Vitamin E Oil for Hair – Basics, Benefits, Application

You most probably have hear about health benefits of vitamin E oil for hair, because such info is being shared and promoted everywhere, including mass media and advertising. Let us tell you how true is that, what you can really expect from vitamin E hair treatment, what are possible unwanted side effects, which procedures should you take, the recipes and dosages.

Actually, vitamin E is very beneficial and important for skin health. As you know, hair is growing from scalp. Therefore, scalp’s health is crucial for healthy and strong hair and faster hair growth.

hair oilThat said, vitamin E is frequently added by manufacturers in different hair care production. All of them want their product to carry all the benefits that vitamin E provides to human scalp and hair. Such popularity can indirectly inform you that there are a lot of healing, soothing and restoring effects that come from vitamin E.

Effects of Vitamin E Oil for Your Hair

Blood Circulation

The only way how your hair follicles receive nutrients that are being used as building materials for new hair growth is with the help of blood circulation. Nutrients are being carried with the blood through the blood vessels in the skin towards the organs, and therefore – hair roots.

You need to have strong, fast and effective blood circulation in your body and scalp in order to let your hair follicles receive enough nutrients. This way you will ensure faster hair growth and stronger hair. Another advantage of better blood circulation is that hair strands are harder to be pulled out. Thus – less hair loss.

vitamin E oilVitamin E makes your skin more elastic, and also it makes tissue of blood vessels stronger and more elastic. Blood easily goes through them in such conditions, resulting in enhanced blood circulation. Besides scalp’s health effect of vitamin E itself, you will be massaging oil with vitamin E content into your scalp, and these motions will increase your scalp’s blood circulation. Vitamin E will also strengthen and soften hair follicles and hair new grown hair.

Split Hair Ends

Split ends are a very common problem that exposes human hair to risk of health and beauty deterioration. It occurs most frequently at the hair ends, thus the name. But a split can happen anyplace along the hair strand. At the end it leads to premature hair strand shedding. You need to trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends that have occurred, in order not to let them develop into a worse state.

vitamin E for hairVitamin E is very useful at solving a problem of split ends occurring. Add some vitamin E into hair oil that you’re using as a hair conditioner. Make sure that you massage it well into hair ends. Vitamin E will fortify hair ends; make hair strands softer and more elastic. This way you will ensure that much less split ends develop on your hair.


Hair conditioner is a must have for all people. You not only need to wash your hair but after that all of us need to condition our hair. One of the important purposes of doing that is hair moisturizing, where moisture gets into the hair shaft and gets locked in, for softness and strength. This way you fight frizz, tangling, dry and brittle hair.

Vitamin E for Hair Growth

vitamin EPeople always needed to care for their skin and hair in order to stay nice-looking. In today’s world it is even truer than previously, due to high pollution, stress and chemical products that we eat and apply to our body.

Nutrients deficiency causes something similar to starvation, a feeling that everyone is familiar with. It doesn’t do anything good to our body’s development and metabolic cycle. Same applies to hair. If it doesn’t receive necessary nutrients – it deteriorates.

This is especially true for vitamin E, which hair follicles need to build new hair better, and hair itself need it for better health and look. Hair follicles that are receiving enough of vitamin E, get stronger and more elastic. They are able to withstand harder impacts, and they produce new hair a lot more effectively. That way you see the end result of application of vitamin E to your hair as an increased pace of hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil, Don’t Overuse

hair vitamins before afterObviously, vitamin E does a very good job in enhancing physical state, beauty and health of skin, scalp and hair. But, as with any aid, remedy or supplement, you need to know nuances and precautions in order not to do yourself some harm.

On one hand, this vitamin is noted to have very good anti-oxidizing properties. On the other hand, it’s molecular structure is quite complicated and diverse. If you have any problems with pores clogging – you need to apply and use it very carefully and in restricted amounts.

There are 8 different chemical varieties of vitamin E. But most of the oils and supplements do have all 8, so don’t worry about that.

Some people may find out that they have an allergic reaction to vitamin E, especially when applying more. In order to check whether you’re ok with it or not, just try a small amount of treatment applied to small area of treatment and wait to see if there is any reaction. If you don’t notice any problems within 24 hours, you’re safe to proceed with overall treatment.

Ways to minimize possible unwanted consequences of vitamin E hair usage:

  • Carry out hair care procedures with addition of vitamin E just before you go to bed. Conditioning mixture of oil with vitamin E most probably will be heavy or of higher viscosity. So, you can use it as a night cream with moisturizing function, and in place of that one. Using it overnight is a good idea due to anti-inflammatory effect that soothes the skin very well during the night and you’ll feel fresh in the morning.
  • Use it together with vitamin C treatment. This way you enhance the treatment with one more positive effect – such combination builds UR rays protection on the skin outer layer. Besides that, antioxidizing properties of both vitamins work together for effective neutralizing of free radicals, resulting in anti-aging effect on skin, scalp, hair follicles and consequently – hair.
  • Use vitamin E – enriched oil instead treatments that are meant to brighten your skin. Antioxidants will improve the rate of healing of scars, stretches, and other damage caused to skin and scalp.
  • When you feel that your scalp is dry, don’t hesitate to use this oil. Moisturizing properties and increase of blood circulation rate is a proven effect of vitamin E. It will moisturize your scalp and whole volume hair very effectively.

Vitamin E as a Regular Treatment

Hair Graying

gorgeous hairThis is an undeniable problem that many people face with. Surprisingly, it’s very easy to deal with it, with the application of vitamin E treatments, especially vitamin E oil. Unique set of antioxidants in this vitamin oil actively improve the situation with free radicals that attack your hair follicles, scalp and hair roots. Thus, it improves its strength and healthy state, and stops the process of hair aging.

This way, pre-mature hair graying problem disappears completely. In order to provide even more efficiency to this effect, add vitamin K to the treatment. You can find some in olive oil.

Shiny Hair

When applied externally, and spread all over the hair surface, Vitamin E oil hair conditioning moisturizes your hair, and it locks hair cuticles, making hair surface soft and even. Such surface is better at light reflection, so you will see better shine of your hair.

Long Term Hair Treatment

coconut oilOne of the recipes that can be successfully used for increased positive effect on your hair with long-lasting results is the following.

Take a couple of spoons of vitamin E oil. Heat it up a little. Then apply it to your hair as a regular hair conditioner. Take 5 minutes to gently massage it into your scalp, hair strands and hair ends. Then wrap your head with a hot bath towel and heat the towel by a hair blower for 10 minutes. When you’re done, you can leave it in for the whole night. Wash your hair in the morning. Such procedure can be carried out every week, once.

This way you get a long-lasting beauty effect to your hair, increase its strength, softness and elasticity. Your hair will gain more shine. The effect is long-term, and you need to continually care out such procedure to ensure that it will stay forever.

Dietary Intake of Vitamin E

blonde hairBesides using topical treatments and eating vitamin E supplements, you can enrich your diet with this vitamin to enhance the supply of your organs and tissues with vitamin E. Focus on the following products: spinach, olive oil, broccoli, seafood and fish, sees and nuts, peanut butter, and others. You can always check foods nutrition facts to find new sources of vitamin E for your better health and hair beauty.

June 25, 2016  

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