How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

Many people are using different techniques to make their natural hair more beautiful (as they think) at some periods. They don’t hesitate to frequently go for hair coloring. They also use famous and well-advertised brands with certain types of hair products. Part of those products does cause harm to human hair more than they do treatment. Then, at some moment, these people start asking themselves: How to stop hair loss? They are wandering for answers for: How to regrow hair naturally? Actually, they may cause some harm and damage to their hair and then expect successful recovery. Human body is a miraculous organism that is able to cure itself, especially if you help it with the use of natural treatments. Let us show how to help it to regrow your hair.

hair lossFirst of all, keep in mind, regardless of how famous a brand is, it still can cause harm. So, be extra vigilant when you’re purchasing your hair care products. Read the ingredients labels and refrain from anything that looks like “sulfate”, “DEA/TEA/MEA”, “Coal Tar”, “surfactants”, “1,4-dioxane”, “Formaldehyde”, “Hydroquinone”, “Lead”, “Mercury”, “Mineral oil”, “Oxybenzone”, “Parabens”, “Phthalates”, “PPD”, “PEG”, “Silicon”, “SLS, SLES”. By skipping those products you will save your hair from thinning and will stop hair loss.

You’d better to go with light hair care products, or even natural ones. Though they may be more expensive, they worth it. If you’re on a budget, or want to have complete guarantee against any hair treatment side effects, you can choose homemade hair care remedies that you can make yourself with the ingredients from your kitchen or a local food store.

People usually notice increased hair loss after 5-6 years of continuous application of harmful products. That time period is necessary to significantly damage hair follicles and scalp, and minimize their ability to recover fast. If you noticed such hair loss or brittle hair, know that it is a result of continuous process, and the negative effect can’t be neutralized right away.

The good news is that you still can revitalize your scalp, hair roots and follicles and regrow your hair back. It will take caution, persistence and time.

stress handlingStopping hair loss first starts from knowing the main reason(s) that are causing it. It can be dirty hair (build-up and pores clogging), dry and/or itchy scalp, dandruff, weak hair follicles, decease, DHT, stress factor (cortisol secretion), bad diet, harmful environment, and so on. When you find out the reason, you should deal with it. The serious reasons like disease or bad diet require some time for elimination but you should address them as soon as possible.

When you’re done with those, you can now treat minor reasons like dry scalp and weak follicles. A good natural method to treat those is an oil therapy. You can find many articles on our website that describe thoroughly which essential oils and other types of oils and kitchen ingredients can be used, and how you should prepare and apply them.

In general, every time you prepare a fresh natural hair mask or hair conditioner, and massage it to your hair and scalp.

Scalp Massaging

regrown hairThe massaging process is a crucial one. With it, you increase the blood circulation in your scalp. It’s good for several reasons.

First, scalp’s tissues get activated and stimulated and they start to rejuvenate. Same applies to hair follicles. Then, increased blood flow picks up the nutrients that come from the DIY natural hair remedy and penetrate into scalp’s pores. Picked up nutrients are being transferred inside the hair follicles and other areas of heir-related organs and tissues. Hair follicles will then have more building material for faster hair growth and new hair will be thicker, stronger and able to regrow fast.

Hair Rinse

One may not realize the importance of this step. Because it so very to rinse hair with water that many people just don’t take it for a serious standalone process. Though, rinsing also should be done properly and better.

long hairFirst of all, you always should rinse your hair with a cool rinse. It’s necessary for closing cuticle. Closed cuticle makes your hair feel soft and look shiny. It also retains the precious moisture inside the hair shaft. Chemical and physical damage is much less possible with shut hair cuticle. So, whatever liquid you use for hair rinsing (even plain water) – it should be cool.


Normal hair’s pH balance is when it’s slightly towards acid. So, it never hurts to use a light solution of apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. It works just great for normalizing the hair pH balance, especially after alkaline treatments (like baking soda hair cleansing).

Also, you can use herbal rinsing liquids for their curative and nutritional properties. They can be one or several of the following: horsetail, reetha, chamomile, marigold, amla, sage, orange, lemon, fenugreek (methi), shikakai, rosemary, nettle and mint, hibiscus, lavender.

Proper Combing

It’s important to remember here that hair combing and brushing causes them physical damage, every movement. In any circumstances don’t do that with wet hair, because this way the damage rises by several times. If your hair is wet and you feel it’s necessary to remove tangles, do it with your fingers, very gently.

hair washingNow, when your hair is dry, throw out fine comb or brush. Use as wide comb as you can find. The wider it is the less the damage.

Closely watch the number of movements. Don’t overdo it. As soon as you notice that you’ve done the job – stop brushing, as every next movement increases risk of hair strands pulling out, breaking hair strands or splitting hair ends.

Wide comb is better at scalp massaging because it dives through your hair volume right to the bottom and touches the scalp easily.

Physical Workout

This is also a key factor in stopping hair loss. As you know, nutrients are being delivered to hair follicles and scalp with the blood flow. We’re talking about nutrients that you take with your diet. You need strong blood circulation along your whole body to deliver those effectively to every part of your body, including your hair roots.

hair loss before afterAnd as we know, nothing helps in stimulating blood circulation as great as physical exercising. Make it your regular routine to exercise every second day. You can choose any type of sport activity that raises your heartbeat and thus trains your body for better blood flow. This way you’d getting a lot of benefits besides stopping hair loss and helping in re-growing of your hair.

Natural Hair Dyeing (Henna)

As you know, artificial coloring or dyeing procedures are bad for your hair. You’re getting chemical damage during every single treatment of that type. If you want to avoid and prevent losing your hair, you need to surely minimize or even refrain from hair coloring using commercial products.

As an alternative, there are natural means of hair dyeing. Of course, they don’t offer that sheer assortment of colors and tones, but they answer 80% of people’s well-liked hair colors. You can lighten your hair with lemon juice. You can shift your hair tone towards red with henna.

Henna is a great option because it not only colors your hair, it also provides certain curative effect and there are some important nutrients that will penetrate your hair shaft and follicles. Thus, you get color, and you get positive effect. What else is there to wish?

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Eat more of them. Take a wide assortment of fruits, veggies, berries, greens and herbs. Here are a lot of vitamins in those. You’ll get a stronger and healthier body with them, and your hair will regrow super-fast if there will be enough vitamins coming from such a diet.

You need to ensure that you have enough of the following:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic acid
  • Fatty acids
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Any other vitamins that you can easily include in your diet

Herbal oils

hair detanglingThis type of oils came from Indian practice. Those people are savvy in natural treatment of whole body, and hair loss and regrowth too. Their well-liked recipes include oils enriched with different herbs like brahmi, amla, hibiscus, rosemary, bhringraj, lavender, and so on.

Those herbs provide oil with curative properties and a lot of important vitamins and minerals, including minerals, vitamins, polyphenols, fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols. Besides, every oil comes with abundance of vitamin E and fatty acids. All of those contribute to effective hair regrowth.

Reduce Stress

Stress makes your body to produce more cortisol. That is a hormone that attacks hair follicles. It makes them lifeless and not able to grow strong hair. That results in hair thinning, weak hair roots and brittle hair.

gorgeous hairInstead of taking much stress, try to give it up. Just don’t take it all too close. You know you have only one life, and any problems will come and go with or without your stress. In such case – why worry? Try to smile more – you’ll feel happier.


We listed and described most important factors that may cause hair problems. Now you know more on how to stop hair loss and regrow your hair faster and stronger. Make improvements in your lifestyle, and you’ll have beautiful, strong and shiny hair.

July 1, 2016  

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