Vitamins for Hair Growth, All You Need to Know About It

The Importance of Vitamins for Hair

As you know, vitamins are important for human body’s proper metabolism and overall health. Same applies to human hair. There are specific vitamins for hair growth that can ensure successful chemical reactions of hair shaft production by hair follicles and partial restoration of already grown hair. You just need to know which vitamins are required for which reactions and effects, and to apply those as frequently as it’s necessary.

vitamins for hairIn general, hair requires Biotin (B7 & H), vitamins B and C, niacin (B3). Those vitamins greatly contribute to hair growth, making hair stronger and longer.

There are two ways how vitamins can arrive to hair follicles – external and internal.


For this, you need to have a good, healthy and balanced diet. This way your blood will contain a lot of nutrients, including vitamins that are necessary for better hair growth. Vitamins arrive to scalp and hair roots through your blood flow. You need to ensure that scalp’s blood circulation is good in order to enhance the efficiency of vitamins supply. For that, you can gently massage your scalp regularly – with hair oils and hair conditioners or without those.


vitamins for hair growthFor this method, you need to think what treatments provide which vitamins. You need to make up a balanced combination of hair remedies (natural or not, DIY or commercial products) and split those into procedures types, where different sets of hair remedies will be applied in difference procedures and days.

During such hair care procedures you will be applying hair treatments or their mixtures to your scalp and hair to let the hair vitamins penetrate the hair body and be delivered right where they’re needed.

Combination of these two methods will provide fastest possible hair growth, and your hair will be strong and less prone to hair loss and shedding.

Male Pattern Baldness Prevention

vitamin rich dietIn order to prevent male pattern baldness, you need to try to minimize hair loss and thinning, and at the same time enhance hair growth. That is especially true for balding areas, so external direct treatment will be quite useful and effective.

There is a list of vitamins that help to deal with this baldness type: Vitamin C, Zinc, and marine vitamins assortment. All of those can be obtained from seafood, fish and flax seeds if you are thinking about internal treatment. As for external, there are essential hair oils that are thoroughly described on our website that can be used as hair conditioners or hair masks to provide whole set of vitamins to the treatment areas for decreased hair loss and for hair growth stimulation.

The main target that needs to be treated in this course is hair follicles, which have obviously suffered from hormonal changes, environmental impact of some other cause. You need to regularly supply hair vitamins there together with other possible essential nutrients to let hair follicles restore and be able to grow healthy and strong hair faster.

Biotin’s Effect on hair Growth

vitamin EBiotin as actually a composition of several vitamins, mainly from group B. They also call it Vitamin B7 or H. Human body is able to produce it from the diet’s ingredients. Also, it comes naturally from leafy vegs, eggs, seeds and nuts. If there is insufficient intake of Biotin, you’re at the risk of faster hair loss.

Biotin’s main function is hair follicles restoration and rejuvenating. It also necessary as a building material for new hair growth.

Vitamin C Effect on Hair Growth

Main benefits that come from vitamin C are its anti-oxidizing capability. Thus it helps to neutralize free radicals that aggressively damage your hair follicles, scalp and hair. If you don’t address those free radicals in due time, you’re at the risk of hair shedding, brittle hair, split ends, reducing of hair volume and eventually – complete baldness.

Vitamin C plays an important role in secretion of collagen that is an important part of hair shaft and hair follicles structure. Daily allowance for an adult person is close to 75-90 mg.

Human hair always gets exposed to some daily damage, more or less. It can come from UV rays, heat, styling, brushing, cortisol (result of stress), environmental elements, and chemical hair care products and so on. Besides regular protecting procedures, providing your hair with enough vitamins plays a big role in neutralizing such damage and restoration of hair body and hair roots.

Side Effects

vitamin BVitamins intake can’t cause side effects, unless you take them in amounts that greatly surpass the RDA. In such case we can talk about over dosage. If you stick with RDA, you’re safe.

One more threat may come from additional stabilizing chemicals that a manufacturer may incorporate into their vitamin complex product. To avoid unwanted effect from that, read the product labels carefully, to make sure that you’re buying pure and quality product.

If you’re focusing on higher vitamins intake through enriched diet, consider a risk of possible allergic reactions to certain food types, like milk, seafood, or any other food.

How Soon Can Your Hair Grow Due To Vitamins Intake

If we talk about nourishing hair with enhanced vitamins intake with diet and supplements, the process of thorough and stable enrichment of hair follicles with necessary vitamins and minerals is not a very fast thing. It can take you a couple of months to notice stable result of faster hair growth. Depending on many factors, you can wait for half a year to observe maximum positive effect.

long hairNutritional value that is being taken in with regular diet is being assimilated from the food and transferred into your bloodstream. When they’re there, your blood transfers them to different parts of your body, including scalp and hair roots.

Hair is not a first-priority body organ that may be necessary for life preservation and maintenance. That’s why they receive the least part of the nutrients, and they are not the first organ in a queue. That’s why when you start taking hair vitamins you may not see immediate effect. Same thing applies to a break or suspension of vitamins intake – you will not see negative effect right away.

Vitamin D for Hair Growth

Vitamin D is responsible for softness and healthy state of human skin and scalp. Maintaining scalp’s conditioned state results in hair growth stimulation. Old hair follicles that for some reason got damaged or faced some deterioration. Also, it helps in regrowth of new hair follicles when it’s necessary.

This way, vitamin D in addition to other essential substances is able to reverse hair loss process and create good condition for faster growth of new hair.

hair vitaminsSuch combinations of vitamin D with other necessary aids can be bought as Rogaine or Propetia. However, since the product is kind of new, there is not much proven feedback for it.

The RDA for an adult person is 15mg of vitamin D. However, a lot of people don’t look after that, and they are suffering from vitamin D deficit.

You can replenish your stock of vitamin D in your body by eating more of seafood and fish, grains, seeds, mushroom, milk, orange vegetable oils and so on. Being exposed to sun rays can stimulate better production of vitamin D by your body.

There is an option to take vitamin D as a supplement, but look after your dosages. Don’t go overboard with it because this vitamin is fat soluble. Therefore, you can accumulate a lot of fat tissue if you’re overusing D intake. There is also a risk of too much calcium in your bloodstream. That is dangerous to your kidneys, and can lead to excessive tiredness.

Grow Your Hair with Vitamins

Taking into account the huge amount of supplements, treatments, raw substances, natural products and DIY treatments that are alleged to stop hair loss and grow your hair faster, you may assume that hair loss shouldn’t be a problem for most of the people. But it is. So, it is safe to assume that not all of those do actually work.

Hair loss and growth is a mind-blowing problem for many people, and there were many scientific studies taken to analyze the influence of different substances intake or application on human hair regrowth process. Unfortunately, most of the studies are done using mice. Their results differ from effect on human hair a lot.

If we talk about vitamins for hair growth, not all of people are really deprived all of vitamins, and therefore – the problem is not quite in vitamins. However, there might be cases when a particular person is lacking some vitamin or a combination. That may cause serious problems and may become an obstruction on one’s way to long and strong hair.

So, it’s better to find our first, which vitamin or a group of vitamins is not sufficient in your bloodstream. Then, you need to take corresponding vitamin supplement. Additionally, you’ll need to fix your diet so that it has enough supply of such vitamins.

diet for hairAn alternative method is to enhance the presence of all hair-related vitamins in your diet and hair care remedies and treatments, in order to make sure that you’re getting enough of all of them.

The main nutrients that are mostly important for your hair growth and that should be present in your diet in sufficient amounts are: Vitamins A, B-group, E, D. Also – omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. If you ensure an abundance of those in your regular daily diet – you’re on a safe way to exclude possible vitamins deficiency from hair growth problems.

Of course, besides dietary changes that you can control there is some other factors behind hair loss and growth cycle parameters. Those are quite hard to manipulate, and sometimes are impossible to. You need to take them into account and estimate your results with them. Those are: health conditions, genes, hormonal balance, and allergic reactions to remedies.

Dietary Nuances

You probably have heard that hair is built mostly from protein, with its derivative keratin making up to 80-90% of hair molecular structure. One may think that since hair is mostly a protein, he/she needs to eat a lot of it. There are even so-called protein diets, where you need to bomb yourself with a lot of protein.

The trick here is that you need to supplement your protein intake with adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. That is necessary to ensure that protein gets fastened in the right places by chemical reactions with vitamins. Antioxidants are necessary to fight free radicals, and minerals are necessary to complement molecular structure of hair follicles, strands and hair ends.

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