How to Thicken Hair, A Complete Guide

It’s not uncommon in this days that people aren’t sure how to naturally thicken hair. Sometimes it’s not hard to grow them long, but they can still be thin. Unfortunately, most of the commercial hair volume products that you can find online or in stores may contain harmful chemicals that are aimed only for specific effect, and will ruin your hair health the other way. There is a way out of this trap, if you want to preserve your hair healthiness and strength, and at the same time improve its thickness and volume – you’re better to go after 100% natural solutions.

black hairThe dangerous chemical substances included in hair care products can be absorbed by your skin pores. Besides that, they are able to penetrate hair cuticles, causing harm to your hair shaft from the inside and making hair brittle and weak. You don’t need to use those. Instead, there are some solid and natural ways to achieve your beauty goals without having to use heavy products with side effects.

Thinning Hair, Why is It Widespread?

Hair loss and thinning hair are common in people. We can safely say that more than a half of population suffers from this problem.

Reasons are versatile, including plain ones, when people just don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients. There are more complicated reasons, such as a hereditary problem. Of course, knowing the cause is necessary when you’ve decided to deal with this issue. On the other hand, you can play so called hit or miss, when you consequently try different methods and look what works to make your hair thicker. Natural hair care solutions are safe for this latter method. Usually you have to wait from 2 to 8 weeks to see if there are any effects.

Why Can You Hair Thin

curly hairAs it was said, a lot of reasons may lay behind hair loss and thinning. Let us talk about a couple of such causes. the best way to find your cause is to seek advice from a doctor, and to have corresponding blood tests. That way you may locate the thinning hair cause reliably.

Bad Shampoo

A lot of commercial shampoos have ingredients that are meant to stabilize the product and make its main function perfect (for example, sulfates). But at the same time, manufacturers just don’t care about side effects. Thus, such chemicals can cause harm to your hair follicles and cuticles. To fix this cause, choose 100% natural shampoo instead.

Copper Shortage

hair bunThis can be a very serious problem for hair thickness and strength. Additional general health problems can also arise (fatigue). A shortage of this nutrient is typical in most people due to the fact that it is problematic to assimilate and people that take zinc-rich nutritional supplement, are even less capable of absorbing it. Females that take in cooper-rich supplements witness a boost in hair regrowth by almost half a rate.

Manganese Shortage

There was a study where females lacking in manganese started to take it in prescribed amounts and noticed a complete hair regrowth not later than within 1 quarter.


This one is among the most obvious reasons in thin hair. Regular blood test will tell you the truth about your current state.

Vitamin D Shortage

Also a widespread cause of hair thinning

Hormonal Imbalance

Primary male/female hormones should be in good balanced levels in order to maintain hair healthy growing rate and thickness.


When you’re stress out, you’re producing a lot of cortisol hormone. This substance is proven to cause hair loss and thinning.

100% Natural Methods to Make Your Hair Thicker

Castor Oil

hair rootsThis oil has a good history of effective usage. the good effects are increased head and facial hair growth. General healthy impacts of this oil are versatile: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities. Castor oil has a great content of such an important fatty acids as omega-3 and ricinoleic. A high content of vitamin E is one more benefit, as long as many other healthy proteins and minerals. All of these provide a good base for scalp’s nutritional sufficiency and stimulated hair regrowth.

Application: Take a couple of tbsps of castor oil (you can adjust the quantity depending on your hair length) and rub it into the scalp with your fingertips. When you’re shopping for it, see to it that the product doesn’t contain hexane.

The castor oil has quite a high viscosity, so it may be harder to spread it over your hair than other oils. To make it easier, you can blend it with some carrier oil (like coconut) in even proportion. Take your time when rubbing it in, to ensure the good absorption. Leave it in for a couple of hours before washing it with a light or natural shampoo. One or two times per week for this procedure would be quite enough to provide the desired effect.

Onion Juice

Improves blood flow and reduces irritation of your follicles. Thus it helps to stimulate hair growth and makes hair stronger. Another feature that this juice comes with is being an organic antioxidant. It then can fix the harm, which is a result of accumulation of hydrogen peroxide on your head skin. Such accumulation can be well responsible for loss of hair.


long hairThin hair can also well be addressed with the help of such a potent thing as ginseng. It has a lot of unique healthy ingredients that stimulate blood circulation, including the circulation in the scalp and hair roots. With it, regeneration of damaged cells and areas is a lot faster and more efficient. You can buy it in a form of capsules, or in a different form.

Application. You need to take the powder out of the capsule and blend it with several tablespoons of some carrier oil (coconut or some other light one). Blend it well and then put it to your scalp, then massage gently until it’s all evenly spread and absorbed. Frequent usage. like every day or once in a couple days is ok.

Head Massage

This is a very easy, straightforward and free of charge method. The main purpose is blood circulation stimulation, which then increases nutrients supply to the scalp and hair roots. This way your hair has higher chances to grow healthy. There is no maximum to this method. You can do it once a day, or several times daily, for 5-10 minutes each time. Better to do it after the night sleep, and before going to bed.

Essential Oils

People have been applying essential oils with the aim of hair growth stimulation and enhancing hair healthiness. And there is quite a lot of proof of positive effects out there. Hair thickness is stimulated the best by these top 2: cedarwood and grapeseed oils. Vitamin E and different fatty acids contained in both contribute a lot to proper nutrients balance in your hair. If you want more diversification, check out these oils: rosemary oil, lavender oil, thyme oil.

Application. Use any natural beauty oil as a base for this. Add 5-6 drops of an essential oil there. Blend them well, and there you’re ready to apply it to your hair. Take your time (usually 5-10 minutes) to thoroughly rub it into your scalp. Once every 3 days is ideal for this procedure.

How to Thicken Your Hair Right Away

All of the methods that you have read here so far do work, but they provide positive results after some time of continuous application, usually within 2-8 weeks. However, there are times when you need additional volume and thickness to your hair right now. Thankfully, you can do that 100% naturally. Here’s how.

Apple Cider Vinegar

red hairUse this one as post-shampooing rinse. When you’re done with your regular shampoo head washing, take half a cup of ACV and apply it to your hair, to let it run through whole hair volume. After you do that, don’t use any water to neutralize possible unwanted smell. Don’t worry, it will evaporate completely. Just let your hair to naturally dry, without use of any blowers. Besides great cleansing ability, apple cider vinegar is rich in important nutrients that will help your hair become thicker.

Also, you can continue to use the vinegar regularly. This way you will guarantee better effect by better nutrients supply, and long lasting thickness, softness and volume to your hair.

Baking Soda

Use regular food-grade soda as a replacement to your regular hair washing shampoo. This way you will be free from side effects that commercial shampoo products leave, making hair not as shiny, soft and strong as they could be. You need only 3-4 tbsps of soda, stirred in a cup of water. Apply that as if it was a shampoo.

The beauty of baking soda usage is that it doesn’t have any residues on its own.

At the same time, it is very good at removal of any existing residues that inhibit your hair’s normal functioning. After such washing your hair will almost immediately gain some additional volume and thickness that you didn’t observe before that. If you make a habit of regular usage of this method, you’ll see even better effect due to the fact of constant natural cleansing of hair follicles and cuticles without any harmful side effects.

Even More Natural Ways To Get Your Hair Thicker

Hair loss is quite a delicate issue that a lot of people this day are concerned with. There are many methods and natural hair care alternatives that can be employed to provide additional thickness to the hair. Some people may dislike above stated methods, or just look for diversification. For that purpose here are more ways how to treat your hair for additional thickness and volume.

There are general aspects regarding your overall health that may stimulate or inhibit healthy hair growth. They are: hormonal levels, stress, genetics, harmful hair care products, diet, environmental impact, allergic reactions, wrong hair treatment methods and procedures.

Before thinking about spending a lot of cash for expensive commercial products, think about these simple natural ways of how you get thick hair.

Eggs Protein

thick hairYour hair needs protein, that’s the truth that you need to deal with. Protein builds thick hair. As we know, eggs are very rich in protein.

Here’s how to apply it. Take a couple of eggs. You can take only one if your hair is short. put raw egg to your hair after showering, and leave it in for around an hour. Use some natural rinse, or do it simply with warm water. It is advisable to do it every 3 days.

As an alternative, you can blend egg’s yolk with some carrier hair oil that you like the most, with addition of small amount of water to your discretion. The resulting mass is ready to be applied to your head and massaged into the scalp. Leave it in to let it work well for around one hour. After that rinse or wash thoroughly.

Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Olive oil is a great solution. Not only will it add hair thickness but also it will make it smooth, strong and shiny.

Take a small amount of olive oil with your palms, apply to your damp hair, and gently rub it in with your fingers. Take your time to ensure even spread and good absorption. Leave it in for around an hour, to ensure that all necessary nutrients arrive the hair follicles, shaft and ends. After that you can rinse or wash your hair. Use a natural rinse or a very light shampoo. Overnight usage of such application is also fine.

For even better effect you can add some honey to the oil. The resulting blend is to be applied and left in for half an hour. Repeat that every 3 days.


wavy hairBesides usual kitchen purposes, avocado can be used in beauty field, and namely – hair treatment for thicker hair. It’s key feature is moisturizing and thus – adding extra volume. Additionally it provides sufficient amounts of vitamin E, which is important for healthiness of the whole hair from root to end.

You need to mash a banana, avocado and blend it all with a spoon of some carrier oil (olive, for example). The resulting blend should be applied to your hair directly. Leave it in for around an hour to let all necessary nutrients penetrate scalp, follicles and cuticles. After that you can wash it all off with a light or natural shampoo.

An alternative recipe is to use moisturizing hair mask. For that, you need to mash the avocado and blend it with a little amount of wheat germ oil. When you’re done with washing your head, apply that mask and leave it in for around half an hour. After that you can rinse the mask off.

It is enough to carry out such procedure 4 times a month.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a very good hair care agent that helps to reduce hair loss and stimulate faster hair regrowth.

You need to prepare it beforehand by soaking a couple to tree spoons of seeds in a warm water overnight or night and day. Then perform a thorough grinding on the seeds, to make a smooth mass. If you want, you can add a couple spoons of coconut milk. Now the mask is ready for application. Leave it in for around an hour, and after that rinse it off. It is enough to carry out 4 times a month to make your hair stronger.

You don’t need to waste the water that was used to soak the seeds in. It can also be well applied as a hair rinse to wash off the mask. Besides nutrients that reside in the water, this rinse is 100% natural and will contribute to your hair thickness.

Indian Gooseberry

This is a great recipe, due to a lot of favorable effects: anti-microbial, antioxidant, exfoliating. This all contributes a lot to your hair healthiness and pace of growth.

One spoon of this great ingredient is to be mixed with small amount of carrier oil (olive/coconut) and then boiled together. Then you need to separate the oil, cool it down to bearable temperature and massage it into the scalp. It’s better to leave it in overnight. You can wash your hair with a light shampoo next morning. 4 times a month is enough for such procedure.

One more solution is to blend 25% part of distilled water with 50% part of Indian gooseberry. Leave it for quarter-hour. The resulting mass should be applied to your hair evenly, then leave it in for half an hour. After that, rinse it off. Try not washing your head after such rinse for half a day. Twice a month is quite a fine frequency for such procedure.

Castor Oil

This oil can be applied it its raw form, and it’s a very simple recipe. You just need to take it and massage it in gently. This oil will form a robust film on the outer surface of hair and scalp to protect it against environmental impact and from falling. As an oil, it contains important nutrients like fatty acids and vitamin E.

It’s better to mix it with some carrier oil in even proportions, then warm up. You can do it with raw castor oil, without mixing. But in that case it’s kind of heavy and of high viscosity. After gentle massaging with the oil or mixture, spread the oil offer your whole hair and straighten it with your fingers. Then wrap your head with a hot damp towel. Let it work for around an hour. Then you’re ready to take a shower and wash your hair. 4 times a month is enough.

Aloe Vera Extract

This is a very well-noted hair care alternative that well works towards your thicker hair. As with avocado, moisturizing is the key here. An additional feature is balancing pH level.

The fresh aloe juice has to be massaged into your hair roots. Then you need to let it remain there and work for half an hour. After that you can wash if off. Once in every 3-5 days is quite enough.

Alternatively, blend a couple spoons of aloe juice with a small amount of coconut milk and massage the mixture into your hair. Rinse it off after one hour. This can be done every 3-5 days also.

Aloe Vera juice can be taken inside for general health stimulation.

Henna Grind

Henna is one more natural way to treat your hair. It provides great thickness and strength to hair shaft and it is also a good coloring agent.

Mash a fistful of raw henna leaves and add some water and blend it to a homogeneous mass. Leave it as it is in a cup for a couple of hours. Now it’s ready to be massage into your hair. Leave it in and wrap your head in a hot dry towel. You can then wait for a couple of hours and wash it all off with a light shampoo.

An alternative application recipe: use henna powder, that you need to put into a good amount of water to make a smooth paste. You can use other natural liquids or rinses rather than water. Leave the blend to age for 24 hours. After that you need to pour one egg there and add some lemon juice. Mix it well and spread evenly over your hair. Let it all dry naturally. Then you can wash it off with a light or natural shampoo.

Keep in mind that henna is a coloring aid, so you need to protect your hands when working with it.


Flaxseed is another healthy and effective option to use as hair strengthening and thickening agent because of its high content of proteins and fatty acids.

Put 25% part of flaxseeds in sufficient amount of light rinse or water and leave for 24 hours. The next day you need to heat it until the boiling point. Maintain boiling and stir it. The mixture should become a homogeneous paste. Now it’s time to remove the heat and separate the paste from remaining water. At this stage you can add some hair care oil at your discretion. Now it’s ready to be massaged into your hair. This recipe is best for people with curly hair type. Taking flaxseeds as a food also can cause some comparable effect, but in smaller degree.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet with sufficient amounts of protein and diversified nutrients is necessary if you need to make your hair thicker. Your food is your main source of materials that your body builds itself from, and hair is not an exception in this case. You need to provide it with enough bricks amount and types. Be sure to have enough eggs, yogurts, seeds, mild, grains, seafood, meat, legumes, salads, berries, veggies and so on.

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