Olive Oil for Hair Treatment All-in-One Guide

The beauty of natural homemade hair care is that there is a lot of ingredients ready-at-hand that you can apply in your hair beauty procedures. Really, due to high nutrients content and curative effects, you can use almost any of organic products that you use to make food for hair washing, hair masks, conditioning and hair rinsing. A small list of them is: apple cider vinegar, honey, milk, oils, mayonnaise, baking soda, fruits, onion, and so on. One of such organic products that may be overlooked by some people, but that is still super-effective, and that we’re going to explain here is olive oil for hair treatment.

Olive oil has been applied for hair care for ages. Some of visual effects of its application are extra hair shine, silky feeling, and stronger hair. Ingredients that proactively work to achieve such a positive results are squalene, oleic acid, and palmitic acid. All of them provide softness to your hair. Actually, same effect in hair shampoos is being achieved by inclusion of same ingredients artificially into the product.

olive oil

Due to non-commercial nature of olive oil, not quite a lot of scientific researches of olive oil effect of hair treatment can be found. Though, this deficiency is being well supported by sheer experience of millions of people that successfully use this oil for hair care. But, some other oils have been tested well, and results have shown and proved their ability to moisturize and soften human hair. For example, coconut oil that has many common components with olive oil. Thus, we can safely assume that there is indirect scientific proof of olive oil hair moisturizing effect.

Olive oil is being absorbed by hair shaft and scalp pores very well. It supplier the nutrients and moisture deep inside the hair. So, it’s perfect for hair conditioning usage.

Olive Oil for Hair Conditioning

A. The Quantity and Preparation

When you’re just starting with olive oil, go with smaller amounts. Apply them, and monitor your feelings and results. If you feel that there are no pores clogging, or oily feeling and build-up on the scalp, if your hair isn’t heavy after such conditioning – you can add more oil. Increase time by time a little, and you’ll find your perfect dosage that will nourish your hair well, moisturize it, and will not provide unwanted greasy effects.

wet hairWhen you’re preparing to apply the olive oil, take the right amount; heat it up a little, to make it lighter. After hair washing, run your fingers through your hair to remove tangles. While your hair is still wet, put the olive oil to your hands, rub them one against another, and then massage your hair a little. Make sure to attend hair tips, and massage your scalp. You need to achieve thorough distribution of the product.

B. Hair and Scalp Massaging

When you’ve applied the product, massage it well but gently into your scalp, hair roots, whole hair volume, and hair ends. You need to make sure that the whole hair volume and surface is being cared. Some people say that hair massaging can take up to 15 minutes. Just take your time to do it. When you’ve done that, wait and let the oil work for around an hour.

3. Wash and Rinse

When you feel that it’s enough for hair conditioning, wash your hair with a light or mild shampoo. After washing, rinse it with cool and slightly acid water. For acidity, you can add a couple of spoons of lemon or apple cider vinegar into the rinse water. The trick of “cool” and “acid” is to close the hair cuticles, in order to prevent moisture evaporation, and provide better hair shine and protection.

olivesSome people, who are new to hair olive oil t treatment, may feel that it’s risky to use this food item for hair care. Don’t worry; it’s just fine to do that one time every week. But if your hair is dry or damaged, you can revitalize it with more often olive oil conditioning. For example, every third day, or every second hair wash.

What Hair does Olive Oil Treatment Best Suits For?

Thick Hair

If your hair is fry and thick, the olive oil treatment is your best choice as a natural alternative. The moisturizing effect is just what you heed from this oil that can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

Why is it ideal for thick hair? Because they are harder to get heavier due to oil application. If you apply the oil on thin hair, you will notice heaviness very fast. So, you’ll need to reduce the amount of used product, thus reducing the amount of moisture and nutrients.

Damaged Hair

hair massagingHair that were damaged by temperature of heating hair styling tools, chemical treatment and by harsh environment, do require revitalizing treatment. Damaged hair requires a lot of moisture. They need nutrients and cuticle closing treatment. Olive oil is just the product that can do it well. Wait for 3 days after actual damage is done, then perform described above hair oil conditioning. If you’re doing it first time, or if your hair is damaged a lot, it’s a good idea to try to treat only small part of hair on the 1st day. If your hair accept such treatment without greasy feeling, build-up, heaviness or pores clogging – go for whole hair volume treatment of the 3rd day after taking damage.

Olive Oil Split Ends Treatment

The split ends, or split middle of hair strands can’t be cured completely. However, you can smooth them up, moisturize and put its parts together. This will provide much better overall look of the hair. You can use that if you don’t have time to perform hair trimming, and still need to have a nice-looking hair. Olive oil will also moisturize hair shaft, and prevent further split growth.

Take into account that you still need to trim your hair, as soon as possible. When you’ve done that, olive oil hair conditioning will help you to prevent further split ends occurrence.

olive oil for hairTo ensure good hair ends treatment, attend hair ends when you’re massaging the hair oil in. Do this very gently, to avoid causing physical damage to your hair ends.

Lice Treatment

Lice is a disaster when it happens, we all know that. People cause a lot of harm to their hair with harsh lice remedies. This happens because the fear of lice is stronger than the risk of getting damaged hair.

The good news is that you can use olive oil for live treatment, quite effectively and without side effects. Using the right width brush is very important, to physical remove live species and nits. When you’ve finished with brushing, apply olive oil to your hair as a hair conditioner, and it will do the remaining part of treatment.

Dandruff Treatment with Olive Oil

To treat dandruff, it’s better to find its cause first. For example, if it’s fungal infection – no any hair conditioning will help. In such case, you need to treat that infection first, and then – moisturize and revitalize with olive oil.

However, if the cause of dandruff if scalp damage, itchiness or dryness – you can condition your hair well with olive oil, and that will be the resolution of your problem.

hair mask ingredientsThe nature of treatment is similar to described above. Just make sure that you thoroughly and gently massage the oil into your scalp. Thus, you will increase the blood circulation of your scalp, its better nourishment and moisturizing. For better effect of dandruff treatment, you can add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the olive oil, in order to add pH balancing and scalp soothing properties to the mixture.

Strong and Shiny Hair with Olive Oil

Besides fatty acids that are important part of the olive oil that protect and revitalize human hair, there are many other components that are vital for hair growth, repairing, protection and beauty. They are: vitamins A, E for hair health; antioxidants prevent DHT that attacks hair follicles. Hair follicles that are protected and nourished this way are able to grow stronger and shinier hair. Regular usage of the oil as hair conditioner provides continuous nutrients supply that helps to grow your hair faster.

Soft Hair

Besides beautiful look, you probably know of one feature of hair that is welcomed as badly as the shine. It’s soft feeling. When you touch your soft hair, it’s unbelievable sensation of confidence and satisfaction. You need to treat your hair the right way to achieve such a soft hair. The vitamin E is a primary active agent that works to help you achieve this aim.

Hair Styling Easiness

When human hair is fry, brittle or damaged, it’s hard to style. Not only it’s naughty and requires a lot more effort to achieve the desired styling effect. You will also face extra breakage and hair shedding in the course of such procedure.

In order to make it easier to carry out hair styling, you need to make your hair softer and more elastic. This is done easily with olive oil conditioning. The only difference is that you need to apply heated oil. Its temperature should be above average room’s one. But on the other hand, it shouldn’t be too hot to avoid heat damage to the hair.

hair oil oliveWhen you have applied such heated oil to your hair, cover your hair with a hot towel and leave it in for half an hour or a whole hour. For even better effect, you can continue maintaining the temperature of the towel by heating it slightly with a hair blower. When you’re done with waiting, you can start styling. If you feel that your hair is too greasy, you can rinse it with slightly warm water with addition of some acid (like lemon or apple cider vinegar).

Hair Growth with Olive Oil

Olive oil on its own is a great remedy that prevents and stops hair loss and stimulates better and faster hair growth. It does so by moisturizing and nourishing hair follicles. Follicles, in their turn, become stronger and able to produce thicker hair at an increased rate.

hair conditioning with oilBut if you feel that you need a more effective solution, you can add other natural hair care remedies to it. Essential oils, fruits like avocado, food items like eggs or milk, lemon juice and so on – can be added for better result. The mixture gets all the properties of the added ingredients. Many of them come with antibacterial and antifungal properties. If there are any problems with scalp’s health, they can be cured by application of such a versatile treatment mixture.

Hair follicles that are freed from any such problems will be growing new faster, stronger, softer and shinier hair.

July 16, 2016  

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