How to Repair Damaged Hair

Question “how to repair damaged hair” is serious for many people. Regrettably, it is very easy to damage them, be that because of sun rays, heat, physical or chemical damage, and for whatever reason. But bringing them to healthy state and beauty can be quite a tricky process.

Though, when everything is done right, you at least have high chances not to delay that process even longer due to some mistakes. We are here to withhold you from making such mistakes and to ensure your hair restoration as quick and easy as possible.

Due Time Recognition Importance

long hairYou need to regularly look for possible symptoms of damaged hair. Such as hair dryness, dull sight, itchy scalp, flaky skin, brittle hair, frizz, and so on. If you notice even slight appearance of those, beware – you have problems that should be addressed right away.

Let us tell you about most effectives methods, aids and products (homemade or commercial) that are appropriate for such early and effective treatment. If you do everything right, you’ll see your hair’s beauty again very soon and will provide long-lasting health to it.

The Importance of Regular Trimming

wavy hairThe main purpose of this procedure is to get rid of split ends and dead cells on the hair tips. They can greatly worsen hair’s health and overall look. You only need to cut around half a centimeter from the tip, and you only need to do that only with hair strands that were affected. So, if you have time for that, it is the best way to preserve your hair length while still provides a good treatment with the trimming procedure.

If you don’t have much time but still want to seemingly preserve some hair length, there is a way to trim more without hard consequences to your hair length. Do it in layers, where you only trim the level underneath.

Usage of natural, light and restorative hair shampoo and other products of same healing purpose are advised.

Avoid Using Heating Hair Tools

The heat destroys even healthy hair – that is not a secret. You need to make a rule to yourself, not using heat instruments unless you really need to do that to achieve special goals. And, if your hair is damaged, you need to refrain from using those at all, at least for the time of restoration. Instead of using hair blower, for example, let your hair dry by soaking it with towel and exposing them to room’s air.

There is such a thing like a special hair conditioner to be used during hair drying. It’s a good idea to use it because it provides some protection from heat and dry airflow. Do not perform any physical heat treatments (like curling or straightening) on your wet hair. Wait until they totally dry first.

Heavy Hair Products and Coloring Are Not Welcomed

soft hairSome hair products that you buy may contain chemical substances (like sulfates) that may do harm even to healthy hair. When we talk about damaged hair, a great caution should be carried out. Use only natural products. Read labels to ensure that they are. Or you can make DIY product alternatives using recipes on our website.

Additionally, hair coloring never was considered a safe procedure. Refrain from carrying that out while you’re not sure that your hair is very strong. Though, there can be a situation when damage is not huge yet, and you can color your hair with natural dyes or with light (ammonia free) solutions. You’d better to seek professional advice from local hair salon in such case. These can let you deal with frizz or curling without causing further damage.

The Right Usage of Hair Shampoos & Conditioners

repair damaged hairIf you’re after commercial products, then take your time to carefully read the labels. Ensure that you don’t buy anything that contains sulfates. It’s better to but shampoo that contains some organic hair oil or herb. Those will contribute to rebuilding of your hair. The main purpose of this is to leave as much of your natural hair oil on your hair, and to additionally form up an acid film of the hair surface that will safeguard it from the environmental impact.

Look for pH balance of your hair. Use natural solutions (like apple cider vinegar, for example) to improve that balance when you need to.

Avoid Hot Water Contact

This is similar to heat from hair styling tools. You need to endure that you don’t expose your hair to direct contact with hot water. Wash your hair in worm or, better, in cool water. Protect your head with bath cap when you’re taking hot shower. Thus you will see the shine and softness of your hair faster.

Hair Wash

hair before afterA light or natural hair wash will definitely help if your hair has some damage from unwanted buildup near hair roots and on the scalp. Such buildup can contain minerals and residues that are quite hard to wash away with plain water.

You need to ensure that your water is of acceptable quality and your shampoo/conditioner. You need to estimate the ideal frequency depending on your hair type, length and shampoo/water type – usually that’s twice a month. You need to address build-up because it clogs pores, follicles and cuticles, thus preventing nutrients from coming in.

As for the hair conditioner, try to get one with addition of natural organic components that carry out extra functions, like moisturizing, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, soothing, etc. Such additions can be among the following: nut oil, argan, coconut, olive oil, shea butter, and herbs.

Be Careful Buying Styling Products

great hairWhen you’re on a mission for repairing of hair damage, be sure not to overindulge into complicated hairstyles. Be simple; choose hairstyles that require minimum to zero manipulations with hair – be that physical, chemical or something else.

If you’re still in need for a hairstyle that requires usage of tools or sprays, first apply a fortifying agent on your damp hair and let it dry. Now you’re more protected. There are also detangling agents that can be applied before you’re going to brush your hair, to let you minimize possible physical damage.

Don’t forget to read ingredients labels on any styling products that you buy. They shouldn’t contain any harmful and dangerous chemicals (like alcohols, peroxides). Buy only soft and light sprays.

When you want to minimize the frizz, try to stick to more liquid oils that leave as soft result as possible. Same applies to hair masks and gels. Try to nourish your hair with more proteins and fatty acids to make it strong.

Treatment Masks

brittle hairHair moisturizing is a very powerful procedure and method. You can’t neglect it’s importance, so please do regularly apply those. Ensure to use masks that are free of paraben and silicone. Use light ones, with more natural ingredients like hair oils and herbs, or make a homemade one. Such masks can be applied every 3-4 days, and you need to leave them in only for an hour or two.

You can substitute regular hair mask with hair oil (such as argan, coconut, olive, and others). They also do good job in damaged hair treatment. Being rich in vitamins and important fats, they nourish your hair while being left in.

You can apply oil with your palm, massaging it in with your fingertips. After such application, wrap the head in a hot dry towel and leave for an hour or two. You can maintain the towel’s temperature by sun rays or a blower. When you unwrap your head, let the hair to get to the room temperature. Once a week is quite enough for that. Don’t do it more often, because it will cause greasy hair.

Improve Your General Health

blonde hairYour hair receives all its necessary nutrients from your own bloodstream. Needless to say that your blood should be full of good nutrients – that leads us to a healthy diet. Moreover, you should be free from different toxins, so stop eating junk food, smoking, abusing alcohol and so on.

Your blood flow should be powerful, so go to gym or do some other sports. Your mind state should be clean and cheery, so do some yoga or spend time with your loved people – whatever makes you happy.

June 15, 2016  

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