Natural Hair Growth – How to Grow It Strong and Long

It’s a usual desire for many people to grow longer natural hair, and make them stronger. When you start figuring out how to do that, it’s useful to know that a hair is actually growing. It is not just paused with some specific length.

A hair growth may be not evident because of several reasons:

Breakage / Damage

long braidThe first and most evident reason is that hair strands get some damage and break. They do it in the same pace as they grow. As a result, you see the end picture – whole hair doesn’t grow.

Another reason is when hair strands fall out – hair loss. Regular pace of hair loss is 50-100 strands each day. You may have problems with hair volume and length if that number is greater. Reduced hair growth speed. Depending on your general health, and specifically health of scalp and hair follicles, your hair may grow faster or slower. It’s better when you look after those aspects to ensure natural healthy hair growth.

Shampoo, Conditioning, Cleansing

natural hair growthThere are a lot of pores in human natural hair (its called porosity). Pores accept and lose moisture and nutrients. Depending on your hair type, color and healthy state, your pores may have different rate of that exchange cycle. You need to know that rate, and adjust your hair care procedures frequency to it, especially when we talk about shampooing. Some people require hair washing 4-5 times a week. The others need only a couple times. Some of them are just fine with simple shampooing. The others need hair conditioning and hair masks.

You need to experiment and find out what procedures and frequency ensures clean, healthy scalp and hair follicles. Right hair care products should be chosen, to ensure effective removal of unwanted build-up and dead skin cells from your scalp. They should provide all necessary nutrients to your hair follicles; improve blood circulation (you can perform simple head massage). A very important thing to note is that hair products should be as natural as possible. Stay away from chemically stabilized and refined products.

Hair Ends Proper Treatment

long hairHair ends is just the part of your hair that is the oldest one. It is situated as far from the follicle as possible, and thus receives fewer nutrients than any part of hair strand. Moreover, it is old – that means it received more damage and its structure is more destroyed than same aspects for any hair part. You need to artificially nourish and moisturize it, to let it be healthy for longer time and avoid split ends. Because split ends devastate hair beauty and healthy re-growth. Besides that, hair ends should be trimmed every 2-4 months, since split ends happen anyway. You need to cut as short parts as possible, ensuring that all damaged body is removed.

Minimal Treatment Procedures.

Some people just overdo it. They get obsessed with the urge to do something that presumably will provide benefits. They also love hair styling, which always damage hair, more or less. If you leave your hair to grow without making any manipulations to it, you’re going to get longer hair in the end. Same applies to brushing – do it as much as it’s necessary, not more. And brush it only when it’s dry. When you’re out, try to gather your hair together, like braid or something like that – thus you will ensure less damage.

Attend Partially, in Sections

black hairIf your hair is long and thick enough already, you may find it more useful to manipulate them in sections. For example, shampoo washing part by part, until whole volume is washed. Same applies to every hair care procedure. Some people do divide hair into as much as 5-6 sections for every treatment.

Hair Oils Rock

Not only those penetrate your hair and scalp pores better. They also are full of nutrients and have different useful health-guarding functions. You can combine different hair oils together to achieve desired curative and shielding effect as well as forming a balanced combination of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Such mixtures can form great hair conditioners and masks, all 100% natural and risk-free.

Make sure to make light enough blends, to avoid oily feeling and accumulation of unwanted build-up. You can read more comprehensive description and recipes on our website.

Do Not Forget Overnight Treatment, Never Skip the Leave-In Conditioner

curly hairSome people are ok to live without a leave-in hair treatment. But for the most of us, overnight hair conditioners and masks will do so much advantage. You definitely need to include those in your daily regimen. You can use hair oils and essential oils for that purpose – find out how, on our website.

Hair conditioning helps to effectively nourish your hair and scalp, and will make your hair stronger, smooth and shiny.

Multivitamin Pills

The market is overloaded with different pills. Please do very careful analysis and investigation until you trust a specific brand. Some of them even have problems with dosages and percentages of important vitamins and minerals. You may aim to receive enough portion of a specific vitamin with such a pill, but also may at the same time get and overdose of another mineral, which in some cases may lead to unwanted side effects.

Pay attention to useful combinations. Some vitamins, proteins and minerals are useless in the absence of sufficient intake of some other element. It’s like biotin intake without adequate additional amounts of zinc. In such case biotin will not stay in your body for necessarily long time.

So, get savvy in proper daily amounts and percentages. When you do that – choose the best multivitamin pill for your hair that you need. Thus you will ensure healthy regrowth of your natural hair without unwanted side effects.

Adequate Water Intake

better hairA human body consists mainly from water. Not surprisingly, water deficiency is bad for any part of our body – especially hair. You need to drink enough water every day, to ensure that moisture is not drained from hair but instead – is being provided in good amounts by your scalp. Usually the daily normal amount for drinking is 2-4 liters of water. Make sure you don’t forget doing that.

Natural Hair Growth with Home DIY Treatments

You know how hair drying process damages hair. It should stay moisturized, and you need to keep from exposing your hair to drying conditions. For example, when you’re going out you need to consider the weather. If there is a lot of sunlight, and it’s windy – your hair are at risk of drying out. You need then to use some hairdressing method, like braid and/or wear a hat. You see how simple natural action greatly helps in saving hair’s beauty and health. Same applies to hair care products usage. You can rethink your current products carefully, and prefer natural or raw hair care products, or even DIY remedies to ensure better health of your hair.

When thinking about your set of natural treatments, consider what nutrients are necessary for your hair. That is proteins, keratins, vitamins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. A good combination of products and treatment methods that will provide all of these is your win strategy for better natural hair.

There was time when most people believed that hair loss comes with aging process, and therefore is not possible to get reversed. But essentially, it is a consequence of one or more of the following problems: health conditions, inadequate hair treatment, weak diet, and absence of physical exercises, exposure to harmful environmental factors, and chemical damage from commercial hair care products. Once you’ve ensured that all of those are avoided, you’re on your way to stronger and longer natural hair. Of course, raw and natural remedies are your first priority, since you want the best supply of the nutrients and no side effects.

Natural Treatment

Thankfully, many of raw hair remedies are readily available in your home, and are cheap. Look how you can get hair products right off your kitchen:

Onion Juice

beautiful hairPeople have known that for ages, and it provides quite desirable results for sure. The main healing and active agent here is sulfur. It stimulates your body’s collaged secretion, and thus – faster hair growth. Some people disregard onion juice for hair because of its undesirable and strong scent. However, simple rinse with water or a raw rinse (like apple cider vinegar) deals with it, and scent vanishes.

The recipe. Take a small amount of onion, and squeeze it well until you extract all possible juice. The juice can be applied to your hair right away. You don’t need to keep it on for a long time. 15 minutes is quite enough. Then rinse if off well. You can even wash it with a light shampoo. Potato juice can be a good addition to use these two in a mixture.

Coconut Milk

This is quite an effective natural hair conditioner. High content of fatty acids, iron and potassium makes it ultra-useful for hair nutrition.

The recipe. Open a freshly delivered coconut, and take all the milk out of it to a container. Then extract fresh lemon juice to add it there, and also add 4-5 drops of lavender oil. Make a good blend from it and apply it to your head, gently rubbing it into your scalp. You need to leave it in for half a day, or use as leave-in overnight hair conditioner.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Again, you most probably have this one in your kitchen. The remedy is mild and rich in nutrients. Its healthy properties are quite wide. Also, it’s a great cleanser that can be used as a rinse to remove care products residues and other unwanted build-up from the scalp and hair roots. Since the vinegar has some acidity, you can control your hair’s pH level by using it.

The recipe. It’s better to dilute it a little with fresh water. When you’re done with that, rinse your hair to get all the above stated benefits. This can be used as after-shampooing or after-conditioning rinse. You’re going to see increased growth of your natural hair after a couple of procedures.

Egg Hair Mask

afro hairThis is a well-known trick. It’s cheap, easy, and effective. There is one possible aspect that may keep you from doing that – if you don’t like the mess on your hair. But again, think about its health benefits. A quick list of some of the positive components that are going to be absorbed by your hair and follicles is: proteins, selenium, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine, phosphorus. As you can see – there are a lot, so don’t miss the opportunity.

The recipe. Separate white from the yolk. Add a spoon of olive oil to the white.

For the egg mask, separate one egg white in a bowl and add one teaspoon of olive or grape seed oil. Put some honey. Not mix it well, and apply to your hair after shampooing. Half an hour is enough for this treatment. When you’re done, rinse it with warm water or a raw rinse.


People always knew healthy effects of this herb, and have been using it to grow hair naturally for long time. There is nicotinic acid in it, besides some proteins.

The recipe. Mix a spoon of fenugreek with small amount of water until you see a homogeneous viscous blend. Apply it to your hair and gently massage into the scalp. Leave it on for an hour. After then wash your hair with a light shampoo. It’s also good for hair coloring purposes.

Green Tea

There are many active ingredients in green tea, such as antioxidants, which prevent destruction of keratin molecules inside your hair, stopping hair loss. You can use it as a regular hair rinse, but in most cases you will need to wash with water after that.

Indian Gooseberry

This fruit is a well-known hair treatment. High content of vitamin C makes it a good stimulating agent for hair growth. Take its extract, add same amount of lemon juice. You can apply it to your hair and leave it as is. When the extract has dried up you can rinse it off thoroughly.

3 Secrets about Natural Hair Growth

Moisturize, Close

Due to hair porosity, they lose water through open pores. You need to moisturize your hair, and to make sure that you closed its pores. Only after that you ensure that your hair will preserve all the moisture and remain strong, soft and shiny. It will be a lot harder to break it, thus you ensure low hair loss.

To moisturize your hair the right way, you need:

  • Make sure that your shampoo and hair conditioner are good at moisturizing. You can read labels before you buy, and also – add some hair oils that are moisturizing by the nature
  • When rinsing your hair conditioner make sure that the rinse is not chemical or harsh. It should be light or natural.
  • When using moisturizing conditioner, make sure that you deeply massage it into whole hair volume.
  • Before using any styling technique or tool, apply a fortifying hair conditioner, or a coconut oil to your hair. that will protect your hair from drying out.

Care For Hair Ends

You need to do all that you can to minimize occurrence of hair split ends. Because those spoil everything. Not only it ruins hair beauty. But it also worsens every aspect of hair healthy state and moisturizing.

  • When you’re using hair conditioner or mask, make sure that you addressed hair ends and supplied it with treatment adequately.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to wind and sun a lot. Cover them, and use hair style (like braid) to avoid drying.
  • Regularly perform hair trimming. Ask hair professional to cut the shortest possible length.

Leave It Alone

A lot of people love touching hair regularly during the day. Whether they’re doing it gently or hard, it does nothing good to their hair health. Styling is also a physical, temperature and chemical manipulation, and it causes some noticeable damage.

Try to minimize such interactions with your hair and let it grow. You can choose hairstyles that don’t require much handling. You can also use the lowest possible temperature on blower and curling iron.

When you comb or brush your hair, use only the required amount of motions, not more. Don’t do it on wet hair. That is essentially all that you can do for your hair health, and it’s a lot.

June 20, 2016  

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