Mayonnaise Hair Treatment, Everything You Should Know About It

Across a lot of previously invented and popularized natural curly hair care options, mayonnaise hair treatment proved to be the most well-known and esteemed one. several generations used it and many women witness the good effect that mayonnaise has on hair.

The Way It Works

Sometimes here and there you can read or hear that eggs or mayonnaise (as an egg byproduct) wrongly considered a conditioning protein solution that is able to save your hair from being brittle. Nevertheless, actually they don’t provide the alleged protein reinforcement to hair since eggs protein molecules aren’t small enough to be able to penetrate hair cuticle. Proteins that will fit hair care objective should be hydrolyzed prior to any attempts to apply those to your hair. Thus if you want to make your hair stronger and thick, consider using a specifically designed product that has much smaller protein molecules in it.

mayonnaise on hairBut on other hand, if you want to make your hair soft, fight tangling, see some good shine and smoothness – in this case mayonnaise is there to help you. Mayonnaise is packed with some substances that proved to be very beneficial for these required hair qualities. Such as: vinegar/soybean oil, lemon juice, fatty acids, some very important vitamins – all that jointly work towards better shine, smoothness and moisture retention.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Procedure Steps

  • Put mayonnaise on just washed, wet hair, just like a conventional hair conditioner. Pay special attention to the hair ends because they’re most distant part of hair from the root, therefore – they get the least nourishment. It is also important to apply the least possible (or zero) amount of mayonnaise to the hair roots, especially if your hair isn’t thick and strong enough.
  • Use a shower/thermal cap or a simple plastic bag right after application. Thus you will gain more effect by better penetration of nutritional components into the hair shaft.
  • Let the applied substance to remain on your hair for quarter to help an hour.
  • Wash it away with a soft (and preferable 100% natural shampoo) that will completely free up your hair from mayonnaise. Repeat the washing procedure if once wasn’t enough to completely wash everything away.

hair washingThere are two options – to use readymade commercial product and produce your own 100% natural mayonnaise from regular eggs with addition of only natural components like lemon juice, coconut/olive oil, apple cider vinegar.

It doesn’t actually matter which option (buy/make) you decide to take. Keep in mind; it is possible to enrich the initial product with other organic substances like honey or avocado. Use your imagination to produce your own personalized mixture. You can even enhance it with lice-treatment feature by adding some vinegar together with almond oil.

This kind of procedure is not needed more often than 1 time every month. It is enough for shin and soft hair.

Mayonnaise For Hair Conditioning

A dry, fragile, frizzy, susceptible to easy damage hair are always a problem and reason to feel upset. Good news is that mayonnaise can even у used to treat this issue being a 100% natural hair conditioner. Mayonnaise comes full of healthy oils, proteins (from eggs) and many other substances that support your hair. Besides being a natural product, it’s quite cheaper than other commercial hair conditioners that provide almost same results but also are subject to cause chemical side effects. Smooth, nice and shiny hair is what you’ll receive after conditioning your hair with regular mayonnaise.

mayonnaise hair applicationTry to use a more fatty mayonnaise. The more fat there is the better because most of the nourishing components are stored in fat. Avoid zero fat re reduced fat mayonnaise because besides reduced amount of active ingredients that you’re after, it has fat replacement substances (fillers) that are at least useless, and can possibly be harmful to your hair.

  • Stay away from mayonnaise with unusual flavor, like herbs or seasonings. Such flavoring effects are usually achieved by chemical substances – who knows what harm can be caused by those.
  • If you want to be sure that you have chosen only the best hair care option, opt for a completely natural mayonnaise that you can make yourself. We listed above all the healthy ingredients it has (like olive or coconut oil, for example)

Use the right amount of mayonnaise for every procedure. Start with around halt a cup. You can adjust that amount if your hair is too short or very long. If you want to ensure better covering the whole hair shaft, ends and roots with the treatment mixture – use more. But try not using more than necessary, for easy washing off.

Warm the mayonnaise up to the room temperature, for better physical properties. It’s a good idea to take it from the fridge long beforehand. That way you’ll ensure better nourishment penetration rate.

mayonnaise proteinsPrior to the main procedure, use room-temperature water to slightly dampen the hair from roots to ends. Wet hair more readily accepts absorption. Use only plain water, without addition of any shampoos or other products. At this stage you aim only for opening your hair follicles and prepare them for good absorption.

Slightly rub the mayonnaise into the hair and head skin with your fingertips. Take your time to thoroughly address each single strand. The procedure is quite rare, so you don’t need to hurry up here. Pay special attention to hair ends, which should be treated the most. To separate the strands, you can use regular hair comb.

  • Don’t hesitate to add some additional amount from the jar if you are out of mayonnaise already. it’s a good idea to warm up the whole jar to be able to get a couple of teaspoons ready fast.
  • After you apply whole prepared mix, use some plain warm water to dilute the applied mayonnaise if there are any problems with even spreading.

Head cover is recommended after direct application of mixture to the hair. It will help to save the warmth that is critical for easy nutrients absorption and better conditioning. You can safely let the mixture remain in the hair for 15-60 minutes. The exact duration is to be decided by you depending on your free time and necessary conditioning level.

Tips for this step:

blondy hairAn alternative treatment method when you have tight schedule is to use mayonnaise for pre-showering quick conditioning. Dampen your hair, spread the mayonnaise over whole area, leave it in for just 5 minutes or while you’re preparing yourself for a shower and taking care of the rest of the body. Wash the mixture off with a light or natural; shampoo when you’re done. – An extra thorough treatment (if necessary) is also possible. It is safe to leave the mayonnaise in your hair for whole night until the morning bath. Make sure you seal well with a shower cap or similar method, to save your pillow from spoiling.

Wash the hair with a light shampoo. Take away the cover that you used to preserve the warmth and wash the mayonnaise off the hair using warm water. A little amount of light or natural shampoo is advisable, for better effect. Make sure that you don’t feel anything oily on your hair after such a rinse, only soft and smooth touch feeling.

Personalized Mayonnaise Mask

If you want additional effects, or scent, or a feeling that you’re doing it better than everyone else, try to invent your own recipe of mayonnaise mask. Commercial food-grade mayonnaise is ok (provided that it’s not zero-fat) but of course it’s better to use hand-made one, if you have enough time. thus you’ll ensure that you use all natural and best quality components, without possibly harmful substances. A mask made this way will include only ingredients that will provide better effect on your hair.

The Recipe:

    • Mix vinegar (1 tsp), 1 egg yolk, lemon juice (1 stp).
    • Add canola oil (half a cup) in small portions or a thin stream. Keep mixing until the blend becomes mayonnaise-like.
    • It is ready. You can use it right away as hair conditioner.

As a Nurturing Conditioner

homemade mayonnaiseYou can enhance nutritional value of the mask by adding some small amount honey and milk. Besides all good effects that mayonnaise can render on its own, addition of said two components can widen its application usefulness. Honey/milk are the two organic hair conditioners that proactively work on your hair for better smoothness and shine. You may especially need this specific recipe if your hair is consistently dry, because it can effectively rehydrate your hair.

The recipe

      • You already have a recipe for mayonnaise. Make it first. Then take mayonnaise (half a cup), add honey (1 tsp) and milk (1 tbsp).
      • There you have your enhanced milk-honey-mayonnaise mask. Use it to treat your hair as a usual hair conditioner, for around an hour.

As a Cleansing Conditioner

Another useful enhancement to regular mayonnaise is adding some cleansing effect to it, with the addition of even more lemon juice and some vinegar. This is generally done when you see that your hair look dull and you want it to be shiny. Both ingredients that we have named here will help to do that.

Here’s the recipe:

      • Take half a cup of freshly prepared mayonnaise, add apple cider vinegar (or just a regular one, 1 tbsp), and/or lemon juice (1 tbsp).
      • Use the resulting blend as a regular hair conditioner; leave in for around an hour before taking next step to wash your hair.

Conditioner to Reduce Frizz

great hairIf you need to minimize the hair frizz, you need an addition of egg white to your fresh mayonnaise. This addition fights dryness and consequently – minimizes frizz, providing the shine and volume that you’re after. Mayonnaise is made of egg yolks, and we always strip away the white. Here in this recipe you need to mix it in. to achieve optimum frizz-fighting effect.

The recipe:

      • Obtain egg’s white. You can save resulting yolk for another time or different purpose.
      • Take fresh mayonnaise (again, half a cup), add in the egg’s white.
      • Use the resulting blend as you regularly do with a hair conditioner, leave in for an hour before washing your head.

Several Important Positive Effects that Mayonnaise Can Give Your Hair

Regardless of how strong you think your hair is, you have to continually and timely treat it to avoid possible issues. All the useful components (proteins, oils) in mayonnaise work rather well for moisturizing and protection of hair shaft, follicles, ends and cuticles. here is the thorough list of all the benefits that you will get from using it:

Hair Moisturizing

The oils, which mayonnaise is made of will provide specific nutrients and hydrate your hair from the inside after they get assimilated. Dry and brittle hair desperately needs such kind of care.

Sun Heat Protection

Outer film that remains on the hair shaft after the treatment works as a shield from direct sun rays.

Harmful Chemical Substances Protection

brown hairDifferent styling products contain chemicals that with the aim of direct commercially promised effect do a lot of harm to the other aspects of hair health that do not directly linked with the product’s purpose and care option. Use of mayonnaise as a hair conditioning agent also safeguards your hair from such damaging consequences. Essentially we’re talking about dryness, but there are other effects that the mask is good at protecting from.

pH Regulation

There is some decent amount of vinegar in mayonnaise that works well when it comes to controlling and improving the well-balanced pH of your scalp and hair.

Protection From Physical Damage

Protein and oil coating fill in the gaps between cuticles, thus enhancing hair’s ability to withstand physical damage. Additional long-lasting volume and shine is achieved this way.

Achieving Better Gloss On Your Hair With Mayonnaise

The oil contained in mayonnaise itself already has a good effect of the hair’s shine. If you want to have better control and ensure the positive result, consider this approach: Take a cup of freshly prepared natural mayonnaise and add vanilla extract (only 1 tsp). This will help you to minimize the smell. Apply it to your hair prior to washing, without wetting it first. Make sure to cover your hair to preserve temperature and refrain from mayonnaise mixture drying. Let it work for approximately half an hour. Then apply some amount of shampoo before you touch your head with water. Thoroughly rub it all in with your fingertips. This way you will neutralize any excess oil that remains on your hair. Then it’s time to wash it all away with warm or cool water. There you got your extra gloss, shine and smoothness.

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