Receding Hairline Treatment – How to Regrow Your Hair

Many people today face the problem of receding hairline treatment. It happens both in men and women. However, due to hormonal difference men suffer from it more often. Many factors can stand behind losing hair and receding hairline. Good news is that it can be successfully treated, provided that you define the cause and do everything right in eliminating it.

You can refer to this article to help you stop the receding hair line and regrow your hair as soon as possible.

When we talk about receding hair line, it means that you still have some hair on your head. This is a good sign because we surely know that hair follicles do produce new hair. However, they to it too slow, new hair is weak and thin, and hair roots are week at holding the hair strand. Thus, hair is falling and shedding faster than they grow.

receding hairline treatmentBut, that means that you can find the cause of such pattern, address it and find a good balance in hair growth and loss pace. You can even reverse the process, by successfully re-growing your hair.

Of course, men and women do have differences in body structure, hormonal structure and levels, and other factors. Combination of such different hair loss causes determines the necessity to address the problem the different ways. Let us focus on men first.

Despite the fact if you’re a man or woman, there is a regular amount of hair that a person can lose each day. Its 100-150 hair strands. That is maximum amount that you can lose without problems, be that hair shedding, breakage or something else. It’s a good idea to monitor your daily hair loss, and to count the strands. This way you’ll keep a hand on the pulse. You will always know if you’re at the safe bay with hair loss-growth cycle. Also, while doing ant treatment, such monitoring will let you know if a treatment is effective or not.

Regrow Your Hairline

regrow your hairLosing hair and receding hairline can be successfully addressed by multiple methods. You can use 100% natural treatment options, or bought ones. There are also surgical operations, transplant surgery, laser hair treatment and medicinal prescriptions for that. Let us concentrate on first two treatment types here.

Homemade Treatment for Receding Hairline

vYou may be lucky or savvy enough to spot the problem of excessive hair loss in due time, while it hasn’t developed into something strong. In such case you can use some 100% natural treatments made right at home.

Essential Oils

receding hairlineOne of many useful and safe procedures is to apply essential oil to your scalp and gently massage it in during 10-15 minutes. Please note that due to high concentration, you should dilute such an oil with some thin or carrier oil to avoid ever dosage.

The success of this hair treatment is due to scalp’s massage that improves blood circulation. Also, essential oils contain a lot of nutrients that are crucial to hair health and growth. They penetrate your scalp and arrive to your hair follicles. Revitalized hair follicles grow your hair faster. Moreover, they will now have better hair building materials right at hand.

Hair Products Application

male patternYou can also resort to commercial products that were designed to specifically address hair loss and receding hairline treatment. Please note that in this case you’d better to know the causes that lie behind your problem.

Sometimes manufacturer mark their products right there, like “receding hairline shampoo/conditioner” and so on.

Please save yourself from buying “strong” hair shampoos or conditioners thinking that they will more effectively solve your problem. That is not so. “Strong” means harder chemicals here. Only people with extra-strong and healthy hair can use those. And still, it’s not advisable to do so, but it’s for their discretion.

You need to choose hair products that ate designed for weak/thin hair, and that are made with the aim of restoring hairline. It’s so called “light” hair products. Carefully read all the labels. Look for words like “sulphate, panthenol, salicylic”. If you find those – refrain from buying that hair care product.

Lifestyle and Food

hair mirrorHair’s health directly responds to your lifestyle and food that you eat. You need to reduce stress as much as you can, to save yourself from cortisol hormone that aims to kill your hair. As for the diet, it will be better if you start eating healthy foods that are rich in healthy nutrients. This way you will provide your body with enough building material that will be used to restore itself, including your hair.

Say a definite “no” to all kinds of refined food items. With those you cause harm to your hair yourself. You can alternatively go with some natural and raw foods like fruits/vegetables, additional minerals and vitamins, good proteins and so on.

Check once more and make sure that you get selenium, zinc and magnesium in sufficient amounts that are not less than RDA. Those contribute to strong, healthy follicles and result in healthy new hair growth.

Vitamins A, B, C, E together with folic acid. Those are very important blocks to form the structure of new growing hair. Thus, they help in hairline regrowth.

hairlineYour blood circulation in whole body and in scalp particularly is very important. It carries the nutrients that you receive with diet together with oxygen towards your hair follicles. So, you need to ensure a good and effective transportation. Regular workout is a way to perfect your blood flow.

Additional Measures to Deal with Receding Hairline

Hair Care without Alcohol Content

Alcohol is a frequent ingredient in hair styling products. It’s obvious that this component is harmful to your hair follicles, and you need to avoid using it. If you want to reverse your balding, read labels carefully in order not to purchase such a treatment.

Over Brushing/Combing

When you brush your hair, you’re applying a physical damage to it. Of course, the more you do it the more damage you cause. You only need to do as much strokes as it necessary to get the job done, not more. Try not to brush your hair too often. Please note that brushing wet hair is much more dangerous than doing it to dry hair.

Of course, some brushing is advantageous, because you are massaging your scalp this way. Just don’t overdo it.

Heavy Chemicals Impact

hair brushingSome hair coloring, cleansing and bleaching products may and do contain harsh chemicals. It’s for sure that you cause your hairline some harm with them. It’s only a matter of how much damage you cause.

Try to minimize the usage of those, or refrain from using such products at all. This way you will save your hairline from receding process.

Hair Growth Products

This group of products is aimed to strengthen your newly grown hair by providing better nutrition to them. They also heal and revitalize your hair follicles so they can produce thicker hair. Thick hair in their turn is less susceptible to damage, and has lower risk of breakage.

Thus, such products are beneficial for you if you want to treat receding hairline. Additionally, take vitamins and minerals supplements that are said to improve and boost your hair growth.

Hair Styling

For women: avoid tight hair styles, where hair strands are being pulled out during styling itself, being kept tight, and even more pulled out throughout the day in a tight hairstyle. A simple example of that is a ponytail. Instead, choose hairstyles that leave your hair relaxed and let them hang down or be fixed up.

Fish Oil Benefits

Fish oil is known for its great benefits to hair follicles health. If you know that you have a receding hair line, or suspect that you might get one, it’s time for you to address the fish oil right away. The nutrients inside, especially fatty acids, greatly nourish your scalp and hair follicles from deep inside. Additionally, it helps to prevent DHT accumulation.

Buy Smooth Pillowcases

During your night, you unintentionally rub your hair against your pillowcase. There are a lot of motions, some of which are quite strong. You need your hair to slide alongside the pillowcase as much as possible, to avoid rubbing – and consequently pulling out hair strands out of the hair roots. Go for silk pillowcases or something similar.

Treatment of Receding Hairline, How Successful Can It Be?

hairThis day, many people independently from gender suffer from this problem. It has become a very hot topic and a question that people wish to have a definite answer on. Most often this problem happens to men, due to many reasons.

There are many factors that can stay behind hair loss and receding hairline. They include genes, hormonal imbalance, aging or some medical conditions. These problems have long been studied, and there are many solutions for every type of underlying factors. First you need to find out the reason that causes you receding hairline, after that you will know which products and treatments to use to address the problem and regrow your hair back.

First Phase – Minoxidil

Buy a minoxidil, people usually know it as Rogaine. There are options with 2% and 5% solution. At this stage it’s up to you which one to use. If you don’t feel comfortable with trying new recipes and methods, go with 2%. This treatment has shown great results in hair regrowth treatment for men and women alike.

Main functions of Minoxidil is increasing blood circulation in your scalp and stimulating the secretion of important chemical agents that proactively work to repair and stimulate hair follicles’ health. Your hair follicles in turn will generate healthier hair that is less prone to be lost.

The disadvantage of this method is it needs to be applied continually forever. As soon as you discontinue such treatment, your hairline will recede to the same state that was there when you started your treatment. You can buy it OTC.

Second Phase – Anthralin

There is another treatment for receding hair line – Anthralin. Another name for this remedy that people often refer to is Dritho-Scalp. This one was developed with psoriasis treatment in mind. However, in the course of psoriasis treatment, it was noticed that this medication boosts hair growth as well. Thus, after some time it became popular for hair regrowth stimulation treatment type.

It was historically defined and noted that a continuous usage during 3 months on average is necessary to see the aimed improvement. The remedy is OTC, so there will be no problem for you in getting it.

Third Phase – Finasteride (for men)

Finasteride is a prescribed remedy. People most commonly know it as Propecia, and it was invented for treatment of male pattern baldness and hair loss in men. The principle of treatment is simple: the medicine inhibits a reaction of conversion of male hormone testosterone into DHT. The latter is harmful to hair health because it attaches itself to hair follicles and sabotages their normal functioning.

Due to that fact, this treatment is only for men. Women should not do this kind of treatment.

This medication can be taken orally, or applied to the scalp, with similar positive hair regrowth effect in men. It is not OTC, so you’ll need your doctor to authorize you in buying and using it.

Fourth Phase Corticosteroid

This type of hair regrowth treatment is often advised by doctors. It is effective in dealing with inflammations and it also normalizes the hair follicles health. The healed hair follicles will then grow you new hair. There are two application methods – externally towards your scalp, and in injections right to the treated areas. This method can be applied by men and women.

DIY Treatments and Herbal Remedies

It’s always good idea to use herbal treatments and homemade DIY solutions to treat receding hairline. You need to do that firstly, before choosing some harder treatments. It’s better done when you have just noticed that there is some excessive hair loss. The trick is that herbal and natural treatments don’t leave any side effects if done right, and there is no over-dosage.

The all above stated encompasses pretty much everything that can be done for receding hairline treatment. You definitely won’t be able to apply all. And you don’t have to. Just choose a combination of methods and advises that will suit you the best and work more effectively.

June 28, 2016  

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