Jojoba Oil for Hair Treatment, Growth and Beauty

Now, this is quite a popular one. People use jojoba oil for hair treatment and beauty a lot. It is called after Jojoba tree, because it’s extracted from its seeds. Actually, it is called “oil” on probation, and it would be more precise to call it Wax Ester.

That structure is much like sebum’s structure and consistency. Thus, then you use JO on your scalp or skin, you make your body think that there is no more need for so much sebum and skin oil generation. You can then manipulate the secretion. This option is very useful in acne treatment, and other skin-related issues. Since it’s completely natural and light, there are almost no risks of side effects.

jojoba conditionerJojoba oil is very beneficial for skin and hair follicles due to high content of different vitamins and minerals. The ideal oil’s smoothness determines its perfect usefulness for hair and scalp treatment.

This oil has a very long storage period, so you don’t have to worry when buying bigger bottle. Recently jojoba oil gained a lot of positive attention, and manufacturers of beauty products noticed that. Thus, you most probably will read it as an ingredient in most of commercial beauty remedies and treatments. The oil is great at moisturizing scalp, and you know that it’s a key requirement for healthy hair.

Jojoba Oil Health Improvement Properties

oilJojoba trees are primarily panted in Mexico and USA, west coast. The trees were there all the time. However, people found that it’s useful only recently, like 70 years ago. The oil’s ability to preserve its structure and nutrients content intact during super-long period of time determines it’s purity from many stabilizing chemicals that manufacturers sometimes add to other products.

Jojoba Oil Key Health Improving Properties

If you use it for hair conditioning, it will help you to get rid of unwanted buildup near hair roots and on scalp overall.

Hair Loss Treatment. Your follicles will receive rich nutrition from using this oil. And additionally, it will moisturize them effectively. Thus, your follicles will produce stronger hair, and hair roots will stronger hold the hair strands.

Hair Growth with Jojoba Oil

the oilAs you know, hair loss and thinning happen mostly due to scalp’s problems like dry, itchy scalp, dandruff. Great moisturizing capacity of the oil helps to deal with that. And this oil doesn’t leave any build-up that is very beneficial to hair health. Thus, scalp and follicles cells grow better and stronger. You need to condition your scalp 2-3 times a week, applying the oil for 5 minutes as a regular conditioner.

Adding the Oil into Shampoo or Hair Conditioner

All hair oils are OK with this method. That is because the method is ideal for absorption of nutrients by hair and scalp. Oils are very convenient hair conditioning agents because they are liquid and easily spread over the entire treatment surface.

If you add some jojoba into your shampoo, it will gain some cleansing properties for additional removal of natural hair oil build-up. The oil is very effective. You only need to add 3-5 drops there for having full desired effect. Of course, due to a huge variety in hair types, colors and healthy states, exact effect of jojoba oil application will vary from person to person.

Jojoba oil will also produce a thin acid film on the hair surface, thus protecting it from damage, and providing extra shine.

How to Apply This Oil to Your Head

red hairSo, now you need to treat damaged, brittle or dry hair with jojoba oil. And it’s a good idea, because of its moisturizing and nutritional properties.

  • Depending on length and type of your hair, take 3-5 drops of jojoba oil into a small container.
  • Heat it up a little. You can use water bath or microwave.
  • Use your fingertips to transfer the oil from container to your hair. Try to spread evenly across whole hair volume.
  • Wrap your head in a hot towel. Leave it like that for half an hour.
  • After that wash your hair with a light shampoo and let your hair dry naturally without any help.

Jojoba Oil’s Distinctive Features

In contrast to other hair oils, this one is believed to be a more robust and efficient product. Jojoba’s ingredients are very good at treating skin and scalp’s irregularities, providing a great base for healthy hair growth. Any other oil works not as great as this one does that is for sure.

What You need To Note About Jojoba

oil for hairThe main advice, that applies everywhere, you need to try to go for organic version of the product. Only manufacturers control the content of their product, so choose 100% natural oil to be sure that you’re not at the risk of exposing your hair to chemicals and pesticides. You definitely don’t want any side effects to take place.

Also, avoid refined version of this oil. Go with so called “cold pressed” jojoba oil, which has the maximum curative properties.

You can find many brands out there that offer jojoba as it is, or as a component. Careful brand choosing is a critical process. If you do that job right, you’re OK on getting best results. Try smaller quantities first. If you see that it works and there is no harm – congratulations, you’ve found it. Take note that not necessarily a negative review corresponds to bad product. People vary by types of hair, and you may find a lot of benefit where others can’t.

jojoba oilThe Jojoba oil is great because:

  • It holds first place in almost all of the areas where we can measure usefulness of hair oils. Absorption by the scalp is very fast and easy, the remaining residues and buildup is minimal or there isn’t such thing at all. This is possible because the oil is very close to natural human hair scalp oil by its structure.
  • It comes with antibacterial effect. It’s reducing itchiness, and can help with dandruff and flaky scalp.
  • Almost whole fat content consists of monounsaturated fats, which makes it ultra-useful for hair strengthening from the inside.
  • Hair shaft receives a lot of benefits due to moisturizing from deep within. It also reduces hygral fatigue, making hair thick, strong and soft.
  • Extra gloss, softness and protection.
  • If you want extra volume for your hair, jojoba oil is the right option that can give you that. it increases volume by addressing every hair strand. But take into account that exact volume (and a hair strand thickness) has more or less fixed range and varies from person to person.
  • If you want to further enhance and multiply the positive effects, you can add some other hair oils or essential oils to the jojoba oil. Increased blood circulation can be achieved that way.
  • Emolliating properties of this oil are great. It is very effective at treatment of skin patches, and also – damaged cuticles.

How is Jojoba Oil Exactly Beneficial To Your Hair

Dry Cuticles Treatment

Hair cuticles are a very special mechanism in the hair body. They are prone to dry up and open when there is a lot of chemical products treatment, or an exposure to sun heat and environmental damage. For successful treatment oil should be absorbed by hair shaft, moisturize it, smooth down the hair cuticles and close them. Thus you have softer, stronger hair with better shine and healthy look. Jojoba oil has many active ingredients like vitamin E that enhance hair’s ability to withstand harm. Apply 3-5 drops of the oil to your hair after shampooing and gently spread it over your head.

Hair Loss Minimizing

hair before jojoba and afterEveryone knows that hair falling out is completely normal, while new hair is being grown instead of them. 50-100 hair strands is a normal daily amount of hair loss for an average person. If you start losing more than that, it is a signal that you won’t be able to regrow them as fast as they reduce. You need to address that issue as soon as it came evident. There are specific possible reasons for hair loss – from skin issues and aging to general conditions and improper hair care. Additionally, a problem that is not obvious but still serious is a slow hair growth. You need to address that one too, by clearing out the problems that reduce hair’s ability to regrow.

Jojoba oil comes with a good range of ways it reduces hair loss. It helps hair follicles to produce new hair body by unclogging those (cleansing properties). This oil is a very light one, so its absorption is very easy and fast. It performs a good cleansing job inside the hair roots. While doing that, the oil supplies your scalp, hair shaft and roots with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it has, for better strength and health of your new hair.

Dry / Frizzy Hair Treatment

great hairGreat conditioning and hydrating properties make this oil a great way to treat dryness. The resulting hair is very easy and risk-free to comb with wooden comb. You’ll also notice that there are a lot less tangles there. You can add this oil anywhere in your hair beauty remedies and treatments, including your shampoo. Besides that, it is OK to apply it as a raw product after shampooing. Just soak the water from hair with a bath towel, and apply several drops of jojoba oil to your hair right away. It will create waxy acid film of the hair surface to protect them from further damage.

Dandruff Treatment With Jojoba Oil

Dandruff happens a lot. Many people are concerned with that problem. It happens generally because of dead skin cells build-up on the scalp. Not only it puts you at risk of being not pretty, it also is obstruction in the hair’s growth cycle. You need to ensure that you deal with dandruff for better hair. There is an easy solution using jojoba oil for hair. Jojoba contains good amounts of selenium and zinc that are important for scalp’s health. While you have jojoba oil applied to your head, it supplies your skin with those elements, ensuring dandruff removal.

June 16, 2016  

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