done rolling that one in, take the tips of that rag and tie them together to avoid un-rolling. Make the knot tight enough, don’t hesitate.

Dry Your Hair

big hair wavesWhen you’re done with all 12 curls, you need to let your hair dry naturally. The best way to do that is to leave the setup for the night. When the next day comes, you’ll be quite ready to unroll it all and see your great waves of hair. Unroll all of them, weigh the hair upside down, and run your fingers through your hair to ease them up. Don’t use comb, your fingers will do just fine. Use your hairspray to fix those curls, if your straight hair is prone to get back to their usual shape.

Additional Quick Methods to Get Wavy Hair

Sometimes we just need more recipes and alternative methods, just in case the offered ones don’t suit us, or take a lot of time. Check below how you can get your wavy hair easily, naturally and quickly.

Spiral Waves

This great hairstyle is made using a barrel curling iron. You need to divide your hair into small sections and wrap them sequentially using that barrel. When you’ve wrapped it, pull the barrel away from your hair to let the curl go. If you feel that the curl is too tight, you can use your fingers to loosen it while it’s still hot. This way you will make great curls very fast.


For this method you’ll need a gym-like headband. Make your hair a little wet, preferably by washing them, and then slightly soaking up the water with a bath towel. Put that headband onto your head horizontally just above your ears. Then divide your hair into sections, and wrap them on the headband carefully, one by one. Since the band is tight on your head, you don’t need to secure it anyhow. Leave it overnight, and unwrap your hair the next day.


afro curlsThis method requires a little more time and dedication. You need to make your hair wet like in previous method. They divide them into many sections. Each section needs to be wrapped to a separate pin, and secured there. Make wraps from hair ends up to your scalp. When you’re done with the last section, cover or wrap your head in light fabric (like silk). You can leave that setup to dry naturally all through the day or overnight. When you feel that your hair is completely dry, you can unwrap it all. Use only your fingers to run through your hair and loosen it up.

DIY Hair Waves

If your stylist or a friend that regularly helped you is away, don’t worry. You can get yourself some wavy hair completely on your own. Here’s how to do it.

First you need to shampoo your hair. Use a very light or natural hair conditioner to avoid making your hair heavy. Then you need to remove any tangles and knots off your hair. Use your fingers to do that as brushing will damage your hair. When you’re done with your showering and hair washing, use cool water to rinse your hair clean the last time. Now you’re ready.

Flip your head upside down, to let the hair run down. Use your fingers to make sure that there are no tangles. Then separate your hair into many this sections. Take each of them away from your head and squeeze out the excess water using your bath towel. Do that for every section.

If your hair are straight and are prone to recover its shape fast – it’s time to apply some curling treatment, like gel. Massage that one slightly into your hair sections. When you’re done with that, you can stand upright.

The hardest part is passed. Your hair is still too wet and must be dripping the water. You can put a towel on your shoulders to soak it while the water will be running down. Wait for some time to let the hair dry a little naturally. You still need to keep them a little wet. That may take 10-20 minutes.

Now you have options – you can wrap those hair sections around something. Be that rag, pin, or something else that you’re comfortable with. Thoroughly and carefully wrap that kind of objects of your choice into every section of your hair, from tip to the root. When you’ve wrapped a section, you may need to secure it. Secure it tight enough but don’t overdo it, since you may do damage by pulling hair strands out.

When you’re done with all hair sections, wrap your head in a dry bath towel, and let your hair dry naturally. You can leave it all for the night, so the next day you will be sure that your hair is dry and you can safely unwrap the setup.

This is how to get wavy hair yourself. When you’ve unwrapped your hair, use your fingers to run through your hair, to loosen it. Then it’s up to you if you use some fixation spray of not.

June 27, 2016  

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