Lavender Oil for Better Hair Growth

Among essential oils you can find a lot of useful oil types. One of them is lavender oil for hair. Of course, it can be used not only this way but it can stimulate hair growth a lot. One of the many reasons that trigger hair loss is Alopecia Areata. That is essentially an autoimmune disorder. It makes your body to treat its own hair follicles as external artificial objects and try to get rid of them. So, if you can treat that issue, hair will grow back. Lavender oil is a 100% natural hair remedy that can deal with that problem.

Positive Aspects

lavender hairThe Lavender oil is useful in hair growth stimulation. Also, it is good at helping to deal with insomnia, nerves problems and relieve mental fatigue. An additional benefit of using it is that it’s very good at hair loss curing. It can smell like something sweet because lavender flower’s scent is the same. The oil is obtained from that flower. This oil has remarkable properties that contribute to hair health a lot. Therefore, you may find that it among other ingredients in many hair care products.


the oilThere are clinically proven results of a statistical research that almost half of alopecia-affected people increased their hair growth rate after a small period of treatment with lavender oil. They used only that oil, and applied it 100% naturally (raw) to massage in their scalp.

Even better results can be seen if you prepare a mixture of different essential oils like lavender oil, cedar wood oil, rosemary and jojoba oils, grape seed and thyme oils. If you want to make the resulting mixture more liquid, use some carrier oil, like coconut oil for example. This will help all the necessary substances penetrate your hair and scalp faster and easier.

Application Method

Rub the mixture (or raw oil) into your scalp gently. Don’t be in a hurry, let it penetrate well. You can do it just as frequent as you want. Preferably 5-7 times a week. Pay special attention to areas that require more treatment, at your own discretion. If you feel that there is a lot of residue and build-up from lavender oil, you may want to dilute it a bit with some lighter essential oils or carrier oil. Don’t overdo it, to preserve all the curative effect intact.

scalp massagingWhen you have finished rubbing it in, wrap your head and hair in a hot towel and leave this way for an hour. Before doing that, try 1 drop on a small area of your hair and scalp to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the remedy.

Different Purposes of Treatment

Besides the main function described above, this is a good antiseptic. You can use it to treat skin-related problems like damage consequences or acne. Minimizing joint pain, muscle soreness and stress is another good application for the oil.

Treating Damaged Hair with Lavender Oil

lavender oil for hair growthLavender oil is known for its curative effects. It is also frequently used for aroma purposes. When you’re going to use this oil on your scalp, make sure that you mix it with usual carrier oil to reduce its aggressiveness and concentration, and thus save you from skin irritation. You can add it to shea butter, carrier oils, and your regular hair care products like shampoo or lotion. This way you will achieve your faster hair growth aim without risk of burning and drying your scalp.

Moisturizing Ability?

Actually, any essential oil is not very good at moisturizing field. Its properties and purpose is quite different. However, lavender oil is packed with a lot of essential nutrients that your hair craves. The main benefit therefore is maintaining the treated area in better health state. That will let your scalp preserve more moisture that it can receive from other remedies or care procedures. It helps to prevent development of dandruff and itchy scalp. There is one more property and application purpose for lavender oil – lice treatment. Lice are not OK with lavender oil, it makes them go away or die. All of this contributes to better hair growth.

Hair Therapy Conditions

lavender oilBetter hair growth is predetermined by ability of lavender oil to cause therapeutic effect. Besides obvious conditions, there is simple stress, fatigue and skin tiredness. All these aspects all can obstruct healthy hair growth pace. Lavender oil is good at easing up all those unwanted problems and relieving unfavorable hair growth condition. Besides hair health, such relaxing effect will work well for your general health, immune system and mental health.

Lavender oil’s aromatherapy effects are well known, and many health professionals advise it for strengthening your body in many aspects. This overall improvement of your body will do only good effect and reduce hair loss. Blood flow is being enhanced when you use L.oil, and more nutrients are being delivered to your hair follicles.

Being added to other natural products like shea butter, you enrich the blend with antiseptic and relaxing properties. Better night sleep is being observed all the time when people use this essential oil.

Why is Lavender Oil a Great Remedy?

lavenderThis oil holds the leading place among other essential oils in terms of efficiency of treatment and soothing abilities. A wide variety of problems are being treated with single remedy – breathing complications, arthritis alleviation, skin patches, wounds, cold/flu, psychological stress and tension etc. And also importantly – deals with many hair problems.

When we talk about hair, you can expect all of the following:

  • Better hair nutrition with important vitamins and minerals
  • Hair and scalp hydration (not direct effect)
  • Minimization of hair loss Better blood flow and circulation, especially in your scalp – to improve your hair growth that way
  • Scalp treatment (dandruff and itchiness will fade away)

This oil works perfectly as enrichment for any hair care product. Just add a couple of drops there in your regular one-time portion, and you’re ready to go receive all the above stated benefits.


hair cinditioningYou can use this oil even if you have no problems with your skin and hair. It works great as a preventative measure. Don’t want to be at risk of dandruff, itchy dry scalp, or hair thinning? No problem. Does your regular lavender oil hair treatment described above and you’re safe to think that possible development of unwanted issues is prevented. The effect gets into action after 1-2 procedures.

Also, lavender oil has good anti-bacterial properties. You can use it as a treatment or prevention of germ-involved skin issues. Harmful microorganism always tries to eat human scalp, reside there and leave their residues. This oil lets you prevent that by freeing your body from unnecessary burden and harm.

What is most important is that lavender oil is completely natural, without any possible side effects from any chemicals. The only thing you need to think about is not using it concentrated. Always mix it in a product or blend with other natural oils or DIY hair care treatments.

Application Nuances

hair brushingEssential oils are all the same in terms of usage. They all are of high concentration, so make sure that you dilute it. When you start using it for the first time, make sure that your body has normal reaction to it. It’s done quite easily – a small amount of oil (diluted) should be applied to a small scalp area, if you don’t observe any allergic consequences – you’re safe to proceed with overall scalp treatment.

When you’re carrying out a treatment, pay special attention to the areas that have most problems. That can be balding patches, areas without hair, male pattern baldness, anything else that falls out of the common sense.

When you dilute lavender oil, don’t overdo it. You need to receive all its possible curative effects. So try and experiment with the amount and concentration, and find your perfect one.

June 16, 2016  

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