How to Lighten Hair Naturally, The Complete Guide

Light hair has been being a desire of a lot of women in all times, and especially today. This tone carries simple beauty, light and easy mood, and a lot of positive to the woman who has such hair, and for people around. Here we’re going to thoroughly describe and let you know how to lighten hair naturally.

Chemical Hair Lightening

“Why should I use natural methods”, may someone ask. Of course, there are many artificial commercial products that are said and proved to be effective and precise in their result. The only problem with them is that like all artificial in our life, they have side effects. Some people may not notice such side effects (or not notice them for some time until they appear). The others may notice unwanted results, or even suffer from severe damage to their hair caused by some harsh chemicals.

hair dyesYou can proceed with some chemical product that is being offered at the local beauty store or at your hair saloon, it’s up to you to choose. Just try small part of hair first. To hide the lightening effect on such a small part, try lightening a part of hair layer beneath the top layer. If you don’t notice any damage after completion, you can proceed with whole hair volume.

Please note, even if you don’t see any side effects for some time, there are chances that damage may be done in small amount, and will accumulate with time, especially if you’re lightening your hair too often.

Natural Hair Lightening

If you worry about possible hair damage, go with natural way. It may be not as precise or effective as chemical treatments. But your hair health will be just fine with that. Besides, many such natural remedies and treatments come with vitamins, minerals and other nutritional value that will benefit your hair and scalp’s health.

Another advantage of natural way of lightening is its price. It is significantly cheaper to do that with homemade recipes than buying a commercial treatment option.

spreading the productYou may be surprised to know that there are a lot of remedies available by the hand, right on your kitchen. They can be used as natural handmade hair lightening treatments. Here we go, thick them and choose the one(s) and suit you:

Natural Recipes

One of the most important aspects during this process is to keep your hair moisturized. Some ingredients and substances that are aimed to provide a lightening effect to human hair also cause hair drying. So, you need to ensure that your homemade natural recipe compensates that with moisturizing the hair shaft and locking the moisture in by closing hair cuticle.

Here are the most popular and effective hair lightening methods:

Honey / Vinegar

natural hair lighteningThe main working agent here is honey. To moisturize your hair you need to add some oil. To normalize pH balance of your hair and close cuticle, you need to add vinegar.

The ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (2 cups)
  • Raw honey (1 cup)
  • Olive or coconut oil (1 spoon)
  • Cinnamon (1 spoon) or essential oil (2 drops)

All these components should be put one by one into a container, and then you need to thoroughly blend them.

Make your hair wet (or wait until excess water is being soaked with a towel after a hair wash). Remove tangles with your fingertips.

Put the blend to your hair and spread it evenly across whole hair volume. You can gently use brush to make sure that the spread is thorough.

Cover your hair with some plastic cap or bag. This set-up should be left in, like an overnight hair conditioner. make sure that you cover your hair well, to avoid the spill of the product onto your pillow.

Wash the product off your hair in the morning, using a light or natural hair shampoo.

Green and Black Tea

light hairDifferent teas provide their own lightening effect on the human hair. Some of them are more effective than others. The proven leader here is chamomile tea.

To carry out such treatment you only need to take the tea bag or box, boil a pot of water, put tea into it and wait until it will infuse. Then you need to use it as a hair rinse, probably after a hair wash. Or you can just rinse, without preceding hair care procedures.

When you have rinsed your hair, don’t wash the tea off but let it work in your hair for 20-25 minutes. If you want to have even more lightening effect, you need to rinse a couple of times one after another.

When you’re done, just wash off the tea with cool water.

Baking Soda Lightening

lighten and straightWhen using baking soda, you need to make an important note. It will change pH balance of your hair strongly towards alkaline. This will cause open cuticles and excessive drying out of your hair.

Every time when you’re done with soda’s treatment, you need to use something that will restore pH balance and make it slightly acid. For example, lemon water or apple cider vinegar. Also it will help if those acid liquids and water that you’ll be using to wash off the rinse will be cool. Preferably as cold as you can bear. That helps to lock the moisture inside the hair shaft.

Using baking soda for hair lightening takes longer, compared to other treatments. You may require several consecutive procedures, 1 week between each. This is not bad because besides lightening effect, you’ll get scalp cleansing effect as well.

During treatment, use soda water as a hair rinse, and leave it in for 15 minutes. After that wash it off and proceed to acid treatment.


henna hair lighteningCinnamon powder, being also a carrier of a good scent, can be added to your regular hair conditioner. This way you’re going to condition your hair and lighten it naturally.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is necessary for healthy hair. So, besides lightening, you’ll nourish your hair a lot with it.

Vitamin C can be obtained from pharmacy tables that you need to make powder from. Then this powder can be added to your regular hair care products, like shampoo or hair conditioner.

Another option is to use high concentration of lemon juice with water. You can use this one as a rinse. Just leave it for some time (5-10 minutes) before washing off the rinse with cool water.


This is a really cheap treatment. You can buy fresh one in the summer, or grow it yourself. The recipe is simple – you need to boil the rhubarb in a couple cups of water, and let it infuse for some time.

Then rinse your hair with the infusion and leave it in for 10-15 minutes. After that, wash it off your hair with cool water.


hair rinsingThis is method that people knew long time ago. You can use 15-20 degree concentration by mixing plain spirit or vodka with water. Pour that one in a spray bottle. then you can spray it from time to time over your hair. Make sure that you spread the product over whole volume of your hair. This will alter your natural hair pigment to a lighter phase.

Other Natural Methods

Some hair types and colors to lighten under the sun naturally. You just need to spend some time under the UV rays of the sun. After the day, you will look in the mirror and notice the change in hair color.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is a well-known natural method. Hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient to many commercial lighteners. It also can be used plainly as it is. The recipe is simple. Take it, use as a hair rinse. Leave the hair like that form 5 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water.

This is an effective method and provides really light hair, close to blond.


hair lighteningThe gorgeous tone of gold and blond always go well along the summer season. They reflect the light mood and fine weather, warmth and sand of a bounty beach. In this article we informed you how to lighten hair without any side effects, using cheap natural treatments that will also nourish and strengthen your hair and provide better shine.

July 17, 2016  

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