Protein Treatment For Hair Growth

Did you know that protein hair treatment is one of the most important aspects of the right hair care? Let us show you why.Hair growth in different people takes different pace depending on many factors, including health state, type of hair and diet. An average person normally grows hair at around 0.5 inch pace monthly.

If there are any obstructing conditions like brittle hair (high breaking strands rate) and the influence of split hair ends – one may not notive such growth at all, because the total length decrease rate may be equal to growth rate.If you want your hair get longer you need to decrease the rate of hair loss and breakage. Also, you will need to make your new hair stronger and make your hair grow faster. Of course, hair growth rate depends on many factors that you can’t influence, but there are a few that are under your control.

Protein. The Basics.

hair conditioningThe main material that comprises your hair is actually protein. Your whole body is made of it, also. A human received protein mostly from the food, and partly from external environment via pores. if you want your hair follicles to receive enough protein for hair building, you need to ensure that whole body )and its other parts and organs) receive enough protein in order to not get your hair deprived of it.Besides building function of protein molecules for hair there is one more – restoration function. You need protein to make up for lost and damaged parts of keratin in your hair shaft. Keratin is main component of the hair shaft that contributes to hair strength and health.

Diet Protein Impact On Hair Growth

red hairIf you want to make your hair follicles grow new hair faster and stronger, you need to provide it with more protein. Your primary option here is eating protein rich diet, where protein comes from different sources.An average daily allowance of protein for a grown person is 5-6 oz. You need to eat around 7-8 oz. if you’re exercising regularly. Make sure that you deversify your protein sources, like: nuts, mashrooms, eggs, beans, soy, seafood, meat and so on.

Protein From Outside

Another option that you also need to exploit is providing proteins to your hair be external application. When you use protein-rich hair masks and hair conditioners, you let the protein penetrate your scalp and hair follicles and arrive there right away in sufficient amount.

Types of Pre-make Protein Solutions

  • Protein packs. This solution is meant for a quick restoration of hair. that usually requires period of 1 – 1.5 month.
  • There are light protein hair solutions, which you can use as an overnight hair mask. Use those approximately 1-2 times a week, or when you feel that your hair became brittle, dry or stiff.

There are strong solutions with rich content of proteins and other nutrients. They also come with extra moisturizing capability. You need to use those if your hair were been caused harm by heat, styling, coloring, or got chemical damage. Don’t use them too often – only when you really need those.

DIY Protein Remedies for Hair

Egg Mask

protein hair maskAs you can see from the title, the main ingredient and active component here is an egg. Take two of them, beat, stir and apply to your head. Massage it in your hair and scalp to evenly disctibute it all over. When you’re done, cover your head with bath cap and leave it in for half an hour. After that, wash your hair with a lilght shampoo and apply hair conditioner.

Mayonnaise / Avocado Mask

Mayonnaise has been a proved hair remedy for ages. Avocado’s curative and restorative capabilities are known by many people.To make this hair mask, take 2 spoons of mayo. Cut an avocado in 2 parts, eat one of them. Another part of avocado has to be freed from skin and mashed. Then you need to mix two of those ingredients and apply the blend to your hair. Leave it in for half an hour, covering your hair with a shower cap. After that, wash your hair with a natural shampoo. You can use your regular hair conditioner after that.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Buy a coconut, extract it’s milk into a container. As an alternative, you can use a commercial version of coconut hair oil. Add some honey into it. It’s for your discretion whether you add there 2-3 spoons of olive oil or not, for additional nutrition and care. As usual, leave in your hair for half an hour, then rinse and wash your hair. Use hair conditioner to finalize the treatment.

Protein Hair Treatments Nuances

protein great hairWhen you’re using hair styling tools, especially heating types, you need to keep in mind to carry out protein hair treatment the next time you wash your hair, to restore all damage that has been done.In any case, keep in mind to carry out such a treatment every month when you feel that your hair is balanced and healthy. When you feel some problems with your hair, make it more often, like 2 times a month.If your hair is often dry, consider to do hair protein treatment every 6 weeks, and opt more for moisturizing solutions.

Bear in mind that overdoing of anything want serve you well. Proceed with caution, and stick to advised frequency of treatments. Because the consequences might be as bad as stiff hair, dryness and brittle hair. Carry out moisturizing and oiling hair care procedures regularly, also. When you’re using any commercial treatments or ingredients, carefully read the label to make sure about the absense of harsh chemicals that might cause some harm to your hair.

Curly Hair and Protein

When you have natural curly hair type, keep in mind that your hair greatly depends on a good proportion of proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet and hair care remedies. Keep watching after your hair roots health. Hair is mostly made of long chains of protein that can be damaged with a lot of harmful factors. You need to replenish your protein to supply your hair follicles with enough building material for new hair and faster hair growth.

Using a protein rich hair conditioner can be quite an option, if you feel that your hair is week, damaged of stiff. A good moisturizing treatment should well complement the protein treatment, allowing better health and protection from air, heat and elements to your already grown hair.

Protein Hair Conditioners Essentials

Protein conditioning is important because not only you need protein to be delivered into your scalp and hair follicles to provide a building material for new hair, you also need external treatment for form up a shielding cover around your hair roots, and strengthen the cuticles on your hair.

Using Protein Conditioning Options

fresh hairDepending on your one’s type and hair health state, a different amount of protein may be required to satisfy the hair’s needs. You can control the amount with treatment frequencies and by protein content in your treatments.Usually most of people will require not more and not less than one treatment every month.

If you have damaged your hair, or feel they are weak and brittle, double that and do it every week, using rich protein content. If your hair is just fine and you suspect no problems, just do a prevention measure every 6 weeks, and that will do.If you succeed in finding right amounts and frequency for you, your hair will be strong, shiny, thick and will grow faster.


  • When you’re buying a rinse for your hair, try to find ones that have hydrolyzed proteins among their indredients. Thus, even when you’re rinsing some hair product off your hair, you still nourish them for extra strength and shine.
  • Look for collagen-rich remedies, for improved softness and elasticity.
  • Kratin is main hair structure’s component. It’s sufficiency contributes to thick, soft and manageable hair.
  • One of the most useful proteins that come from diet is wheat protein, it has a high level of assimilation and hair health benefits.
  • There is such a capability of some protein types that they pull moisture. You can think soy and wheat protein for that purpose.
  • Plant proteins contribute to hair softening more than other types

DIY Homemade Protein Hair Treatments

egg protein hair maskCommercial products with protein for hair may be pricey and harmful due to chemicals content. But there is a way out – make them yourself. Thus you will receive cheap and healthy natural solution to repair dagamed hair, restore its structure and get them stronger. Natural solutions will ensure long lasting effect.

Egg Mask

Egg mask is simple. Just beat and stir and egg or two. That’s it, it is ready. Apply it to your hair and wait for half an hour, then wash your hair. This will normalize the moisture of your hair and will provide useful nutrients to your scalp.


Almost all products that are obtained from milk do contain Lactaic acid, that provides purity to hair and scalp, moisturizes it and provide necessary proterins. A yogurt is a ready-made hair mask. You don’t need to mix anything it, but you can add some honey, for example. Rub it in your scalp gently, and let it on for half an hour. Then wash it off.

Other types

There are many products on your kitchen that are rich in proteins and extra helpful in hair treatment. Such as mayonnaise, avocado and other.

How Protein Works On Hair

black hairIn general, protein molecules find gaps in keratin structure, which appear due to some physical or chemical damage done to hair. Protein attaches to such insufficient structure places and thereby replenishes and fixes the structure. In addition, if a particular protein type has msall enough molecules, they are being absorbed, and get to the cortex for strengthening hair from deep inside.

Hair can be damaged in different ways – by chemical impact, during washing, brushing, sleeping, drying, hot water contact, UV rays and so on. Coloring and dyeing also causes damage, mind it.

Proteins in Hair Oils

Almost all hair oils come without protein content. The nature of their structure and the methods of extraction determine such low or zero content. Hair oils are valued for other types of treatment, where they supply a lot of vitamins and provide healthy effects of scalp and hair.

Protein and Hair Loss (Shedding type)

Protein generally is being used as a building and restoring material. Hair strands get stronger themselves, and they are able to withstand more damage. this is how your hair gets less brittle and succeptible to breakage.But natural hair loss ha to some extent different nature – a hair’s bulb has a risk of leaving hair follicle together with its hair strand, and protein cannot help here.If you’re unsure which types of hair loss you suffer from, just look at fallen strand’s end that comes closer to the hair root. If it contains the hair buld – you’re dealing with hair shedding.

Protein For All Hair Types and Health States

afro hairProtein hair treatment is usually necessary when hair systematically or ocassionally get damaged. That usually happens when you expose it to harmful impact. in such cases you definitely need such treatment.If you don’t damage your hair often, and your hair is strong by the nature and lifestyle, you don’t need it. But you can still do some light protein treatment to your hair in such cases, to prevent possible problems. Just don’t overdo it.

Difference Between Meat and Plant Protein

When we talk about such difference in terms of lightness, there isn’t such a thing. What you need to focus on instead is your feelings after the usage, and the effect. Additionally, you need to consider the amount of protein in the product that you’re using in order to be aware of the possibility that the reaction/effect is due to protein and not because of other ingredients.

Also, a lot of difference comes from the fact if the protein hydrolysed or not. Some manufacturers omit that information in product descriptions.

Dry and Damaged Hair Repairing

Frequent hairr styling and ecological pollution cause a lot of damage to our hair. It became a very serious problem recently, and continues to be actual. Besides that, stressed everyday life doesn’t do anything good to hair loss rate. You need to control that in order to reduce cortisol that adversely influences hair roots state.The damage that is being done to our hair can be foxed and reversed to some extent with the help of protein, which your body naturally uses to repair the hair. Thus, imortance of protein presence in your hair state cannot be neglected.

Eating Protein Packed Diet

You need to enrich your diet with as many foods that cotain lots of protein as you obviously can. This way you will provide your body with building material for different parts and organs naturally. And a sizeable part of proteins from diet will be transferred to your hair fooolicles for stronger hair growth. Contentrace on different types of protein: mean, vegetable, dairy and eggs, seafood and so on.

External Protein Supply

This is another way that will greatly complement the previous one. You provide proteins right to your hair, where they can find strands’ structure abnormalities and attach to those for the sake of stronger hair. Also, you thus supply protein to your scalp and hair roots, providing better shield from elements.

Additional DIY Hair Protein Recipes

Banana Hair Mask

Bananas have rich content of different vitamins fats and proteins. You can be sure that eating those will benefit your hair. But if you apply a hair mask made of that fruit, that will be even more beneficial.

You need to mash a banana, beat an egg and add yogurt. As you can see, there are ingredients that we mentioned as a standalone hair mask. This mixture will provide a more balanced and healthful effect. With this hair mask you can say “bye” to brittle damaged hair, and say hello to healthier and stronger hair crown.

Hair Mask With Almond Oil and Egg

This mask will supply as unique nutrients as potasium and magnesium to help against hair shedding. It’s high content of vitamin E stimulates hair restoration and revitalizing. Protein that comes from this mask adds to this process by repairing the hair shaft and prolonging hair strands’ life. All in all, no more dry and damaged hair fro you if you regularly use this mask. Any hair type is ok for this recipe application.

You’ll need a couple of eggs. Beat them and whisk. Add there one spoon of almond oil and mix again. You heed to spread the mask over whole hair, including hair ends, hair roots and scalp. Leave it in for half an hour, then wash off with your light shampoo.

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