Natural Peppermint Oil for Hair Treatment

Let us show you how you can use peppermint oil for hair with best possible positive effect. When you mentally accept the thought of changing your hair care treatments into raw and natural ones, you may start realizing that there are a lot of previously unnoticed beneficial aids all around. You will find out that there is some good hair treatments right on your kitchen – ready and cheap.

hair oilOne of many high-efficiency natural hair care solutions out there is peppermint oil. It is great because of high content of important nutrients, and due to very strong relaxing and de-stressing effect. This oil is obtained by extraction from peppermint flower. It is worldwide plant. People usually buy it for kitchen usage as a scenting agent. Also, some people add it to body care products for better scent. Recently it came evident that this oil also has curative effect that can be applied in many conditions healing.

Many people tried to use this oil for hair care. Most of them reported positive result and increased hair growth after some usage. If you know a proper recipe, you can successfully treat excessive, hair loss, scalp itchiness; you can moisturize your scalp, and stimulate hair growth.

Scalp Treatment, Peppermint Oil Preparation

peppermint essential oilTake several drops of peppermint oil into a small container. You don’t want to use it raw as it is, so add 100-150ml of water.

You can also add some other oils for better nutrients variety and more curative properties. Possible combinations with almond oil, olive, coconut, avocado oils are possible. Usage of carrier oil for dilution is ok, too. Stir it well. Now it’s ready for application.

Usage for Hair Treatment, the Methods To Manipulate Human Hair Oil Secretion

If you think that your scalp generates too much natural oil, making your hair greasy, you can use peppermint oil for balancing that. This oil controls hair’s pH balance, and being oil, can inform body’s receptors that hair is oiled a lot, and it’s time to reduce secretion of body oil. To do this, you need to rub the prepared blend into your scalp thoroughly but gently.

Scalp Itchiness, Dryness and Dandruff

wet hairYou can treat unhealthy scalp conditions as well. Soothing property of peppermint oil is well-known. Besides soothing, it will moisturize your scalp quite generously. Once your scalp is restored to its healthy state, and your hair follicles are fine, they are ready to grow hair faster and stronger.

Hair Moisturizing

For moisturizing you need to apply peppermint oil to you hair for an hour. That is like a hair conditioning procedure. Due to high concentration of the essential oil, you need to dilute it with some other hair/carrier oil. When you feel th1at it’s enough for assimilation, just unwrap your hair and wash your hair with a light shampoo.

Hair Growth Stimulation

Peppermint oil primarily stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, allowing more nutrients supply to hair follicles. Thus follicles get restored and revitalized. Now they’re ready to generate stronger and healthier hair at a faster rate. Perfect procedure for this effect would be hair conditioning, where you thoroughly but gently massage the oil mixture into your scalp with your fingertips.

Hair Loss Prevention

peppermint oilRevitalizing of hair follicles not only makes them able to grow better hair, but they also get stronger and it’s not that easy to pull a hair strand out of it. That leads to lower hair loss.

Of course, besides all those great advantages and positive effects, peppermint oil might be some unwanted reactions. Those differ from person to person, and typically include: migraines, rashes, indigestion. If you are going to make a treatment for a first time, apply a small portion to a small area of treatment. Then wait for a while, and if nothing bad happens to you – you’re free to go with full treatment. Try to follow the recipes sharply.

Hair Growth Aspects

peppermintPeppermint’s content of healthy fats and acids makes it a great source of nutrients that human scalp and hair roots crave. Those nutrients are able to revitalize hair follicles and stimulate super-fast and healthy hair growth, and that all is completely natural. Cleansing properties of peppermint oil are quite noticeable. As you can see, it’s a universal treatment option that also will get you rid of dandruff itchy scalp and flaky skin. There is to some extent pleasant post-effect in using peppermint oil – you feel cool sensation in treated areas.

The dandruff treatment is very important in whole hair growth treatment complex. Because dandruff blocks nutrient and oxygen exchange, and also makes obstruction to hair oil natural spreading and distribution.

So, if you notice dandruff, be sure that you’re experiencing hair growth problems. You need to address it as soon as possible and make it disappear for good. Peppermint oil is just what you need for this task.


hair conditioningOne more beneficial feature of peppermint oil is its anti-bacterial properties. That makes it a good remedy for treating lice, germs and other unwanted microorganisms. As you know, those little beasts do no good to your scalp, and thus – hair. They should be expelled from your hair. Thankfully, peppermint’s capabilities will help you there a lot.

It is enough to carry out corresponding treatment procedures during 3 consecutive days to achieve successful result.

pH Balance

Due to some acidity, peppermint oil can be used to level the pH balance. It is important because if pH balance is not tuned right, hair and scalp lose its moisture very rapidly – that leads too many scalp issues, most frequent from which is dandruff and irritation. So, use this oil as a moisturizer, pH balancer and scalp curing aid.

Hair Follicles

Hair follicles are the base of hair growth. They are producing hair strands, just like plants grow from the earth’s surface. You need to make sure that your hair follicles are healthy, and there are no obstructions for their effective functioning. They constantly need enough nutrients supply, and good blood circulation in them and in the vicinity, on scalp. Peppermint oil helps in carrying out all of these tasks. You just achieve all objectives with several types of treatments using this oil.

Specific Application for Hair Growth

hair brushingIt’s important to follow recommended percentages and types of ingredients when you’re aiming to achieve maximum result in hair growth. Don’t let the peppermint oil because its side effects like skin irritation. That can happen when oil is applied as it is, in concentrated form. Always mix it with other oils, and dilute. When done, it’s safe to put it to your scalp and massage in.

Dilution and blending is needed not only for the purpose of lowering chemical aggressiveness of essential oil but also for achieving balanced nutrients set, and curative properties set.

For this recipe you need to have: one spoon of lemon juice, coconut oil – 4 spoons, one spoon of castor oil, and that all should be accompanied with half-a-spoon of peppermint oil. You can add tea tree oil in the amount of one spoon; it’s for your discretion.

You need to heat all the viscous oils using a water bath or low intensity heat source. When done, mix all those ingredients together and shake well. It’s ready for direct application.

Treat it as a regular hair conditioner: massage it into your scalp and leave it in for an hour. After that, wash away with a light shampoo.

Baldness in Men

Hair loss in men occurs mostly during an aging process, and usually takes a form of “male pattern baldness”. Women don’t lose hair this way. Their hair loss is associated with health conditions and wrong hair care, and that is reversible.

Meds’ baldness can be slowed down or reversed effectively, in most cases. Using peppermint oil for that purpose is quite possible. However, not all men will be able to get cured this way.

Peppermint Uniqueness

afro hairOne of the most prominent components of this oil is menthol, which provides just the effect of cool sensation on the treated area. And it’s a very useful component due to its good curative capabilities. Peppermint is very strong at providing antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-tumor, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Hair Massaging

It’s a good idea to add everyday hair and scalp massaging with the use of peppermint oil. You will ensure much better blood circulation all over your scalp, and more effective supply of necessary nutrients towards hair roots and follicles. It’s ideal to perform such head massage during half an hour, if you have time. You will notice that time is not wasted but invested, with great results.

Avoid direct contact of your eyes with the active blend because of high irritation risk.

Addition to Hair Care Products

You can add a few drops of peppermint oil right into your shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, rinse, hair mask and so on. This way you dilute the oil well. Besides that, you enrich your hair care products with the properties of peppermint oil for hair growth. Make sure that your regular care products are as natural and chemical-free as possible.

June 20, 2016  

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